I titled this blog post (very loosely) the art of social organisation, not because I’m about to preach on about how everyone can get on the social networking bandwagon and create an amazing organisation for themselves and their businesses (which I do believe they can); but because I needed to get my own social networking (read blogging in particular) under some sort of control.  It’s not easy I have to say.  Those that know me, will know that I …..

  1. have a habit of changing things regularly and
  2. cannot bear to do things twice when I can automate.

What this means is that the four blogs I work with on a regular basis can often be missed off my plan altogether when things don’t go quite according to plan in my schedule.   I can’t believe I just applied the word schedule to me either, as my friends will also tell you that although I’m good at organising others, I am the most disorganised person when it comes to practicalities – fortunately I give the impression of sailing serenely through life.

So, what does this mean in practical terms. Well, I have reduced the number of my blogs to three by moving the Grow a Better Business blog to my Woman On the Edge of Reality blog hosted by the wonderful wordpress.com.   This means that I no longer have to feel guilty about not writing on either instead I can simply feel guilty for not writing on one; much better for the psyche I can tell you :-).

Therefore you can now find me writing on the following blogs on a more regular basis (and some on a daily basis of course!):-

In order to make the whole thing easier, I have also done a redesign on my Woman on the Edge of Reality blog, gone through the blog posts and re-organised them, sorted out the categories as there were so many that were effectively redundant and generally tried to tidy the whole thing up.

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