Managing your Connections on LinkedIn with TAGS

This post was inspired by a tweet from a local friend of mine here in Dorset, Matt Desmier, saying “I’ve just been perusing my LinkedIn page. Whilst I *know* all of my connections, when does my network become too big to be of use?” My response (eventually) was to say that the network is probably not too big, it just needs management and had he tried using Tags. I haven’t heard back yet but thought it might be worth exploring in a post as it’s one of the most common questions I’m asked about how to manage LinkedIn effectively.

linkedin tagsWhat do I mean by tags? Well they are exactly the same sort of thing you might add to a post on WordPress or in a profile. They simply help people navigate around a site more effectively.

On LinkedIn, you can use them to segment your connections into different groups, for instance I have a tag for Internet Mentor Clients, one for LinkedIn Made Easy and one for BNI. To add a tag visit your connections list by clicking on CONTACTS in the main menu and choose any one of the many people you know. When you do so a box like this pops up on the right hand side of the page. I’ve edited this connection to protect the innocent but, can you see the big red arrow – that’s where you add a tag.

You can choose from the tags that LinkedIn ‘helpfully‘ provides, such as friend, partner etc ….. or you can add your own; just type your tag name and click the plus button and don’t forget to hit save.

You can manage your tags by clicking on the word Manage next to TAGS at the top of the left hand column. This is where you can delete or add a set of new tags you want to use.

You can also edit tags when you visit a connections profile. Just have a look on the right hand side of their profile for Contact Information; if it has been enabled by them it will allow you to edit the tags from this screen too.

Next time you are looking for someone specific, that you know you are connected to but can’t remember, say in a particular industry, part of the country or for some other reason you can click the tag title on your Contacts page and everyone you have tagged the same way will pop up in a sub set of your connections. Cool eh!

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  1. They are completely private Richard – just as notes are too – I think that’s what makes it work as a ‘mini-crm’ system 🙂

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