A star is born, no really … that’s what Rob Goodwin of Champagne Video Production told me today when he did a vox pop video of me for the challenge.  And what fun it was too, I got to talk about the challenge as well as the book and he’s sending me a copy to help me promote what I’m doing.  When it’s available I’ll add it to the website and you can see me in all my glory – ahem!

I’ve also been hearing about how people are starting to use LinkedIn far more effectively since reading my ebook, LinkedIn Made Easy.  Actually it’s really nice to hear how well they are doing and that I may have had a small part to play in some of their successes.

By the way I’m also trying to find out how easy it is to get #linkedinmadeeasy to be a trending topic on Twitter – can you help me?  The search for linkedin made easy on Twitter returns some interesting people who are using it, and yes I know I’m shamelessly retweeting it!

Oh, and did I mention that LinkedIn Made Easy now has an even better rank on Google than the other day.  Check it out and you can see what I mean! – Page 1 but now with 3 results instead of two and also with this website rather than the original one, way to go!

Today’s Latest Statistics: updated tomorrow when the accurate figures are available.

  • The total number of books sold – 17
  • The number of books sold online – 16
  • The number of books sold for directly to people instead of online – 1
  • The amount of money raised for charity – £54.00
  • The amount paid out to affiliates too – £11.00
  • The number of LinkedIn connections I have – 398
  • Some basic website statistics, such as number of visitors and pages viewed so far today – Visitors – 44, Pages Viewed – 143

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