Selling Online: A Beginner’s Guide hits the streets with a FREE giveaway

Selling Online: A Beginner's Guide

So, the culmination of several months of work finally hits the streets today. Selling Online: A Beginner’s Guide is my first book that hasn’t been self-published, and I was even paid an advance by Need 2 Know books for writing it … whooo hooo! I’m celebrating by offering a free signed copy to one lucky commenter, and if you’d like to be in with a chance of winning just leave me a message below.

I’m really pleased with the way it’s turned out and am now keen to find out what people think of it. I’ve also learnt much about the publishing process, how to work with guidelines and the requirements of crafting something that fit’s a specific word count – it’s not as easy I’d thought it would be.

The book is written with the newbie online seller in mind, but with chapters that also look at how to price a product for profit and the tax and legal implications of doing business online, it’s also got lots of information for the seasoned online entrepreneur. There’s even a free set of downloads that will help do all the calculations needed to make sure the sums add up.

If you know of someone who is just starting out with their online sales adventures why not give them a shove and tell them to grab a copy, it might just save them from making some horrendous mistakes where they end up losing money, instead of gaining it.


  1. Hi Linda. Congrats on the book. As a real newbie online seller treading water in the big waves of ‘what do I do and where do i start’, this book looks like a godsend. My social media is all set up, I just need help to jump in!

  2. Congratulations Linda! I could really do with winning a copy as just about to launch the online sales. But just to balance the Irish and the Scots, ‘may all yer dubrees be waszname ones!’ All the best with the new book.

  3. Thanks so much for the positive vibes Carol – I do hope that the book is indeed that helpful. I remember starting out selling online myself years ago and just how confusing it all was ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I am sure this will be a runaway success for you, Linda. There are so many people who would benefit from some sensible and helpful advice rather than be confused by everything that is online. I may not be a newbie to this but i shall certainly get my own copy. There is always something new to learn. Good luck with it and bravo!

  5. There’s no debate. Can’t wait to wrap my orbs around (old, old Irish saying) your creativity to share, share, share. “Success to your enemies’ enemies,” still older Irish saying. Your Delray Beach FL – Village By The Sea huge fan. sQs (Shannon clan).

  6. Well done, Linda, the marketing of any book is an achievement and, these days, an advance is so much more so. Lang may yer lum reek, Linda (an old Scottish-ism that wishes you well).

  7. Congrats Linda! I know how much work has gone it this and I hope it is a great success. Actually, scrap that! I KNOW it will be a big hit ’cause I know the integrity and expertise of the lady behind it is top notch!

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