Some time ago, you may well remember, I undertook a challenge to raise money for charity through the sale of my ebook, LinkedIn Made Easy.  Whilst I didn’t reach the dizzy heights I’d hoped to, I did raise a reasonable amount and it has now all be distributed.  

I thought I’d let you know that most of the money did, in fact go to entrepreneurs at and you can find out who they were at my lender page on Kiva.  You can find it at:  I did decide to stay true to my gender and the majority of people I lent to were women’s groups who are focused on developing a local community rather than a specific individual.  There are a couple of exceptions though … so don’t be too disappointed.

One thing you should be aware of is that Kiva is a MicroLoan organisation.  This means it lends small amounts of money to entrepreneurs in developing countries who are required to repay it.  Thus the money I donate will be returned to my account at Kiva and at that point I can reinvest it in even more budding entrepreneurs.  What this means is that a small donation now, can make a HUGE difference in the long term.

I’m continuing to support Kiva and have now committed to supporting at least one entrepreneur or group every month.  It’s a great way to give back, relieve poverty and help other economies grow.  I’d urge you to consider it too ….!

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