How do I deal with vaginal dryness?

Question: My friend, who is 55, complains that her vagina is very dry, and that she is unable to have sex with her husband.

Our Answer: Vaginal dryness refers to a lack of moisture of the skin in the vulva and vagina. It usually results from an oestrogen deficiency, which causes thinning, shrinking of the tissues of the vagina and decreased lubrication.

However, it is a natural condition and can affect all women over the age of 18. Factors that may lead to oestrogen deficiency are pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, hysterectomy and use of fertility drugs. If you have had a hysterectomy that also removed the cervix then this can cause added complications as the glands which provide lubrication have also been removed.

Emotional stress, rigorous exercise and fatigue can also cause vaginal dryness. About 10 to 40 per cent of women who’ve reached menopause suffer from vaginal dryness due to lower oestrogen levels. The healthy vagina includes a small amount of bacteria and organisms. When the vaginal balance is disrupted by the overgrowth of these bacteria, another protective


  1. hi i had a total histerrctamty 12days ago , everything gone, im haveing some acheing pain down right side , i have to use a water bittle to help , ive gad my bowels open, can anyone help to what it is , i had a abdonimal histerectamy

  2. I had atotal hysterectomy nearly 6 months ago and have just started suffering dryness ,I am taking hrt ,can anyone recommend anything please

  3. I’m sorry to hear that Karen, it is unusual to have such a problem post hysterectomy as most women don’t. Hopefully things are improving now though 🙂

  4. I had an awful time after my hysterectomy. Kept my ovaries. It felt like I was sat on pebbles and couldnt walk! Been on vagifem pessaries – this has helped a great deal! On them for three months. Sad thing is that no one told me I’d have this horrible problem! Sex life non existent at mo cos I daren’t!

  5. I had a total histerectomy aprox 2 weeks ago, the doctor left me the ovaries but still a have vaginal dryness, am I going to keep having this problem or may be after a few days I will be back to normal? I am 37 years old

  6. I’m 47 and I use Sentia pills to deal with vaginal dryness. This supplement helps a lot. I don’t feel itching and I can have sex, it’s not painful.

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