LinkedIn Status Updates are a great way to keep in touch with those you are connected too.  They can also be a great opportunity to get back in touch with people, especially if you haven’t seen them for a while, they have changed jobs or you no longer work with their company.   Even small status changes can help give you something to start a conversation, such as congratulating them on news they have posted, or commenting on the trip they are about to take.  It is this sort of casual interaction that really builds close business relationships.  Take the time to make time to stay in touch.

Status Update for LinkedIn Made Easy – 30 Day Challenge

  • The total number of books sold – 176
  • The number of books sold online – 185
  • The number of books sold directly to people instead of online – 9
  • The amount of money raised for charity – £370
  • The amount paid out to affiliates too – £83.00
  • The number of LinkedIn connections I have – 440
  • Some basic website statisticss, such as number of visitors and pages viewed – Visitors – 941, Pages Viewed – 5390
  • Number of links from Google search for LinkedIn Made Easy – 6/10 – not bad at all!

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