Yesterday I started an experiment to see just how far I could push the concept of Social Networking for Business.  My challenge was prompted by a question I put out on to LinkedIn about four weeks ago now that asked people to send me their social media success stories for me to use as examples in the work I do with clients.

Although I did get some answers, they were few and not really what I was looking for at all.  We all know about the Dell‘s of this world and also how much the likes of Facebook are now worth, but how does that really translate into things that everyone can understand, and then apply to their own business?

So, I came up with my experiment which is to:

  1. Prove social networking works for all businesses regardless of their size and starting point, by using the social networks I’m a member of to build momentum for the challenge.
  2. Raise £400,000 for charity (and donate most of the rest to the hysterectomy association) focused on supporting entrepreneurs in developing countries
  3. Do it all by selling 200,000 copies of my e-Book, LinkedIn Made Easy

Perhaps the maddest part is in the challenge itself, which is to do this in just 30 days!

At the end of this experiment, I will know more about how things spread and about how the world of social networking works in general and I will have made a significant difference in many ways, most of which I’m probably not even aware of as yet!

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