The Weekly Word is Neuter – What’s your alternative meaning?

I was talking to a friend about voluntarily neutering street dogs in Greece,’that’s a great word’ I thought, ‘I’ll have that on my blog in the weekly word slot’; and so here it is for you to dissect and play around with to your heart’s content. I spent a little time turning the word over in my head before finally coming up with an alternative meaning, eventually I decided on ‘the mound of sand that appears at the edge of the beach after high tide‘.

What’s your alternative meaning?

Neuter is pronounced Nyoo-ter and it’s an adjective. It means something that has no gender or reproductive organs, an animal made sterile by castration, or to have under-developed sexual organs; or to have no allegiance to a side.

Examples of the word Neuter

  • The vet recommended that I neuter the stray cat to prevent further wild kittens being born in my shed
  • The electorate have the power to neuter the Government, the problem is they choose not to use it constructively
  • By reducing household expenses you effectively neuter the personal impact of the recession

Origin of the Word Neuter

It was first known in the 14th C and originates in th Latin word neuter meaning neither (of two).


  1. I’ve always felt the most amazing thing is to take an idea and turn it into wealth. It’s like magic, something for nothing.

    so far it has eluded me.

  2. Neuter – an ancient ritual of Celtic origins in which during the first snowfall after marriage, the wife prepares a feast while the husband prepares a large fire in the hearth. If a hibernating salamander should escape, it is dropped into honeyed mead and swallowed whole.

    A child conceived that night will be sure to have red hair and fit to be a king unless laid low by treachery.

  3. Oooh! Now there’s a word for the New Oxford English Dictionary. My favourite private word is Schmod – means someone who is particularly lovely πŸ™‚

  4. Nothing to do with neuter at all, but on a topical note the word I want is to describe the extra tap of satisfaction you give to a jigsaw piece once you have it in the right spot. It could be a smap (a smug tap). Any other suggestions?

  5. Neuter-a special bag or box in which Noo-Noos are stored.
    (My daughter is called Nina and we always called her dummies ‘Nina’a Noo-Noos’!-I would have welcomed a Neuter as we lost so many Noos!!

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