One of the attendees at the seminar on online publishing very kindly wrote a sonnet for me during the day and I present it here for you now. Thanks, Chris!

Amaz’n Linda

I sit again in Linda’s seminar
On how to publish all your work on-line.
I read again the notes I’ve made so far
And find I’ve learned that publishers are swine!
I wonder if self-publishing’s for me
And if I have the sort of skills I need?
Well, as the day goes on perhaps we’ll see.
We’ll learn of all the pitfalls we should heed.


She speaks of ‘Hysterectomies for Men’.
And shows us how to put it on the net.
It goes alright and loads at first but then
It stalls. We lunch and chat with folk we’ve met.
Post prandially it’s there. She talks us through.
I now think I can do it. So can you!

Chris Slade

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