Social Media in Recruitment – Initial Results

What an interesting outcome from the social media in recruitment survey, there are some very surprising results which require a lot more analysis, but here is the bare bones version.  A much fuller report will be available after the Christmas Holidays as it is going to take some time to tease everything out of the information that Michelle Fischer and I now have.

  1. The vast majority of companies recruit for less that 5 vacancies per year
  2. The most popular ways to recruit are Job Boards and Employee Referrals
  3. BUT – social media is EQUAL with the use of recruitment agencies coming in third place for popularity
  4. The vast majority of companies spend less than £500 on recruitment – regardless of the position being filled
  5. Almost 90% of respondents said their companies had used social media within the business
  6. YET just over 50% have used it in recruitment
  7. The top driver for using social media in recruitment is ‘reducing costs’
  8. Overwhelmingly though, businesses do NOT have a policy in place for using social media in their business – isn’t this a bit risky perhaps?

Keep an eye out in the New Year for the complete report and analysis which will also be emailed out to respondents who have requested it.


  1. You are quite right Steve, they are just dipping their toes in the water and yet, just looking over the results in a very cursory fashion shows that we are probably at a tipping point and I predict that 2010 will see a huge influx of this type of relationship marketing with some new applications coming online too – very, very exciting I think. Thanks for the RT too and Merry Christmas Back. Linda

  2. Sounds as if companies are just dipping their toes in the water. Some of my clients look sideways when I ask if they are on Twitter etc. Mind you, when I show them my Stats showing Twitter referrals, that seems to make them sit up and listen.

    Very interested in seeing full report in New Year.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year,
    NB: Have RT’d tweet

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