Meeting Liz Berg, judging the Short Story category for Hysteria 2017

Liz Berg is one of our team of short story judges in the Hysteria Writing Competition 2017. Liz is a storyteller with a background in education who has told stories in schools, mental health homes, clubs, festivals and parks. She has a special interest in Jewish stories, both Ashkenazi and Sephardi and is part of Mazed- collecting and retelling stories from  South East Cornwall. You can meet Liz on her blog at:

Where and when do you do most of your reading?

I read everywhere.  I read late at night in bed, but I also stay up to finish a book I can’t put down. I read in the car, waiting for the children to get out school.

What are you reading currently?

I have several books on the go at the moment- Judas, Amos Oz; The Museum of Extraodinary Things, Alice Hoffman; The Eyes of Venice, Alessandro Barbero.

Are you a library lover, a bookshop bird or an online owl?

I admit to being indiscriminate. I download books, I borrow from the library and I buy in my local bookshop. I can’t stop. I also borrow from the ‘library’ set up in our local shop and from my writing group friends.

What advice would you give your younger writing self?

My advice is: Have faith in yourself, and persevere. Shut out the controlling advice.

What emotion do you associate with good writing?

Good writing engenders the white water rafting of emotions. I love to laugh and to cry, to feel that pull in the stomach.

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