Linda’s Writerly Tidbits – December 2013

Hysteria 2Welcome to the final Writerly Tidbits for 2013 and I have some interesting updates from the Thursday Throng clan. Perhaps though, the big news is that Hysteria 2, the anthology of winning entries to the Hysterectomy Association’s writing competition was published on 1st December. If you’d like to take a peek you can pick it up in the usual places:

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David Laing has published the second and third books in his Forest Trilogy as well. Forest Shadows was published in March and Forest Secrets was released in October.

Joanna Gawn was kind enough to send over her email newsletter and so I had a chance to read her Christmas themed bitesize tale called Lost Cause. It will certainly make you stop and think.

Charles Frankhauser will be appearing on the Thursday Throng in January and he just wanted to let everyone know that his book, Last Pirate at Fort Matanzas is FREE on Kindle on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 December 2013.

And finally, it’s Christmas and time for that most traditional (not) of Christmas greetings, the video jingle … here it is and I hope you enjoy seeing myself and the lovely Stevie making idiots of ourselves.


  1. Never thought I’d see my name mentioned on the same page as Charles Dickens, one of my favourite authors. Once, in High School in Australia, our first lesson with new (grumpy old) literature teacher; his opening words were ‘We’ve got to Do “Great Expectations”, can’t stand Charles Dickens meself, do free reading.’
    Luckily that didn’t put me off!

  2. Love the video, Linda! I’m sure I’d have tripped over my own feet, with those long-toed elf shoes!
    Thanks so much for mentioning our Lost Cause Bitesize Tale, Ron and I really appreciate you sharing it.
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas. 🙂

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