Most Popular Viral Marketing Campaigns

Some of the most popular listed by wikipedia are:

  • Dancing Bush 2001 interactive game which launched the largest privately held entertainment website.
  • The spread of the R. Tam sessions for the 2005 film Serenity
  • Burger King’s The Subservient Chicken and Coq Roq
  • Carlton Draught: Big Ad campaign.
  • Ford Motor Company’s Evil Twin campaign
  • Gmail
  • Borat
  • “Bride Has Massive Hair Wig Out”, a YouTube video meant to promote Sunsilk hair care products.
  • Heinz’s Ketchup Against Tomato Cruelty campaign
  • Blair Witch Project
  • I Love Bees – viral marketing for Halo 2
  • Jamie Kane BBC sponsored online game
  • McDonald’s “McRib Farewell Tour”
  • Microsoft’s Origami Project campaign
  • Microsoft’s Xbox 360 campaigns, called OurColony and Hex168
  • Tupperware parties
  • The Ring movie and its massive cursed video secret promotion
  • The Ring Two movie promotion used another blank-label videotape ending with, a website where users shared their unexplainable experiences with the cursed videotape
  • Snakes on a Plane’s “Get a call from Samuel L. Jackson” campaign
  • FX Networks’ use of MySpace pages as advertisements
  • Sony’s viral videos promoting the 2005 release of the PS2 game Shadow of the Colossus through “giant sitings” on and other sites. Convincingly created “home videos” and news reports depicting evidence of ancient giant creatures in India, the polar north, and Peru.
  • CD burning application for Mac OS X.
  • Rolling Rock’s Ron Stablehorn ads.
  • Sony’s Playstation Portable campaign, alliwantforxmasisapsp, which has been met with scorn.
  • Iron Maiden’s The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg single was preceded by viral marketing.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s viral movie campaign, which was met with terror from many Bostonians, virtually shutting down the city in fear that the Mooninite figures scattered around the city were in fact bombs.

Although I have to say my all time favourite has to be the hamsterdance, even though I would be hard put to explain what it was all about!

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