I have no idea why I chose the word Abstention as the candidate for the weekly word; I’m not known for my abstemious ways as I love to indulge in a mince pie or two coming up to Christmas, but when it popped up in an article I was reading I knew I had to have it for my collection.

My alternative meaning is ‘A fusion of alcoholic beverages mixed with Absinthe – the choice of mix is down to individual choice‘.

What’s your alternative meaning?

Abstention is a noun and it’s pronounced Abb-Sten-Shun. It means the act of with-holding oneself from something.

Examples of the word Abstention

  • His abstention from the public vote sent a clear message to both candidates that he could not be bought for a paltry sum
  • Her abstention from alcohol did not go unnoticed and the village was soon buzzing with rumour and gossip
  • Abstention from food did little to endear him to his mother

Origin of the word Abstention

Abstention comes from Late Latin word abstentiōn and is the past participle of abstinēre meaning to hold back. It was first used between 1515 and 1525.


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