Can I still have a baby after hysterectomy?

Question: Can I still have a baby after hysterectomy? It wasn’t a total hysterectomy and my fallopian tubes and ovaries are still intact.

Answer: As you know you wouldn’t be able to carry a child yourself, so the only option open to you would be surrogacy with you and your partner providing the egg and sperm. You would need to check that a. you are still ovulating and that eggs can be harvested and b. that there is a hospital in the local area that can help you. I would suggest that you visit your GP to see if they can point you in the right direction. Do bear in mind as well though, that it is unlikely you would be provided with any of these services on the NHS so the only option would be private treatment.

Womb transplants are now a possibility, but they are in their early stages of research and not generally available.


  1. should say “my” ovaries present not no ovaries present – blimin predictive text!! …

    “After all in my case I still have MY ovaries present therefore producing monthly eggs still”

  2. I apologise and I sound incredibly naive and stupid I know!!!! but having just had a sub total hysterectomy whereby my ovaries and cervix remain I have a query. I was told I would no longer be able to have children as the womb would be removed, therefore contraception would no longer be required however what stops the body falling pregnant but the pregnancy becoming an ectopic for example. After all in my case I still have no ovaries present therefore producing monthly eggs still. I feel daft raising this with the consultant as it feels a question a 12 yr old might wonder not somebody in her 40/50s, but in theory, to me, if I still produce eggs what is to stop them fertilising and just implanting elsewhere to the womb lining, ie the risk of ectopic. Therefore, do i still need contraception??

  3. hi,im a myoma patient sized 3.67 and 2.50 and im only 32yrs.old.what can i do?im afraid.i don’t have children,i wanted too but how?do i have the hope to bear child? me thanks.pls.answer me in my email.

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