Preliminary results from the ongoing survey being conducted by myself and Michelle Fischer of Creative Leadership are showing a number of interesting statistics.  Of course, we can’t say that these will be findings when the survey completes in a couple of weeks time, but they are worthy of note at this stage we feel.

  • 40% of the respondents have said that they recruited for less than  five vacancies in the last 12 months
  • None of the respondents had advertised on the radio in the last 12 months
  • The vast majority spend less than £500 on a recruitment campaign
  • Although over 72% of respondents said thay have used social media in business already this hasn’t been replicated in recruitment
  • The main reasons for using social media, where it has been used in recruitment are for cost and just to experiment
  • The main reason giving for not using social media in recruitment was lack of knowledge
  • And perhaps most surprising of all, respondents indicated that they DO NOT have policies for social media in place

Whilst these results don’t mean anything in themselves, they do give an indicator of where the drivers are, what the current trends are and where the opportunities for improvement lie.

If you have not yet completed the social media and recruitment survey then we would be very grateful for your input.

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