Do I need my womb removed?

Question: I have an enlarged cyst on my only ovary. I had two cysts when I was in my late 20s early 30s and lost an ovary at that stage.

I’ve developed another large cyst on my remaining ovary which appears to be benign. It has to come out and the ovary with it which I understand. However, apparently I can keep my womb and my cervix and just have the cyst and ovary removed. The information I’ve looked at up to now has virtually all been in favour of keeping the cervix if possible, which I’d like to do. However, I’m less sure about keeping the womb intact when there are no functioning ovaries with it. Does the womb serve any other useful purpose without ovaries?

Our Answer: Our recommendation is always to keep it unless there is already a high risk of anything else developing in the future, ie if your mother had womb cancer for instance. To be honest, medical knowledge is expanding all the time and no one really knows whether the womb continues to serve a function after the menopause because the research is in it’s infancy.


  1. I am in a similar situation with cysts that need removing, and deciding whether to get rid of the lot. I was told a keyhole vaginal hysterectomy could be possible or abdominal, but keyhole on its own not an option as cysts too large. My family has had lots of hysterectomies and cyst problems so thinking might as well do it now and avoid any future problems.

  2. Hi
    I have slightly raised CA125, they have found fibroids on my ovaries and I have slight thickening of my womb. I am 43.
    I have been going to the doctors with symptoms for years, my son is now 13 and there has been something ongoing since then – hip pain, increased urination, mood swings, depression like symptoms, bowel issues, lumpy breasts, hit and miss slightly raised liver count now and again. No one has put two and two together – I am quite worried because I only pushed for the CA125 test because I am off work recovering from just having my gall bladder removed and watched day time TV where they were doing an interview about Oviaran cancer and I thought ‘they are my symptoms!’ The doctor wasn’t particularly going to do it – but I pushed.
    I am told that I will need and MRI and a sample taking if my womb. How do they do this? And if they need to take anything away, how will I control the menopausal aftermath? I haven’t been right for so long, it has affected my confidence, my social relationships – luckily my husband is still with me, it’s not been easy – and now? It doesn’t look rosie at moment, but have to be greatful for day time TV.
    I understand there is a link between gall bladder disease and ovarian / fibroids? I am not overweight, and am active. So it was a bit of a surprise.
    Than you for listening. ?

  3. Booked in for anterior repair and vaginal hysterectomy, due to prolapse and bleeding after menopause how have people got on with this op

  4. I have a cyst on my one remaining ovary – I have “signed up” for a total abdominal hysterectomy , salpingo-oophorectomy and ominectomy which can no t be done key hole surgery. I can not decide if this is what I “should” have done. I am confused about the advice – well, that there is very little of it. I work in the NHS and have chatted to 4 GP’s – 3 have gone from “there is no point in keeping all the bits as they are of no use” to “don’t have major surgery, just get rid of ovary” (& vv and also back again) so I know this is not a black and white situation. I am low risk but have had issues with erosions and pre-cancerous cervical cells in the past. I had decided to “get rid” over the past couple of days but now I have found this advice above and am back to square one! Any more advice? It seems sensible to go “the whole hog” but also not sensible to have unnecessary surgery! Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you.

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