The Charmouth Literary Festival – Don’t You Wish You’d Been There?



Well, Saturday was quite a day and for a tiny village affair, the Charmouth Literary Festival for authors and writers, certainly attracted people from a diverse area and background. Many of our participants had travelled a fair distance to come along, having seen it promoted in our local Dorset Echo; others were from just around the corner in Charmouth itself. The feedback we had was brilliant and people certainly enjoyed the variety of sessions we had to offer.

Wendy, Anne & Linda

The Festival was also the perfect opportunity to launch a brand new book from Anne Orchard called Be An Author: What Would It Be Like If You Write Your Book. Anne took the stage with confidence and shared some of the stories, excerpts and experiences that had gone into the making of the book, trying to answer some of the most fundamental questions that new writers and authors may have along the way. If you’d like to grab a copy for yourself, it’s now available on Amazon in Kindle Format at: and is available in print at at the Crystal Clear Books Page on Lulu.

During the day participants had the opportunity to take part in a sessions on blogging for authors, writing memorable memoirs, flash fiction and poetry. Many chose to add their entries to the Flash Fiction contest which also closed to entrants on Saturday, the winner will be announced in the next few weeks and the winning entry will be published on the Charmouth Literary Festival website.

There was a huge buzz in the room, people talked writing, books and had a go, even when they thought it might not be for them. Being close to the coast helped as Juliette Adair took a bunch of people off down to the cliffs for a mini Write, Walk, Wild experience and they all came back with ideas for their flash fiction contest entry’s.

If you are sorry you didn’t make it and would like to come along next year, the date to put in your diary is 21st September 2013 and it’ll be at the same place, Charmouth Village Hall from about 9.30am onwards.

Looking forward to seeing you next year





  1. It is just time .. and choosing the right blogs to comment on too. If the focus is on gathering followers then you need to comment on the ones where the authors are commenting and encouraging discussion too, that way you have a better chance of being seen by others.

  2. Thanks, Linda,
    I am trying to get more people to follow my blog and I do comment on others but I haven’t had many takers yet. I posted on Facebook and have had lots of nice comments from friends and family on there but they don’t get the idea of commenting actually on the blog itself, though I have asked.
    However, it is getting my book written!
    best wishes, Rosemary

  3. Ah, now that I’ve worked my way back through the comments I now know who you are and I’m so pleased you enjoyed the day. I’ve found your blog and left a first comment for you. The trick with blogging is to comment on other sites as this is where you’ll find other people popping over to visit you too. It seems that you’ve managed to work out the problems too so well done πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks, Linda. I’ll read it and I’m sure I’ll find it useful. I should have downloaded it last week. I’m enjoying the blogging and it is encouraging me to write a little and often, which is good.

  5. The Charmouth Lit Fest was very good. I would like to see poetry getting a higher profile next time, though. If I take the session again, I hope to make it better. Thanks for your contribution, Linda, especially the blogging bit. I am not finding as easy as you made it sound but I have started a blog – just got to get some little things sorted out. I don’t even understand how when I started to type my name below here my wordpress name came up.

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