I often trawl around the web trying to find out how to use the many tools that I come across in a way that is relevant for both of my businesses.  However, like many, I am often frustrated by the time it takes to figure things out and then apply them – only to find that there might have been a better way to do things after all.

Which is why I’m really pleased to announce that I have finally created a modularised version of my online social networking course.  What I found was that people were daunted by the amount of information given, the complexity of the opportunities and consequently were put off from joining in.  So, there are now FIVE different options available to you:

  1. The COMPLETE and unabridged course as it was originally offered.  This includes EVERYTHING that is available in the other four courses, PLUS two extra modules that you can’t get anywhere else.
  2. The BUSINESS BLOGGING course focuses on just blogging.  Using the ever popular wordpress.com platform as a base, it guides you through EVERYTHING you need to think about BEFORE you even put finger to keyboard.
  3. In FACEBOOK for BUSINESS we get down with the ‘barbeque crowd’ and find out all about how to keep yourself and your brand safe online, what pages and groups are and how you can use them to your greatest advantage and create them.
  4. LINKEDIN for BUSINESS gives you the opportunity to focus specifically on your professional persona online.  Talking you through how to create the perfect profile, how to use the many applications it offers as well as advice on building networks and getting involved with the community; this course is your one stop shop to LinkedIn success.
  5. Finally, in the TWITTER for BUSINESS course, you are taken on a journey through the wonderment that is Tweeting, what to say, how to say and why to say it.

EVERY COURSE contains a number of elements that help you define your STRATEGY for using each of the networks because as we all know, a strategy is necessary to avoid costly and time consuming mistakes.

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