Linda’s Writerly Tidbits – November 2013

Ok, so this newsletter was due to go out in September originally, then it was October and finally it’s the end of November and I’m finally hitting send. It’s been a busy year for me, not least because of the major redevelopments I’ve been doing over at The Hysterectomy Association – brand new site, new layout, server moves, clearing out redundant content, tags and categories and a brand new education centre too. Phew! It’s no wonder things got a little behind.

Which means that this edition of the newsletter is concentrating on the updates and exploits of my wonderful band of Thursday Throng authors.  So, let’s see what’s been going on shall we.

I’ve had a whole slew of new interviews recently too and you can now find them all listed on the blog on the Thursday Throng page. Why not pop along to find which of your favourite indie authors are listed?

And very finally …. if you have any news you’d like to share about your writing adventures such as new books, stories, websites and events just let me know and I will add them to the next edition of this newsletter.

BTW, normal service will be resumed in January when I’ll be back to my own blogging after having recovered from all my redevelopment work …..!


  1. Ps. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a book on your blog site. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it on my kindle app on my IPad.

  2. Hi Linda. Now 18mths post hysterectomy and was greatly helped by this site. unfortunately i am now on my next journey of pelvic organ prolapse. Wondered if it would be any benefit to include some pelvic floor advice in the hysto section to perhaps help some ladies prevent prolapse?

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