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UK and International Writing Competition’s Update September 2012

Once again we have a number of new competitions announced to the UK short story and poetry writing public, we also have 22 ending this month too.  You can find the complete listing on the Writing Competition Listings Page.

Now, before we carry on, I’d like to share some of my own learnings from running a writing competition which I hope you’ll be able to learn from too. I was shocked at the number of entries that hadn’t bothered to read the rules or the instructions for submission, which meant that they were automatically disqualified. In fact there were a number who obviously assumed that I’d never be able to count the number of words easily because they went way over the limit of 2,000 words. They obviously thought that I wouldn’t open the files and use the word count facility to make sure that it was all OK. There were a number of poetry entries who hadn’t bothered to stick with the line count restriction as we had poetry with 40 lines in some cases. Finally, I asked for a very specific way of submitting and again a huge number didn’t think it applied to them, disqualifying themselves in the process. So, the recommendation is, if there is an instruction or a rule or a guideline – follow it!

New Competitions in September

Prolitzer Prize Fiction/Non Fiction £130.00 £4.00 01/10/2012 2,000
Mere Literary Festival Flash Fiction £50.00 £2.00 05/10/2012 350
Troubadour Poetry Prize Poetry £2,500.00 £5.00 15/10/2012 45 lines
Hastings International Poetry Prize Poetry £150.00 £2.00 25/10/2012 50  lines
Eric Gregory Trust Fund Poetry £24,000.00 31/10/2012 Collection
Milton Keynes Speakeasy Short Story/Poetry £125.00 £4.00 31/10/2012 2,100/60 lines
NAWG Short Story & Poetry Short Story/Poetry £250.00 £5.00 31/10/2012 2,000/40 lines
Newark Poetry Society Poetry £150.00 £3.00 31/10/2012 40 lines
Unbound Press Poetry £500.00 £5.00 31/10/2012 40 lines

Competitions Ending this Month

This post is rather later than is usual for this month due to the intensely interesting ‘stuff’ that’s been going on, which means that some of the dates below have already passed – sorry about that. The next one will be on the 2nd October and I will endeavour for November and onwards to include the update at the end of the previous month instead.

Lincolnshire Healers Short Story/Poetry £50.00 £3.00 30/09/2012 500/ 40 lines
The Yellow Room Short Story £100.00 £5.00 30/09/2012 1,500
International Playwriting Competion {Play £1,000.00 £10.00 30/09/2012 One Act
Piatkus Entice Novel Publication Free 30/09/2012 Synopsis
Historical Society Novel £5,000.00 $25 30/09/2012 5,000
Dangerous Liaisons Short Story £100.00 £4.00 30/09/2012 3,000
Ilkley Literature Festival Mixed £200.00 £4.00 24/09/2012 3,000
The Asham Award Short Story £1,000.00 £15.00 21/09/2012 4,000
Ruminate Short Story $1,000 $15.00 20/09/2012 5,500
Milton Rooms Short Story £75.00 £2.00 15/09/2012 3,000
Rydale Book Festival Poetry £75.00 £2.00 15/09/2012 40 lines
Inkle Writing Fiction $250 15/09/2012 3,000
Mslexia Children’s Novel Novel £5,000.00 £25.00 10/09/2012 3,000
Scottish Book Trust Novel, Story, Poem £2,000.00 10/09/2012 3,750
Charmouth Literary Festival Flash Fiction £50.00 £1.00 08/09/2012 250
Mags4Dorset Short Story £150.00 £4.00 07/09/2012 1,000
Costa Short Story Short Story £3,500.00 07/09/2012 4,000
Trinity College Play £1,000.00 £10.00 07/09/2012 One Act
Live Canon Poetry Poetry £1,000.00 £4.00 05/09/2012
Marple Worldwide Poetry Competition Poetry £100.00 £3.75 02/09/2012 40 lines
Memories of McGonagall Poetry Performance 01/09/2012 A4
Short Story Competition Short Story £300.00 01/09/2012 5,000

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Transformational counsellor, coach and women's health advocate. Professionally I'm an information scientist who specialises in change management, culture change and adoption of digital technologies in large enterprises and organisations. I am a writer and author of nine books to date, and I've edited a further seven; phew what a lot for a Thursday afternoon :-)

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