I’ve not been well this week, had a nasty throat infection and at one point lost my voice entirely.  However, it has not been entirely without merit either as I’ve noticed that when I take my eye of the ball and am not putting in the effort that I normally do that, guess what, people engaging with the project dry up!!

Now you would have thought that I’d have known that, given that I’ve been working in the industry for many years; the difference is that I’ve finally had a very complete experience of it in a short period of time because of what I’m trying to do.

One of the things that many small businesses say to me is that ‘they haven’t got time‘ to do social marketing in this way.  My response is normally, consider it part of your marketing budget.  However, I’ve noticed that yes, this is the major marketing I’m doing and it DOES take time, but how much time?

Well I’ve just spent around half an hour, on Facebook catching up with friends, checking Twitter and replying to messages, sending out tweets and also sprinkling in a few of my own, I’ve commented on Lloyd de Jongh’s blog, added it’s link to my own blog and now I’m writing this blog post, and I haven’t even started on LinkedIn yet – so that’s another hour out at some point today.

I’m fortunate, I’ve been doing social networking since before we called it ‘social networking’ ….. forums, discussion groups, mailing lists …… What this means is that I know very quickly where I’m going, what I’m going to say and why.  I have half a dozen topics for blog posts in my head at any one time and this one has been mulling around since Thursday.

But what about those who don’t have that experience or who are just starting out on this incredible, whole earth spanning, journey.  Well, my recommendation is you start with one and build up slowly over time.  The one I’d recommend naturally is LinkedIn, simply because it has very clear parameters as it’s about business and nothing else at all.   Of course, if you need some help working out how to use LinkedIn effectively then you can buy the e-Book, Linkedin Made Easy, and help me to reach my target too πŸ™‚

And back to those project statistics

  1. The total number of books sold since Friday – 3
  2. The number of books sold online – 3
  3. The number of books sold for directly to people instead of online – 0
  4. The amount of money raised for charity – Β£6.00
  5. The amount paid out to affiliates too – Β£0.00
  6. The number of LinkedIn connections I have – 425
  7. Some basic website statistics, such as number of visitors and pages viewed so far today – Visitors – 49, Pages Viewed – 141

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