Update: 13 March 2010

The original project ended on 23rd December 2010.  During the project, 40% of all money raised was given to one of three charities, The Hysterectomy Association, Kiva or the BCCT.  Since the end of the project, 40% of the profits still go to charity.

Quite a few people have been asking me what exactly is going to happen to the money that is raised through the sale of LinkedIn Made Easy so I thought I’d try to expand on it a little more than I have done elsewhere:

  • 40% of the profits from every book sold now goes to KIVA and you can keep up to date on how this happens on the blog.
  • Roughly (dependent on $-£ exchange rates) 65p will go to Payloadz for processing each order for THIS site.
  • Roughly (dependent on $-£ exchange rates) 24p will go to PayPal as they process the payments.
  • IF an affiliate has been involved in the transaction, then £1 will go to them
  • 75p VAT charge from the sale of any ebooks that takes us over the VAT threshold of £70,000
  • The Hysterectomy Association will therefore receive somewhere between £0.35p and £1.35 with every e-Book sold after other tax liabilities have been taken into account.

Other costs to be taken into account:

  • £300 to run the payloadz account
  • £49 for hosting the site each month, this could go up significantly if the bandwidth were to be compromised though this is unlikely 🙂

Todays Latest Statistics: updated tomorrow when the accurate figures are available.

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