How long will it take me to recover?

A doctor or gynaecologist will normally say that it takes around six weeks to recover from an abdominal hysterectomy.

However, our anecdotal evidence suggests that the vast majority of women are off work for around 13 weeks if they have an abdominal hysterectomy, when they do return to work they may do so part time for a while. If you have a vaginal hysterectomy, the recovery time is much reduced because you have no abdominal incision – however you will still need to recover internally and again our anecdotal evidence suggests that eight to ten weeks is normal.

Your return to work will also be affected by the type of work that you do, therefore if you do heavy work or are standing for much of the day, or it is particularly stressful, you may need to take longer before considering going back.


  1. I had full hystercompy five months pre opp still feel tierd and still get abdaman pain. Got to go back for further check up November 2o16 ?

  2. You won’t be able to drive for 6 weeks. It’s 6 weeks today since I had a vaginal hysterectomy leaving my ovaries. I reckon even now I would struggle back at my office job. Don’t rush it.

  3. I am 2 weeks in recovery of my hysterectomy. I know at this point I could not be back at work still on pain pills. Have lower back pain and discharge, but getting better everyday. Don’t hurry the process you need to heal inside and out.

  4. I had my lavh on 20/9/16…was in hospital overnite for obs as i lost to much blood during surgery…in the first 2 weeks its more wind pains and constipation…2 small incisions on tummy healed within 3 weeks…im now into week 5 post op and im returning to work on 1 november…..not sure how it will go as i work 12hrs shifts heavy lifting standing for full 12hrs…ive felt absolutely fine since week 3 guess everyone is different…gud luck with ur recovery

  5. Abdominal hysterectomy 8weeks ago. Still pretty sore. Seems to be getting worse. Scare tissue feels like a pad. Can’t sit or stand too long. Tire easily. Get little spasms in stomach. Can’t bend or lift a little bit of weight ( like a pitcher of water). Going back to work anyway. Afraid I may not have a job if I take more time. Sit down job most of the time. Is this normal?

  6. Hi Kim and others who’ve posted about going back to work after 2 weeks. Please don’t! The hospital will sign you off for 6 weeks minimum as it is a major operation. Yes different recovery rates for different people & some more invasive surgery but that really is the minimum & average is 13 weeks. I’m 42 fit fell runner. I had vertical subtotal hysterectomy 3 weeks ago – my wound is still leaking and I can walk to my mates 2 mins away. You really need to look after yourself – & enjoy it once you can xx

  7. Hi. All the best for your op. I had mine a TAH 3 weeks ago. I was very fit pre op – I run and X train 5-6 times a week BUT I’m taking 3 months out and even then I know I will be almost starting again albeit due to my fitness levels it won’t take that long to build up again. It’s great you’re already fit but please allow your body to recover quickly. It’s not only healing outside but very much so inside. Good luck.

  8. Hi I,m having an abdominal hysterectomy & having everything taking away next week. It shows on here how everybody heals different as some heal better than others. I’m looking at recovery to be same as my 3 C-sections, although my last was 18 years ago. I’m 40 & I go gym everyday so i’m hoping I’ve helped myself to recover better due to pre exercising…fingers crossed!!

  9. Hi,
    I am 42 and having a vaginal hysterectomy but keeping ovaries in 4 weeks time. What is the recovery time I thought I could go back to work after 2 weeks I work in an office . I have a 1/2 drive commute and about 20 stairs to climb. Will I be ok to return after 2 weeks.

    I am also a bit anxious and just wondering what the pain is like afterwards. I understand everyone is different. If you could please help me here that would be great.
    Thanks so much

  10. Hi Kim, I’m 4 months post op and went back to work after 3 months on a phased return, and I am still absolutely shattered every day even though part time for a while. Be kind to yourself, this a big deal, recover properly. Best of luck.

  11. Hi, i had an abdominal one 4 weeks ago and work in an office, im 47. i was so bored i begged doc to let me back!!! i returned for just 2 hrs a day on week 3, this is week 4 and i am still at work after 5hrs but i am exhausted and will be going home in a mo. Good luck , all i can say is dont lift at all

  12. Hi, I’ve just been reading some comments and it’s making me feel better knowing that it’s normal to still feel pain after 4 weeks. I’m 41 and I had a prolapse womb. I thought i should be pain free by now but I’m not, I still get tired and pain if I do too much and I can’t sit up properly as it’s hurts.

  13. I had prolapse of the womb and had a hysterectomy 2 months ago. I am ok mostly but the operation has caused bladder problems keep running to pass urine and leaking so I have to where pads. My doctor said it will settle down but I wonder how long it will take. The other factor is tiredness at times. I am 67 years old soon

  14. Hi Kim.
    I have had a tah with all removed.
    All textbook and 5 weeks post op. Now
    2 weeks is TOO SOON to go back to work.
    Please give yourself 6 weeks even if you feel great, your muscles and internal organs and stitches all need to heal and that needs boring but SO worth it. Time and time.

    Rest, Kim, rest and rest some more.
    Good luck with your Op and get well soon

  15. I had a vaginal hysterectomy 5 weeks ago I feel much better but a slight lower abdominal pain is there and my thighs hurt a bit still having a little discharge wonder when that will go away! Not doing much work but walking around the house I have house help which is a blessing.The doctor was very optimistic and said I could get back to normal activities but I’m not feeling upto it. Am I being too careful .I’m 67 years old and had a prolapsed uterus.

  16. hi
    can anyone advise me ,i am having a hysterectomy done on 30th November i’m having it done vaginally and my ovaries are being left,i work in an office and do a sit down job i just want to know if anyone else has a similar op and what was the recovery time as i was hoping to get back after 2 weeks is this a bit optimistic?
    thanks in advance

  17. I am 6 months post op. I was feeling relatively OK from the 3rd month but at the 6th month mark I started feeling fatigued again and my back pain is back. Also had a virus with symptoms like constant headache, sore back, sore joints and fever. My gynae put me on antibiotics and pain meds and booked me off for a couple of days. Because I was feeling better I was doing more and that sat me back.

  18. Hi I am nearly 4 months post TAHBSO ..back to work nursing in general practice. Feel exhausted at the week end s along way from normal life at home.I expected to go back wards presume this is normal. Wouldn’t be without HRT.previously fit good diet .52 yes old.feeling older !! Refusing to accept that !

  19. I’m 14 weeks TAH and was back at work after 5 weeks, only sat at desk in call centre so no lifting etc, however I look more pregnant now than when I was pregnant, my stomach feels bruised and is firm to touch. I’ve also started with hot flushes and the sweating is unbearable. I’ve had no post surgery advice and can’t get appointment with gp for 3 weeks so went to the walk in centre only for them to refuse and say I need to see my gp – am totally exhausted emotionally, physically and mentally – any advise or help will be greatly appreciated

  20. Hi Christine so sad to here of you’re story hope you are getting lots of help and support iam at home recovering from my hysterectomy take care I think you are amazing

  21. I only 2 weeks from vaginal hysterectomy and bowel prolapse repair u still in a lot of pain back hips and both side of my groin only just opened my bowels with help of laxatives when will u start to feel bit more normal ???

  22. Hi
    I’m 3 weeks in as well and got terrible pains in my tummy, sides and back. Been resting all day with ice packs which seem to help until removed then I have pain again. I had full hysterectomy (everything removed).

  23. Bless you how sad about your family.. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling. I went in for a key hole op to remove my ovaries, fallopian tubes and to take away a cyst and polyp. They made a hole in my uterus and blood poured into my stomach..then had to have an emergency hysterectomy whilst doing this they cut into my bowel. My poor husband collapsed when they told him with shock and broke 2 ribs. I really do feel for you and so hope you are feeling better soon. My incision line is sore but I am only at weeks. Good luck with your recovery and pray your dad and sister are getting sad about your mum!

  24. I am 3 months post hysterectomy, ovaries taken as well as uterus. Been recovering well and quite active, back at work a month as DM in a Sports Arena and has been very full on. I still get some shooting pains in my lower tummy and my lower back n hips ache some days. Is this all normal?

  25. Christine just saw you post, I hope you got sorted as it is now JUly 15th. I had full hysterectomy and a, 9 weeks in still have discomfort but no pain. Your situation was tragic please take care of yourself

  26. I had radical hysterectomy 9 weeks ago, still get the odd pain after
    Exercise but it improves every day. Feel quite good overall. Go to your GP or contact the hospital where it was done sure you are fine as it can take a long time but get some reassurance and a check up .take care

  27. I am week 7 after total hystercompy age 54 due to endromstrus. No hrt feeling well the odd pain now again but lesson to learn rest and hold back from work until week 7

  28. I am 2 days shy of the 2 week post op full abdominal hysterectomy + appendix (I had stage 4 endometriosis, even on appendix, so they took it as well), and I have to say, knock on wood, but so far so good. I feel barely any pain what so ever, the only way I can even tell that I had the surgery, is my incision sight is still tender. I was on my own after hospitals release at 2 days, which may have forced this situation… but I have zero complaints, and I’m no spring chicken, at 43.
    Just wanted to share my experience thus far.
    Good luck Ladies!

  29. I will be 11 weeks post op (TAH + ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix removed – i.e EVERYTHING) & find that usually the day AFTER I have done any walking of say 20mins+ (gentle pace, with slight increase in heart rate) I get either a stabbing pain shooting across my belly or feel what I can only describe as a continuous dull ache under my ‘apron’. Only way to be comfortable was to lie down. So as yet I have not really managed many consecutive days with exercise..
    Have been under pressure to return to work – tried on a phased basis, but too soon at 6.5 weeks – but I really don’t know what is ‘normal’ to expect.
    Are the aches/pains I get the ‘norm’ & should I continue to rest?? I feel as if I have just been left to get on. I have no follow up appointments with surgeon/consultant, presumably because it’s all been taken away?

  30. is it normal after having key hole hysterectomy when you go back to work to still be having bad stomach pains after 7 weeks after the op do i need to go back to docs

  31. I am 12 weeks post TAH tomorrow,I had complications post surgery,I had internal bleed and need blood transfusion plus my bowel stopped working (Ileus) and I had to be tubed. At the same time, my parents and sister were on the way to see me when they were hit head on by another driver ,my mum was killed and dad and sister critically injured! I have returned to work part time just for my own sanity but today I’m having burning pain right side at end of incision line plus tummy feels sore,Dr can’t see me till tomorrow. Any ideas what may be causing it please ? X

  32. I’m so sorry that you are feeling bad. Have you been given a estrogen implant or patch? I have just had a total hysterectomy open surgery and the implant has helped me so much. It’s worth paying a one off private appointment if you can afford it with a hormone expert.
    Hope things get better for you. X

  33. i have got pain in my right leg at the top is that nerve damage after having a hysterectomy and i am still waking up at night with stomach pains i am 3weeks in

  34. How are u now? Is it normal to feel like this? …. I’m just 2 weeks post op …..z

  35. I am 12 weeks post op from having a sub-total hysterectomy which left my cervix’s and ovarie’s still intact. I got no information when discharged from hospital so didn’t know what was normal and what wasn’t. I have read many forums on what to expect to help me through this as I still have pain on my right side of my belly button which I have had to push for this checking and have a scan booked on 4th May 2016. A Dr may say you can return to work after 6 wks of having your op but at the end of the day, depending on the work you do, the reality is you can’t, you know your own body better than anyone else and it’s now you need to listen to it. Rest often up until 6 weeks then start building up to normality from there. Things I didn’t know was the “elastic band twanging” feeling you got around your lower tummy which is the nerves coming back to life. This started 4 wks after my op and I still have a few sensations of the “twangs” but not as often now. The pain in the bone area of my hips has now passed this started from day 1 of getting up until 10 wks post op, this is due to the swelling of the internal organs and they are settling back down(so I’ve been told) The problem with this kind of op is that everyone is different so there is no “normal” you just need to listen to what your body is telling you, rest more than you would normally and give your body time to heal. Most people think of this op as a trip to dentist but you need to remember that you body has been through a lot of trauma and everyone heals at different rates.

  36. Hi Jo, I am now 6 weeks (on monday post op) and I too have the experience of feeling okay for first two weeks then it seems to get worse not better! it is frustrating and sometimes worrying. I am still taking pain killers and have also tried ibuprofen gel on my right side where it is especially swollen and very tender – this has helped. I am still taking it easy, with some very light housework, preparing light meals, and at least one 20 min walk a day, otherwise I tend to lie down. I am not due to see a consultant again til end of May. It does feel like we are left unsure of what to expect, but the site is great for checking out things – I am guessing the pain week 6 ish is normal… take care.

  37. I have been a week today wit having my hysterctomy and i am still in pain and feeling tired most of the time is this normal plus when should you go walking and shopping after not a long walk

  38. Now 6 wks later I’m finding things loads harder,got pain in left leg and lower stomach ,been to see doctors was told its normal ask to been seen by consultant and told they are busy,I think its shocking I don’t have a follow up appointment how I’m I meant to no if things are OK,only thing gp give me was pain killers and sent on my way ,can anyone tell me what this pain could be as between this and sweats day and night I feel like I’m going mad ,I need some help never felt I’d be like this when I seemed to be doing so well first few wks .

  39. I am exactly the same, on week 10 now after vaginal hysterectomy and prolapse repair, still on pain killers, can’t do any more than a 15/20 min walk about three times a day, getting very frustrated with myself, family can’t understand why I am like this when the information sheet says I could be back at keep fit, got to be joking, I see the consultant on the 19th April hope to get some answers, just need to know this is normal and that I am ok, feel like everything is dropping out of me today, very heavy, painful and swollen tummy,

  40. Sounds great, I was the same my first week after op, I hope it stays that way for you, please rest though and don’t forget what your body has gone through, unfortunately week by week I went down hill, now on week 10 still getting pain and can only potter for 20 min at a time, so please do take care.,

  41. I have my hysterectomy 5 days ago been shopping and walking all over don’t even feel like its been done is this normal

  42. Its three weeks since vaginal hysterectomy ,had a water infection first week . I thought i was doing really well doing bit around the home a short shopping trip with a friend yesterday. I woke up through the night with leg and hip aches , felt awful when it was time to get up and have been suffering with sharp low tum pains and hip and buttocks ache
    (all quite painfull) and im totally warn out should i inform doc or is normal . Lou 17.2.16

  43. Hi, I had a laparoscopy assisted vaginal hysterectomy.everything took but ovaries on 5\11\15 I was told operation would be around 2 hrs but due to complication it took longer, my bladder was stuck to my womb which surgeon said can happen after caesareans, I had endometriosis,plus lots of scar tissue so I was in surgery 3hours40. I was allowed home the day after surgery and have felt ‘OK’ I am taking regular pain relief which has thankfully helped..I’ve had a couple of days feeling slightly unwell but generally OK…I’m not sleeping well so doctor gave me mild medication. I’m getting to sleep as I feel exhausted but wake up all the time πŸ™ today though (day 12post op) I’ve got a heavy feeling down below like something is going to fall out..I’m not sure if this is normal at this stage? I’ve been taking it easy not doing a thing as my wonderful family have done everything so I’ve defiantly not overdone it. My advice to anyone having or had this op is to listen to your body as it knows best and try not to rush things..I’m really frustrated resting as I’m normally always on the go but I’m determined to get back to normal asap..I’m just hoping this heavy feeling is normal and not an infection or prolapse..ill call the doctor tomorrpw if it continues but any advice would be welcine froim you xxxxx

  44. Hi. I had a partial abdominal hysterectomy 6 weeks ago, apart from an infection 10 days in I have steadily been getting stronger until a week ago when I felt a tearing/burning sensation on the left side of my wound. Since then every time I do anything I feel exhausted, my back and stomach are agony and I feel scared to push myself!

  45. Hi I had a laproscopic hysterectomy 2 1/2 weeks ago have been recovering well though stitches not come out and nurse couldn’t get them out. Today however I am really struggling in a lot of pain and my tummy is really swollen much more than it has been especially above my belly button…is this normal I’m feeling tired and nauseous with a headache. Thanks

  46. I had laprascopic supracervical hysterectomy, as well as pelvic organ prolapse repair done this past Monday, Oct 26th. The surgery went well, the incisions are sore but not terribly painful. The trapped air pain was excrutiating. It peaked at approximately the 4th post-op day. It woke me at 3 AM feeling as though I was having a heart attack. I got up to research whether or not this was normal. Having found this website, I realized that the pain was normal. I was not warned about this pain, however one of my nurses post-op did tell me that it was trapped air settleing into the shoulder and chest. I had excellent surgeons, and the pre-op materials did say that CO2 is used to inflate the abdomen to allow the surgeon better access and visibility of the organs. However nothing was mentioned about the painful consequence of that CO2. The pain has now subsided, I found a heating pad, coughing, and hot tea all helped. I look forward to getting back to normal, after another 7 weeks of restricted activity!

  47. I had a vaginal hysterectomy, prolapse and wall repair done on the 12th of August. I was given a sick note from work for 3 months ending 11th November. It is now 24th of October. I get in a lot of pain and never know what the limit is when it comes to lifting etc. Iv’e not had a pain free day to date. I saw my GP last week and all he said was to keep taking pain killers. Surely after 9 weeks this is not right. I worry as my time is getting close to going back to work with this pain as my job is 12 hour manual shifts.

  48. I am exactly 3 weeks post TAH after a diagnosis of endometrial cancer. Fortunately the cancer was contained and the histology showed all the cancer was removed and I don’t need any further treatment but will be checked regularly for 5 years. My surgeon was wonderful, kind and informative. He had hoped to do it key hole but there were complications so had to do a vertical incision and radical surgery as I also had several large fibroids as well. I was discharged after 5 days and had several meetings with a physiotherapist before I left and was given lots of information and advice. I too had terrible bloating and wind and still have irratic bowel movements and need to pee often but was told that is because all internal organs are bruised due to the radical surgery. Peppermint tea and ginger ale helps as does lying flat raising both knees with feet flat and slowly rocking knees from side to side which the physio advised. I got an infection after 10 days but a week of antibiotics had cleared and the seeping from the bottom of the wound has now slowed down. I was also advised to take things at my own pace and expect at least 8 to 12 weeks before returning to work. I was pleased to read that other women have experienced some of the stinging and pains as the nerves repair and the bloating – 5 years post menopause I look 6 months pregnant. Compared to some people on this site I am very fortunate to have had great aftercare. I have found the worse part is the daily injections of tinzaparin to prevent DVT for 28 days is the hardest as you have to avoid injecting into scars or bruises but my abdomen is covered in them.

  49. I had Robotic Assisted total hysterectomy (removal of all organs with cervix) and also a fibroid on Oct.02, 2015. Surgery lasted 3 hours and was home the same day. I took Tylenol and Advil for the first few days and that is all. I feel great and do not really have pain,but I do have numbness sensation on my left side on my upper thigh and on the very top of my pelvis. It feels like I have bruising from the inside. Is this normal, and is it because all of the organs were taken out by the vagina? How long will it take for this to return to normal, I am avoiding all heavy lifting and try not to over do anything that could injure me in anyway. I just want to know if this is normal?

  50. hi,had tah plus extremely large dermoid cyst fibroids and endo removed 4 weeks ago,i cant stop crying ,feel so low ,stomach still seems so huge but no one else seems to see this,dont think i am ever going to feel better after a was told i would feel better for this op !!dont get me wrong i am so glad it is all out but i just feel ???????

  51. Hi, I had an abdominal partial hysterectomy 10 weeks ago. After a few days I started doing short restorative yoga sessions. I went back to work as a Picture Framer afyer 10 days. After two weeks I did more active yoga and after four weeks I went back to my normal routine of yoga every morning and afternoon. I can feel my fitness and strength levels are still not where they were before the surgery. But every day it gets better. I am 38. I don’t know if doing all of this so soon was a good thing or not. After six weeks my husband and I tried intercourse and this brought on a bit of a relapse. After nine weeks we tried again with better results although I still experienced swelling. I still struggle with my intenstines bit and my weight seems to fluctuate. I am still a bit swelled in my abdomen. I don’t think it will be the same for everyone. I am young still and very healthy so I suppose it was easier, and even so I can still see the post op effects of this operation.

  52. Hysterectomy and prolapse repairs were done 16 days ago and I spent the night after the op coughing uncontrollably, but the cough wore off towards morning. Morphine the first day codeine the second and then went home with paracetamol and Ibruprophen. Was doing fine, just a bit tired, but now the painkillers have stopped there is quite a bad stinging sensation around the site of the op and constipation despite greater doses of laxatives than recommended and prunes for breakfast. What more can I do?

  53. Thank you so much Linda. This is the most sensible site I have found. Helpful and encouraging but realistic. Reading others stories and your replies have made me realise that the swollen stomach ….it is huge I look about 6 months pregnant! …..and weird pains are normal. I am taking your general advice and walking little and often and resting in between. 10 days post op.

  54. Hi
    I had a sub total hysterectomy done 4 weeks and 4 days ago I had it done by keyhole, yesterday I started to do some ironing but today I am in a lot of pain in my stomach, headache, feel sick and my legs ache.

  55. You need to listen to your body – it tells you what you need to know. We are all different and heal at different rates.

  56. Hi, I had a TAH with robotically assisted BSO 6.5 weeks ago and I am having real difficulty gauging how much activity is too much. I seemed to be doing quite well until last weekend when I obviously overdid it but now I don’t seem to be able to do much at all without getting a sore tummy. I try to take regular rest periods but If I sit for too long, I get a scrunched painful tummy as well and the only way to get real respite is to lie down flat for a while. According to the hospital literature I received, I could be feeling nearly back to normal by now but I actually feel miles away from 100%. I am trying to wean myself off the painkillers which might explain the increased soreness I guess. I was cleared for driving two days ago but even a short drive has left me sore and exhausted. I am really struggling to figure out how much to do – the literature suggests that one needs to increase activity but if I do, I just feel sore. I feel I should be further forward than I am. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you.

  57. I think you may be a little too optimistic on the recovery front – it’s likely to take a few weeks before you begin to feel like your old self again.

  58. Hi I am nearly two week post op for a total hysterectomy (everything gone) and I am wondering when I will start to feel like my old self, I am tired a lot and have a lot of light brown discharge especially if I have done a little work in the kitchen or just walked from one room to another and it is painful when I’m sitting in the car as I tried to go and see my family but was to painful. I’m feeling at a lose of what to do. I’m 54 years old

  59. It sounds like you might have gone back to work too soon – perhaps a visit to your GP might be a good idea πŸ™‚

  60. Hi thanks to everyone for sharing their experience’s. I had a vaginal assisted hysterectomy on the 19th March and was surprised at how well I felt after surgery. I work in a school and had 2 weeks off, one being half term holiday. I’m now 10 weeks post op and feeling pretty rubbish most days, my stomach is huge and very uncomfortable, I’m tired all the time and when out walking my stomach seems to go hard particularly at the top, is this Normal if so how long before the swelling goes down. Am I doing too much maybe I should get signed off for a few weeks and rest ??

  61. I think the best advice would be to pay attention to your friends – you have a heavy job and most women consider going back to work at between 9 and 13 weeks post op.

  62. hi all I am now at end of third week total hysterectomy open surgery i am a chef manager in a busy school I have had three c sections in past I am due back to work in two weeks all my friends say don’t go back then take two or three weeks more some days I feel fine some days I do not I having days where I cry I feel like I not doing enough I go out but after a while I fill like crap and my scar starts hurting in 49 any advice welcome please . many thanks

  63. Everyone is different and some women have pain for a longer time than others – the swelling will take months to go down completely though!

  64. Tah 5 weeks ago I’m still in pain and swollen due to return to work as nursing aide in a week, really don’t think my body is ready. SHOULD I still hurt this bad

  65. Hi
    my name is Patricia, I found this site very supporting and I read these comments thought I was the only one going through troubles after having a hysterectomy.I had a total hysterectomy done last year November 24 ,2014 . Was admitted for three days in the hospital,Came home a day before thanksgiving. Exactly three days being home from the hospital had a bad chest pain thinking that it was gas was moving around and drank a little ginger tea maybe it would go away . Then went back to bed throughout the nite chest pain became uncomfortable so the pain woke me out of my deep sleep where I noticed that it start affect my breathing gasping for air , still thinking its gas drank more ginger tea. Throughout the second day same thing keep happening on the third day it got worse that my breathing became shallow and bleeding from from my mouth so I got up and went to the bathroom sink and start spitting blood gasping for then finally I realize this is not normal so I decide to call 911 ambulance came and I was taken to the ER . I got admitted right away end up having a blood cloth in the right lungs and the right leg . Was given warfarin and but it wasn’t working so an IVC filter was inserted.came out 15 days after from the hospital now am on Coumadin. Now am having constant chest pain over this winter was really bad and awful because it affects my breathing so brutally bad now am seeing the hematologist cardiologists, neurologist , pulmonary dr . Still swollen still in pain get tired easily from standing walking and from day one the IVC filter was inserted there was no sensation in the leg when the sensation return two days after I came with a stabbing constant pain that never did went away rite up till now there are days that I cannot obsolutely walk on it or put pressure on it tired of taking oxycodone pain meds constantly complaining to the dr about it was recommended to the neurologists a cats an was taken MRI was done ECG was done and they couldn’t find anything the blood clots in the leg is diminished. This is wat am still going through that I cannot understand why am I still having this heavy pain in my groin area where filter was inserted Ruth into my thigh area constant stabbing pain in the rite leg where I had the DVT .i don’t no what to do anymore do you think it has something to do with the filter why am still in so much pain constant chest pain from irregular heartbeats but the cardiologist says there’s nothing wrong with the heart but why still having shortness of breath now a gain but constant chest pain that would lead to shortness of breath. Would I be ok I feel like I would never be ok again now am depressed stress out because I cannot perform my motherly duties for two of my kids am still not ok to return to work and am so totally overwhelmed with dr appointments and not getting any results why am still having all these symptoms or the Drs covering up something I don’t understand it please help me.

  66. I I had my surgery laparoscopically. Had surgery on Tuesday and returned to work on Monday, I am a traveling sales rep. I have done great, the only problems was after 4 to 5 he I would lose my energy and have pain. I have 5 cuts on abdomen. Complete hystorectomy. I feel the longer you lay around, the longer the healing. The problem in 2 weeks is abdomen swelling. Hope this helps someone. You can hurt at home or work.

  67. It’s a fairly common experience Irene because anaethesia stops the bowels from working and it can take a few days for them to get started properly again. You can sleep on your side but you might like to wedge a pillow underneath you, just for comfort.

  68. 6 days since my Laparoscopic Hysterectomy. I do not have too much pain and no spotting which I am surprised about. Did need oxygen over the first night because of phlegm apparently which left me with a cough, now getting better. I was out after two days and went for a walk to our local newspaper shop today. The one problem is constipation. Eating loads of fruit and veg drinking water. Always had to before but now seem to need laxatives. Any advice about this. I am 67 and lucky enough not to worry about getting back to work. Also can you sleep on your side a bit scared to but so uncomfortable on back. Lucky those who have a GP to see. Days before we get an appointment.

  69. It might be worth going to see a different GP at the practice and yes, the average time to return to work is between 9 and 13 weeks. Walking is good because it exercises everything – particularly the core abdominal muscles which will improve the constipation and swelling. You will need to keep an eye on how you react to the HRT – it can trigger a regrowth if any endo was left behind. If you start getting symptoms again then the advice is usually to stop it for up to 9/12 months and then you should be fine to take it afterwards.

  70. Hi, Firstly thank you for such an informative and supportive website together with the e.mails. Like many people on here, I have found this to be my main source of information. I am 56 and had a TAH and BSO on 7th April so I’m now just over 3 weeks post op. I eventually had the op for a number of reasons – heavy, painful periods; endometriosis, fibroids and endometrial hyperplasia. A blood test confirmed that I wasn’t menopausal so this could have gone on for years in spite of my age! I was put on a low dose of oestrogen straight away and advised to stay on it for the next 2 to 3 years but I am a bit concerned as I have since read about the increased risks of taking oestrogen if you have Endometriosis. The only advice to aid my recovery after the operation was to walk but not sure if I should be doing anything more e.g. pelvic floor exercises or when to start them. I’m still very sore but wasn’t prepared for the swollen tummy, constipation, inability to concentrate and feeling quite weepy. I was only signed off for 2 weeks by the hospital and have been given a note for a further 2 weeks by my GP without seeing me. She indicated on the note that she would not need to review me again. I have since spoken to her on the phone to query this and she said that if I didn’t feel well enough to return to work after this period I would have to phone for a review and ask for a further 2 weeks. I am surprised she thought I would be fit after 4 weeks but also upset by the fact that I will have to phone every 2 weeks to persuade her that I’m not ready to go back yet. Everything I have read indicates that a return to work is usually between 6 to 13 weeks and I certainly don’t feel ready. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  71. I think you need to see your GP for a checkup who will be able to advise what you can do next.

  72. hi, i had a vaginal hysterctomy 4 and a half weeks ago and i’m finding my tolerance for sitting and standing is getting worse, i am getting an irritating pain on the front wall of the the vagina which is persisting for a while even when resting.
    i had front wall repair 5 years ago, but that surgeon was rubbish and caused me many problems, it appeared that my uterus prolapsed pretty soon after that op which is why i finally had the hysterectomy, now i’m wondering if that old surgery is buckling under the strain.

  73. Hi I had a full hystercomf 10 weeks ago sometimes I get belly ache is it normal and what can I take for it

  74. I had a robotic hysterectomy 2-years ado due to endometriosis. It took 7-weeks to feel normal again. Check with your doctor about the discharge,it was the best thing ever! Best wishes!

  75. I have had a hysteratomany 10 days ago. I am having a discharge that’s like water, but has a smell. and I have found myself felling very ill, and just don’t want anything to with anyone, my nervers are raw and I just haven’t being feeling myself, plus I can’t eat. is this normal?

  76. Sounds like a bit of journey you’ve got going on with your back Quita. Hope this surgery is successful.

  77. I haven’t been to one yet as I have been concentrating on my back. I will be having back surgery number 3, so 4th surgery in 3years!

  78. I had a total hysterectomy 2 years ago because of endometriosis. Everything was connected! I had a huge team of doctors. Got up and walked out of the hospital the next day only to get to the hotel room and discover I couldn’t get in and out of the bed. It was determined that I had severe nerve damage. Two years later and the nerve pain returns every now and then. Is this normal?

  79. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy just less than 10 years ago and have been diagnosed by The Cleveland Clinic with nerve damage. (illioinguinal/illiohypogastric – they’re not sure) I have had 3 surgeries to try to cut the nerve/s above my scar. I have had physical therapy, nerve blocks, removal of adhesions/scar tissue, acupuncture – tried it all. I am now on Oxycontin for the foreseeable future since no one has an answer. Will this nerve EVER heal? Can I take vitamins or whatnot to try to help the healing process. I am in constant pain. It’s just a matter of degree. The pain is exactly like the pain you feel when a dentist hits a nerve in your tooth! Ugh! Nasty. Any suggestions?

  80. Conception is always more difficult if you have problems with the ovaries, fallopian tubes or the uterus regardless of your age Anna. I can’t say whether you’ll definitely be able to conceive or not as you’ll only know when it happens.

  81. i have follicle cyst in both my ovaries got operated in mid of August went for regular checkup my Doc said get married have a child and then we can remove the ovary but m so young to do tat and c gave other option tat c can put me birth controlling pills or i can go for regular chekup so i went for the third option and found out tat its growing again it was not even 3 months after i got operated i stil go for chekup but there is no change i have no idea what shud i do went for 2 opinion c says there is nothing to worry but the other doc say something else rite so i dont knw what to do?? asked for medicine but c says there is no med for this u plz advise m actually worried i dont want another cut on my abdomen iam jst 21 years…..
    so PLZ ADVICE will i be able to concive in future or not??????

    Thanks ,

  82. I really have no one to turn to for advise. I’m 46 and very worried. Imagine having minor abdominal pain and going in for a routine pap smear, thinking nothing’s majorly wrong, and by the end the week after numerous cat scans/intra vaginal probes/ultrasounds find out not only do I have a 18cm ovarian cyst (bigger than a football they said) but need a total hysterectomy with the possibility of cancer. The cyst is way too big to do vaginally or with laproscopy, which means 3 days in the hospital.

    I’m told minimum six week recovery, which means literally thousands of dollars lost from work since I have no paid days and definitely don’t have thousands of extra dollars laying around to pay bills while I’m recovering. I work at home so I sit and answer phones all day for a large company. Is it possible that I can be up and sitting for work after just 2-3 weeks? Otherwise, unfortunately, I just can’t lose nearly $3,000 in income and not pay bills for 2 months.

  83. Depends on what you mean by a beach holiday. Roasting oneself on a beach and dipping oneself and one’s wound in the sea from time to time is unwise. But if you are planning on gentle strolls along the beach not far from your home or hotel – with ready access to a nurse or doctor – then a break near fresh sea air might not be a bad idea. I myself had a TAH for a similar reason 4 weeks ago but

  84. I’m 58 and had a total hystorectomy 10 days ago everything removed including ovaries! I had a 27 cms large cyst on my left ovary. Had abdominal surgery and it all went well. Wondering if I can go for a beach vacation 9 weeks after surgery.

  85. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy 30th September 2013. I was 60 at the time. At my six week checkup my gyno said he had found grade one cancer in my uterus which he was sure he had totally and successfully removed. He suggested I still see a radiation oncologist for a second opinion on the pathology report. He then told me he had left part of my cervix in and I would need another operation – this time vaginally. A week later I saw the oncologist who was happy all the cancer had been removed however suggested I have the second operation asap. He was sure though that they would find no more cancer. So 4th Feb. 2014 I had the second operation which was more unpleasant than the first. It’s now been six weeks and my bowels still ache a little but the results, which I got last week, were great. No more cancer and no treatment needed. I guess I’m so lucky. Had I left the first op six months, I’d be in trouble. So the quick answer is “yes, I’ve had to have a second op”. I think our insides get messed up pretty good when big ops like this are done and everyone is different. Strangely my bowels do not ache at night – only some parts of the day. I also suffer greatly from anxiety and panic disorder so these ops were a REALLY big thing for me to do. My husband got sick the day after I got home from hospital and they put him in hospital. I had to struggle on my own and get to the hospital every day to see him. He’s now had his gall bladder out two weeks ago and is still not well so I’ve been doing everything for five weeks. I’m exhausted, but I don’t have cancer.

  86. I am 3 weeks post op . I had a Robotic vaginal hysterectomy ( I do have my ovaries) . I had a very large fibroid it was dissected and removed vaginally. I have been feeling great. However I went to the supermarket and did some shopping ( No lifting) . However I still feel tired , sore and a little bladder pressure . Is this normal?

  87. Some post op bleeding is normal and related to recovery. If it carries on though you might want to get it checked as it can indicate granulation of the internal wound which may need cauterizing.

  88. You are quite right Maureen, a hysterectomy for any reason is major surgery and it’s easy for us to forget that – everyone has to be sure it’s the right thing to do for them and, if they’re not sure, explore other options first where that’s advisable.

  89. I had a total hyst April 2011 secondary to a low grade ovarian malignancy. The 4.5 hour surgery was robotic-laproscopic including lymph dissections. It took a full 2 plus years for my very good normal bowel health ( 1 or 2 good bm’s a day) to return to its previous functioning. Don’t let the doctors fool you because they really don’t know the total effect this has on your body; all the prying and moving things around scar tissue healing etc… Pay close attention to these little things (like returning to your normal bowel patterns) or you may end up having other related problems in the future. In the by the way department, I haven’t been the same ever since. I am good , healed etc.. but not the same. The decision to have ANY type of surgery should not be taken lightly. I had this operation out of fear after I had an ovary removed at age 49 and did not want everything out ( to maintain hormonal regulation) due to chronic ruptured cysts. The ovary came back positive for a low grade malignancy and I was strongly advised due to the nature of ovarian cancer to have the “big” surgery, looking back I guess? it as the right thing to do but outside a debilitating emergency situation I will not have another surgery God willing!

  90. I am a healthy 74 year old, and next week I am going to have a vaginal hysterectomy due to a prolapse of the uterus. As far as I know it is just the uterus and cervix which is to be removed. Naturally I am feeling nervous, but many of the messages on here have helped me a lot. Thanks to all who have contributed their experiences – I will let you know how I get on in due course. Jennifer.

  91. i am 5 weeks post total lap hysterectomy just ovaries left,i had swelling on my left wound which i was told was a blood clot still having getting pain which sometimes feels like period pains,i thought the bleeding had stopped but i started bleeding yesterday ,only lightly ,,but i thought this has stopped and not sure when i should expect it to stop,still feel exhausted had if i try and do house work /hoovering i am in pain later πŸ™

  92. My cervix shift I don’t have an life threatened problem. All my test came out good but I have pain when only when I climax. My doctor say I need to have a hysterectomies is there any Med can take before having my cervix removed?

  93. hi, I have had pelvic organ prolapse for years (not knowing what it was) anyhow, last year my gyne told me I had POP with uterine prolapse, cystocele and rectocele. He said I should see a specialist, so I went to a Urogyne. Once there they confirmed my diagnosis and did some internal vaginal trigger point therapy and had me attend physical therapy where I mostly did some hip rotations and kegels. After a couple months of this I was in excruciating pain. My pain started in late May 2013. It is Lower R quadrant pain, to R hip and buttock and thigh. It has changed my life for the worse. I have barely been able to function and am no longer able to work. πŸ™ I changed docors after all this happened and on Nov 1 I got a hysterectomy with the Davinci robot, leaving me my L ovary. It has been almost 2 months since my surgery and I am still in pain. My back, both hips now and while I seem to be in slightly less pain then prior to surgery, but it is awful and sometimes I just want to give up. 7-8 mo of pain is terrible. I was very active before this. Not a work out junkie, but up and going all day with kids, pets, chores, shopping, etc..etc.. now I have to take it super easy and I cannot get past this pain and I barely even enjoy life. I am hoping this pain will become bearable, and soon. I force myself to walk a little bit ea day and do a chore/errand almost every day. I am not over weight, I had no issue at all until I got into the PT and trigger point therapy. I think maybe they injured something. I think maybe my obturator internus but IDK what to do now???

  94. I feel all the pain from having my surgery hysterectomy now am face with terrible back pain an pain in mu sides constant feeling tired when walk o seem to get

  95. anything in your body that is damaged and can potentially damage other parts of your body is not good and should come out. What good does it serve you in poor condition? it will only get worse and make you sicker. I guess its not good to have anything taken out if it is working properly. I recently had an abdominal hysterectomy removing my uterus, ovaries, tubes and cervix. My doctor did not know how sever because I had a large tumor hiding everything but we talked in advance and I told her as long as she lefts me “instruments” to keep the normal flow of life working for me, rip it out. I was more terrified in not knowing how I could damage myself more with non proper functioning body parts. I have never felt better! The mental and physical aspects are both priceless. P.S. Listen to your body and doctor.

  96. Hi there I’m 38 and had a total hystorectomy 4 weeks ago everything removed including ovaries! I had endometriosis and a big cyst on my ovary. Had abdominal surgery and it all went well, I still have a numb tummy below the belly button and a few pains but in general I’m doing well. I am worried that I have to stay on hrt for a long time! Has anybody got any advise.

  97. I had an abdominal Hysterectomy 3 weeks ago and yes the pain afterwards is not nice but it was controlled, the main issue afterwards is the wound as you cant seem to get comfy but also the wind pain, keep up with the pain killers they give you this will help. A week after the op although feeling sluggish I was up and about and now I feel great! I can guarantee it will be all worth it in the end. πŸ™‚

  98. I had a partial hysterectomy since all that was expected was to take out my uterus that had 11 fibroids, some very large. I had put this off for many years and am now 59. I am now two weeks on from the surgery and have had a pretty good experience so far. Some of the wind problems and trying to get my bowels back to normal. But this all went so well. Except that when the examined my uterus, they discovered I had endometriosis, adenomyosis, and also… a grade 1, stage 1 cancerous tumour! I was a little shocked. The good news is that it is out and there is not much chance that I have any further problems there.

    However, now because they found this, they want me to spend the six weeks mending, and then I have to go right back to have another abdominal surgery to remove what was left, my ovaries and cervix! Has anyone else had to have a second surgery like this? I am hoping that I come out as well as I did the first time. But it is so close on the first surgery that it does concern me a little

  99. I am going to have abdominal hysterectomy November 25 and I am very scared please can you help me I hear people say is not good to remove your cervix please advice me

  100. betty, i think you should ask a doctor about this right away. i had a total abdominal hysterectomy on 8-30-13, and my discharge instructions said that i should do that it that happened.

  101. Hi I had a total abdominal hysterectomy on the 3rd August and I was wondering how long I would have to wait before going back to my placement. I work in a playgroup with 3-4 years old and we would lift them if they are distressed, I also work part time in an office which I hope to go back in a couple of weeks, but its the playgroup work that I’m unsure of.

  102. It can be normal to have some temporary damage to nerves in the lower part of the body – especially at the top of the legs. It generally goes with time as the nerves regenerate and this will give you pins and needle like pains.

  103. Not at all Angela, the infection can develop at any time during recovery and it’s quite common to have more than one too.

  104. I am two weeks post total hysterectomy (+cervix ,ovaries, Fallopian tubes) for uterine cancer. My incision seems fine, but I am numb and swollen on my left labia and around the left leg. The area gives me horrible burning pains when I touch it or move a certain way. Could I ave nerve damage? Could this be permenant! My surgeon just says its normal.

  105. Hi there, I am 43 years old. I am 10 and a half weeks post op. I had a laprascopic aided vaginal hysterectomy. I have been left with only my right ovary. Everything else has been taken away. The problem is I felt great at first but now I have had burning pains in my lower abdomen and feel awful. I have had my urine tested and it contains white blood cells pointing towards water infection. I have been given 3 days worth of antibiotics. This is my second infection since the op (I got one around about 4 weeks post op). Is this common? What can I do to prevent it? I am very concerned about personal hygiene so it isn’t that. I just feel like I am going to keep getting this problem. Is 10 and a half weeks a bit late to be getting things like this?

  106. Thanks Linda, much appreciated, since my last post i’ve got another UTI, never mind it’s all worth it.

  107. UTI’s post op are normal (unfortunately) the tiredness and weepiness is also normal and will be associated with the anaesthetic and your hormonal fluctuations due to major surgery. The best advice is to walk and drink plenty of water. πŸ™‚

  108. Hi I have found this website really informative, i recently had a partial hysterectomy with a TVT, due to size of the fybroid lying on bladder, pushing everything out of place. During my operation the surgeon unfortuantely nicked my bladder so i had to be stitched, the hysterectomy was then performed vaginaly but there was a further complication causing more trauma to my bladder, i came out of hospital witha cathiter for a week to allow my bladder to heal. Since having the cathiter out i have had 2 UTI’s which have been painful. I am now onto my fourth week i have been tested for further infections and these have come back clear, i still get pain when i pass water, should this be happening? I feel fine in myself other than very tired and a little weepy and hot flushes, but think these are minor to what i was going through previously. I started to review this site to see if what i was feeling was normal and it looks like it is, slight tinges in my abdoman, uncomfortable at times and unsure on what i should and shouldn’t be doing. If anyone has had these two operations at the same time could you let me know if what i am feeling is normal as i’m not seeing the consultant for another two months, when i rang the hospital i was referred to the doctor!!!

  109. I find these comments reassuring as I am still very sore and bloated after 9 weeks I had an abdominal hysterectomy and also feel like I can’t walk far or do any heavy housework (vacuum or cleaning the bath) before it hurts again. Fortunately I am a teacher who can be off for another 10 weeks so I’m hoping to be fully recovered if I an sensible by then.

  110. What a helpful website. Its a good opportunity to share concerns and worries with like minded people. It’s not a conversation you can launch into easily in company. I am now 2 weeks post op – sub total abdominal hysterectomy. Prior to the operation I trawled through the internet looking for optimistic reports of recovery and found very little to reassure me. However I bit the bullet and made a decision.The consultant and nurse were fantastic, giving me their extension numbers to ring any time I thought of anything new to ask that bothered me. They were patient with me as I ran through my list of endless questions and left me in no doubt that I would be taken care of and looked after. Two weeks on I relate to many of the comments being made;I hadn’t expected the extreme trapped wind, feeling like a wind up toy whizzing round inside, but it does ease. The lactulose and fybogel worked well together easing stomach pains and I have just had my first complete nights sleep because it was the first time I was able to lie on my side and support myself comfortably with a cushion. Altogether though I have to say it has been a positive experience so far. But not an easy one to make. Be sure that you ask anything you need to in advance however ridiculous you may think it sounds, they won’t laugh and you will be reassured.
    Above all take time afterwards to rest and do only what you feel happy to. Accept help that is offered. How often do women really get to sit back and put their feet up? !

  111. I to have my disability insurance giving me less than 4 weeks from robotic total hysterectomy including removing the cervix for cancer. I am a nurse who does a lot of lifting and does 12.5 hour days, my friends who have desk jobs one took 8 weeks and another 6 weeks. My first disability check was for $ 88.00 for that little amount I don’t feel they should have a say on when a person is ready to go back to work. I worked at the hospital going on 29 years. I also have a adenoma on my Pth which will need to be removed in early August I know I will be back to work before that. I also just recovered from shoulder surgery this year. I agree with Marie disability insurance people should at least give are bodies a chance to heal. As far Linda. As sick pay from our employer it goes hand and hand with the disability insurance. If the disability insurance cuts you off, you don’t get your sick bank time from your employer and if the disability insurance said you can go back your work place could fire you because you didn’t return to work when they said you could.

  112. Thanks for mentioning it takes a while to heal. I had a total robotic hysterectomy, everything removed including the cervix,less than 2 weeks ago.
    I do a lot of lifting at work, I am a nurse. The hospital disability has me going back to work less than 4 weeks,12.5 hour shifts. The doctors resident said 4 to 6 weeks, I thought 8 weeks would be good. I am 52 and my hysterectomy was for cancer. I have worked at the hospital close to 29 years. What damage could I do if I go back to work to soon.I still have a hard time sitting and am still tender, I also have a lot of abdominal pressure which is normal.

  113. Had my pre op today. I guess I was blindly thinking this was going to be easy, but they told me all this stuff that scared me. Is it really going to take a long time to recover?? I have the surgery Thursday. I have only meal planned for a week, the husband will be out of town next week, they said I would need someone to be at the house. How horrible is this?

    Info: Having the abdominal not the cool laser thing. fibroid too big and uterus too mushy… something like that. I am only letting them take the uterus… and that stupid fibroid!! lol!!

  114. Hi, thanks for the comments. I went back in Jan, with a slightly reduced timetable, and coped quite well. It’s now been 6 months since the op and I haven’t felt this good for about 10 years!! Best thing I’ve ever done, wish I’d sorted it earlier. Don’t suffer in silence, ladies, see your doctor and push for a solution. I feel so free!

  115. Just replying as I also had an ablation that made things worse – ended up with much more pain and spontaneous flooding! But thank goodness I had the hysterectomy, it’s now 6 months and the feeling of freedom is incredible. Good luck for June.

  116. Hi Tarin, yes it can take that long to completely recover, but that doesn’t mean you don’t feel benefits almost immediately after the op. Try eating a lettuce sandwich or a banana before bed – both are said to help with sleeping πŸ™‚

  117. Hi Tracy, I think you’ve probably answered your own question. The average length of time to return to work is between 9 and 13 weeks, with longer if you are doing a very physical job. The biggest risk of a vaginal or laparascopic hysterectomy is that it’s easy to forget that it’s major surgery because you don’t have the large visible scar to remind you, and although they are slightly quicker recovery times, they are still the same internal surgery. πŸ˜‰

  118. I had a TAH on Jan 15, 2013 due to fibroid causing problems for my bladder and kidneys. I’m 43 yrs old. Healed up nicely and was released from the hospital on Jan 17/13. Started working again on april 4/13. My only chief complaint is difficulty sleeping, not on hrt and won’t take as I prefer the natural/herbal remedy better.

    Been doing a lot of walking with my dog and starting walking him pretty much since I got out of hospital. Had to slowly work up to our usual 60 to 90 mins walks.

    Working 9 hour days are the hardest for me but not tiring as easily. This website has been helpful and I have heard that it can take up to a year to fully recovery.

  119. Hi, I just turned 44 and had my total hysterectomy (ovaries too) laprascopically 2 weeks ago. I really have been doing well and was a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, but until today, really no pain. I have been taking Naprolan (anti-inflammatory) 2 pills a day and just cut back to 1 pill yesterday so wondering if this is why I am feeling like I have menstrual cramps now. I am a physiotherapist so on my feet all the time. I am planning to start back to work next week only half days. I am very fit and used to running, cycling, and intense weight training. I have 3 children and a husband who works crazy hours. I have not really given myself much time to recuperate and wonder if it is catching up to me. I walk lots also because we have a dog. Is this pain I feel now normal? I don’t want to worry if it is just my body telling me to slow down. How about cycling? Thanks!

  120. Hi Melissa, aside from the fact that you won’t be able to take part in the move by lifting anything, you will need to speak with your travel insurance company and the airline to see if they will allow you to fly that quickly after the hysterectomy.

  121. Hi there! I need some advice. What a wonderful site you have here. I’m booked to have a vaginal hysterectomy (uterus only) on the 15th April. The timing is dreadful as my husband is taking up a new position which involves us moving from Australia to Scotland approx 3-4 weeks post surgery. I know it’s short recovery time and I know it’s going to be very tiring, but after reading the comments here, I’m starting to think i should cancel the surgery and wait (but goodness only knows how long!). I’m starting to really panic. I’d really appreciate your thoughts. Am I being totally unrealistic? I can’t help the timing of everything….both of these things have taken months to come to fruition and unfortunately they now clash. What does everyone think? Has anyone else travelled halfway round the world after surgery?

  122. I had a vaginal hysterectomy 4 weeks ago now and was hoping to go back to work in two weeks but am getting a stabbing pain down the right hand side of tummy going into the vaginal area is this normal and is going back to work in two weeks going to be possible

  123. I had a TAH and ovaries + lymph nodes om 14 Jan 2013 because of suspected ovarian cacer. I went back to work on 11 March after 8 weeks, and other than feeling a bit tired and odd mild aches I haven’t had any problems. I work in retail and luckily the people I work with have been great, I’m still being careful with what I lift but I had a very boring textbook recovery from the operation

  124. It’s normal to take several months to get back to feeling fully fit, although I’d have expected you to be walking normally by now. The key is light exercise, a little and often and walking is brilliant for this just increase it slightly each day.

  125. hi, am 45 year old and i was qiuet fit walking the dog and zumba 2 or 3 times a week. but after my vaginal hysterectomy, prolapse repair and a bladder repair in nov 14 2012, had no pain at all on gd painkillers, but now i only can walk slowly and cant do my zumba what i love to do.

  126. I got a sick not from the hospital for 6 wks and I go back on the 25th of this month for my check up. I was told i would need more than 6 wks but the hospital can only give you a sick note for 6 wks they told me to go back to the doctors. Work have a company they refer you to that are medical professional and they do a report I have spoke to them and they have sent a report saying not to expect me back until mid-late April then i should go on 50% duties for 2/3 weeks and if I can’t do 50% then I need to be reffered back to them so they are good and work go by what they say as they are professional medical people. My tummy is feeling really sore today is this normal? I can’t wait to be able to sleep all night as it’s so uncomfatable to turn over. Oh does anyone know when we can have a nice full bath? Thanks again xxx

  127. You can ask them to stop sending you letters as that can amount to harrasment, or you can choose not the open them until you are recovered and going back. I’d say make sure you ask your GP for a sick note that covers you for another few weeks and send it in to them.

  128. Hi Amanda, I think the first thing you need to do is check your travel insurance don’t have any restrictions and then contact the airline you will be flying with for similar advice. After 10 weeks your wounds should be healed but I guess it depends on how confident you feel.

  129. Hi, I would really like some advice. Am going for my procedure on 23rd April, only been told i I need a hysterectomy. The only trouble is we booked our holidays last year and am due to travel on 2nd July to Turkey. That is about 10 weeks after procedure. I don’t know whether to risk it and hope I don’t get any infections etc or cancel until I come back. Thanks

  130. So glad I found this site I had a hysterectomy the 18th feb 2013. Your not told how your going to feel or what to expect though I see i’m not the only one. I feel sore heavy stomach and some times my belly feels weird numb like and tingly. Im not someone to sit around so finding it hard to do so. Work are not helping sending me letter about being off i’ve had 3 letters in 15 days Im dreading being off to long but I need to get better. Thanks for a great site x

  131. So – having read the comments above. I am to be reassured that it’s quite normal to be bleeding (bright red with a few clots) 21 days after a laprascopic sub-total hysterectomy? I had a wonderful clear week in the middle, then started bleeding 4 days ago, but mostly when I go to the toilet. Is it my body saying “lie down & stop bending & twisting from the waist”? Or is it something I can expect every month until I go through the menopause – if so, I’m really disappointed – that was the point I elected to have a hysterectomy after 15 years of menorrhagia.

  132. Hi Julie, it can take a few months for the swelling to go down and maybe a little longer due to the infection you had in your wound. The tears can be for a number of reasons, firstly surgery will cause that effect on the body as it copes with the trauma that has been inflicted on it, secondly your hormones will be all over the place, regardless of whether you had the ovaries removed or not and you can also be menopausal as well – this would account for the hot sweats etc .. Sex is inadvisable for at least six weeks and depending on how you are feeling, even a little longer.

  133. Hi ladies, im sooo glad i found this site !!! im 4 weeks and 1 day after a laparoscopic subtotal hysterectomy. Was out of hospital after 3 days . worst part was the trapped wind and my bowels !!!!! wish they told u bout them . i had 2 get lactulose from doc which has helped , got infection in my wound at bikini line but antibiotics sorted that !!!!! my overies were left in but after 1 1/2 wks had my first flush !!!! now getting very teary for no reason , getting night sweats (actually thought id wet the bed !!!!!) and not sleeping at night , im so overwhelmed by it all . im still really swollen is that ok ? i thought it would have went down by now . iv also got a really high sex drive but i have no notions at all will that change? Wishing you all a speedy recovery. xxx

  134. Thank god…i have just come across this website and realise not all hysterectomies go to plan!! My trouble started following a coil insertion giving me a nasty infection 2 years ago. And had heavy bleeding following removal and in May 2012 i had septicemia due to the infection remaining in my uterus, i was very lucky to recover. My consultant decided to stop further infections and damage to have a planned hysterectomy 4 weeks ago! The operation went well but after 10 days i became very unwell and was admitted to hospital with acute septicemia and had a 9 cm abcess removed from inside my tummy i nearly died. At this present time i wished i had never had it done as i feel very weak and down after 4 weeks i cant look after my kids or myself without pain or having to go to bed. Reading your stories however gives me hope. One word of advice to others post op….. if YOU feel something isn’t right or you are in pain or your bleeding get it checked and don’t leave it xx

  135. Hello Linda, Your posting very welcome for me, to read, It made me feel more postive, thank you. You had the same op as I am due to have, would you mind me asking what was the reason for your hysterectomy? Glad to hear that you feel that you are getting there, well done you.
    Very best wishes Lolla

  136. Hi there.

    I had a TAH/BSO on 9th January 2013 adn I feel I’m not doing so good. After years of asking of suffering from endometriosis, I was constantly fobbed off my Consultants. I couldn’t conceive naturally and had successful IVF treatment (twin boys), 11 years ago. The last 4 years have been horrendous and embarrassing. I tried an endometrial ablation which worsened the condition. Prostrap injections after which I was promised a hysterectomy but then the hospital changed their minds. I felt I had no other choice but to look into taking legal action against the hospital. Hey presto, I had an appointment within 24 hours (face to face) with ‘my’ consultant who I had never met before. Offered a TAH 9 weeks later – and a sincere apology. Op went well and extensive endometriosis was found (again) and also my bowel was tethered to my ovary which explained years of diarrhoea. Consultant still very apologetic. I have a neat scar which is a lot longer than expected (9 inches). I’m suffering from most of the symptons other people have described and after reading all of the comments, I’m going to see my GP next week about the awful pain in left hand side. It feels like something is ripping. I was told I would be able to do short walks after a week and swimming after 2 weeks! Absolutely no chance – I can only stand up for a few minutes. I was given tinzaparin injections to have for 4 weeks but I haven’t been able to. I have a needle phobia and was traumatised after the many attempts by anaesthetist/nurses – I look like a pincushion. I know I should really be having the injections because I have a family history of DVT. My sister died aged 29 from a DVT. I have been prescribed Tibalone as HRT but my GP told me to hold off starting it as it can cause bloodclots. I’m slightly confused as to taking HRT with me having endometriosis. We are going to Florida in June and I’m really hoping to be as fit as a fiddle and have so much fun with my boys!

  137. You might find that you’ve gone back to work too soon Michelle. The average length of time for return to work is around 13 weeks for a full abdominal hysterectomy so why not see if you can pull the hours back even further for a couple of weeks πŸ™‚

  138. Everything `you are experiencing is normal.I had my bilateral salpingo ooperectomy 12 months age age 66. thats everything taken away. you get bee sting feelings inside,that’s the healing cant walk round the shops for hours like you used to without your tummy suddenly feeling heavy,your wacked out & just have to sit down for ages before that feeling goes away,this means your overdoing it but you think is it?,Is something wrong.No there isnt. You hear so many times the magic 3 months. Thats rubbish everone is different,You get funny pains & you think now what? It’s all normal. The day you wake up and you don’t think hysterectomy and you begin to forget about your op that’s when you are getting back to normal. Even so don’t start to lift heavy weights because you may never be able to again, unless you are one of these women who . can go to the gym keep it up & slowly begin to tone up becoming a slave to is. Hope this helps a bit as all these strange things happening keeps making us wondt 12 months dare I say i feelas if I might be getting there now,

  139. Hello, Im 49, had a full abdominal hysterectomy 6 weeks ago. Had complication next day had to have another op and blood transfusion. I’d like to say how important it is to eat rest and sleep I’ve gone back to work part time and I’m shattered. However, long term this is going to make my quality of life so much better. I’d like to say a massive Thank You to all involved in this site. Every time I’m worried I have a read up and I realise I have normal symptoms of recovery. There has been nowhere else to go ask. So thank you again x

  140. Hello, I had a full abdominal hysterectomy 6 weeks ago. Had complication next day had to have another op and blood transfusion. I’d like to say how important it is to eat rest and sleep I’ve gone back to work part time and I’m shattered. However, long term this is going to make my quality of life so much better. I’d like to say a massive Thank You to all involved in this site. Every time I’m worried I have a read up and I realise I have normal symptoms of recovery. There has been nowhere else to go ask. So thank you again x

  141. I am currently awaiting a total hysterectomy I am 60 years old post menopausal and terrified , the waiting is making it worse my husband wants me to go privately, but as always some people say it is too risky. I sound a total wimp , I feel it too, please any helpful comments would be gratfully reeived. Thank you

  142. Just had Davinci Robotic hysterectomy on 01/11/2013, so far all is going well, didn’t feel good for first few days, but feeling better, trying to figure out what I can and can’t do. Highly recommend this method if available, had large Uterus and Fibroid Tumor, Dr. said it was complicated but recovery has been pretty easy, no major incision to deal with , but also makes you think that surgery was not major, and that you want to do more, trying to be patient, going back to work next week, a little worried after reading sites that it may be too soon

  143. I am also due to have a hysterectomy on Thursday due to a large fibroid. I have had no symptons as such, am fit and healthy, in fact just come back at New Year from a week’s skiing in the intermediate group. My fibroid is 20cm, have had injections and hrt for the past 12 weeks to try and shrink, but not enough. I feel OK, but my consultant suggests having my overies removed as I am nearly menopausal (50) and remaining on hrt. I feel OK, little emotional and slight headaches, but is it worth going through a major operation when I feel OK. The fibroid is pressing on organs, as I have to go to the loo frequently, but it is bearable and I can still do my Zumba classes. Ta

  144. I’d also like to hear from anyone who used this method. Just had mi e done 3 days ago and feel pretty good but don’t know what to expect!! How long before I can exercise and how long do I need to get back to normal?

  145. I am due to have a total hysterectomy on the 29th Jan but I have no idea how this is going to be performed yet as the surgeon has put in my notes that he will decide when I am on the table. It will either be abdominally or vaginally. I am very anxious about this and wondered what reasons would there be for not being able to perform the op vaginally (is it because I’m too small, the surgeon has said I have no signs of a prolapse…could that be why?)

  146. Hi,

    I also had to have the DVT injections but only for 7 days post op but did have to either self inject or arrange for a friend to do them. However they don’t have to be done to the tummy, it can be to a fleshy part of the body either tummy, upper arm or thighs. My nurse advised against the tummy as the injections sting and will bruise. When she tought me how to do them she also suggested pinching the skin and then injecting into the pinched up area between your fingers as it takes some of the sting away. This is definitely the case as I found they hurt less and didn’t bruise as much.
    Good luck

  147. I had laparascopic hysterectomy on the 8 November 2012 and I am recovering nicely. However, I do find that I have bad pains down my sides when I wake up in the morning, and the only way to ease the pain is by taking paracetamol. Is this normal following this type of surgery and for how long will this continue. I am due back in work week commencing 7 Jan 2013.

  148. Hi sisters. It is so nice to read your stories and helpful tips. I had the surgery laparoscopically 4 weeks ago. My surgeon told me I can go back to work 7 to 10 days after the operation. So I started working after 10 days. It was a big struggle for me to work and I should have read your postings before the surgery. Now I am back to resting at home for a week but have to go back to work after the new year. I am generally ok now but have streching pain and back pain. Should I stay home longer? Will I be able to work full time after 6 weeks?

  149. Gosh, I haven’t heard about the injections for DVT prevention before so thanks for alerting us to your experience. Good luck with the appointment today and the walking will help enormously when you can get out. Merry Christmas too πŸ™‚

  150. The gas is normal and can take several weeks to dissipate – try drinking peppermint tea and rubbing your belly in a clockwise direction – it does help. The lower back pain could be due to poor posture – if you are hunching to protect your stomach you’ll be putting a strain on your back, the bloating could be due to the gas. It would be worth talking with your GP.

  151. Hi Louiza. After three months I’d have thought that you wouldn’t have any pain – it might be worth seeing your GP again to ask for an examination. Some discomfort might be expected, but pain should have gone by now.

  152. its me again ,,,,i was wondering is it ok to travel 3 month after hysterectomy ,,, I am 6 weeks post abdominal hysterectomy and am wondering if I will ever get back to normal. pain ,discomfort bowel problems are making me think that i am never going to be normal

  153. Hello everyone ,,,,as i see i am not alone ,,,,
    6 weeks ago i had a hysterectomy ,,,,i still have a pain in my left side ,have a lower back pain , bloating, irregular bowel movement ,discomfort, legs hurts, i feel like i am full of gas and feel blocked ..i have a bad feeling like something is wrong with me after surgery ,i don’t know what to do ,my abdomen is big like i am pregnant ,is this normal ? please help me ,how long is the hysterectomy recovery and this symptoms are normal ? thank you

  154. Hi I had a total hysterectomy 2 weeks ago today. My Consultant has been brilliant , he did say that he was cursing himself during my op as he did the incision in my bikini line and my womb was so big he struggled to get it out. I have a very neat scar which had 20 staples in it which so far has healed well, I have as many other ladies on this site struggled with wind and the pain it creates, I try to stand and move around to ease the pain. Aftercare has been very sketchy to say the least, I have TED’s on and I have been told to keep them on for 2 weeks up to 6 weeks by healthcare professionals. The worst aspect for me is injecting myself in the tummy for 2 weeks to prevent DVT no one Told me about that…. I was given a box of pre filled syringes and told to inject my tummy each night ! I do get stabbing pains in my scar and last Saturday I felt a ‘twang’ in side the left side of my scar which does cause some sharp pains , I’m going back to my Consultant on Dec 21st so I will mention it to him then. I am not outside walking yet it’s so frosty and cold I don’t want to tense up or slip on the icy pavements, I do feel as though I should be doing this by now though. Keep well ladies listen to your body it will tell you when you’ve done enough, Merry Christmas

  155. Yes, it is normal and it will get better – however jeans at 6 weeks is probably optimistic, try using baggier clothing for a few more weeks yet πŸ™‚ Do you have a looser dress and some boots perhaps that you can dress up with chunky jewellery?

  156. Hi there i had a full abdominal hysterectomy 6 weeks ago today and i feel huge my belly seems to be huge and im still in a little pain im 5 foot 8 and before i went i for my opp was 11 stone 1 now i feel like im about 100 stone is it normal to feel like this and what makes it worse it that when i wear my jeans they really hurt im only 35 and am hoping to join a few friends for a Christmas dinner next week but i really dont know what to wear
    kind regards
    Anna 35

  157. Hi,
    I just recently went through total abdominal hysterechtomy- Nov 28/12 to be exact. I have been experiencing a number of the symptoms many other the other ladies have experienced and now I need to take time to heal. The biggest thing I am struggling with emotionally is how much my body changed since the surgery. I understand that I will be swollen due to the procedure but, I have worked so very hard to be in the best shape of my life(I’m 48) , I’m so fearful that I will never return to that shape again. I look as if I’ve gained 20lbs. Will the body bounce back over time?

  158. Hello – it’s been so reassuring reading everyone’s experience so I thoiught I’d add my own.
    I’m 47 and had vaginal hysterectomy 5 weeks ago due to a large fybroid. I’ve had a fairly straightforward recovery but like many others, still feel alot of muscle pain, that dragging sensation is the main one plus stabbing pains sometimes. Did manage to twist muscles in my side one night so that didn’t help! I’ve also had a continuous slight discharge, some blood, bit of a metallic smell, yet had urine tested and that was fine.
    I was thinking about going back to work soon but really don’t think I’m ready – I’m a teacher which is quite stressful and involves alot of standing and bending. Of course I’m feeling guilty about not being at school but I expect they can cope without me till new year! Any advice about returning to work? Should I do a phased return?
    Well good luck everyone – after years of flooding hell this was the best thing to do, worth the lack of dignity and aching pains!

  159. Hi am 55 and had a full Ab Hysterectomy along with ovaries and cyst removed. I had further complications with going septic and having a collection of fluid under the wound which burst through my stitches leaving a gap that is 3cms deep and an inch long which is being “packed” every day by the district nurse. This packing has been going on for two weeks now and I must say it seems to be taking forever to improve. I am told it needs to be packed to keep the wound open so that any fluid underneath can collect onto the strip . The last two days I can really feel the stabbing sensation when they insert the packing , is there any reason for this all of a sudden being tender ? They have taken a swab today to test for infection. Now at week 10 I am wondering when I will start to get my life back again as normal.

    Also why don’t they warn us about swelly belly ? it seems the most common complaint after a hysterectomy ? Does swelly belly happen because you have done too much ? and does there come a point when you can think of trying to hide it with support of a pantie girdle ?

  160. Hi yes i went to the doctors and i did have an infection its been 4 and a half months now and im still sorer than ever below the scar they are saying it cud be a water bubble and i may have to go in for more surgery to burst it . if i new then wot i no now i wud never have had it done.

  161. Hi, I’m having a total abdominal hysterectomy on the 3rd dec 2012. Ovaries are being left behind so I go through the menopause naturally. I am very scared about the OP & about how I’m going to feel afterwards. But reading this site has helped me alot ! best wishes to all who are going to have an Op and those that are recovery. Hope you all get back to normal asap, but listen to your body ! Take it easy ladies πŸ™‚ xx

  162. That sounds like you are planning to take the right steps Bunty and I do hope that you do take a decent break – 13 week is the average return to work for those not doing physical jobs, and given your health history I’d have thought much longer again πŸ™‚

  163. I,m very soon to be told the extent of my surgery. I have also recent been diagnosed with left sided heart failure and suffer with psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia. I take a multitude of toxic meds which have probably contributed to the heart problems. I also have a very stressful job as a full time community nurse in the field of addictions. It will be interesting to see how long from 5th Dec when I see my surgeon to determine when the op will be. Managing double incontinence whilst working is difficult but I seem to manage. Thank you for all your comments as this has been so helpful. It seems like I will be needing a decent break which will give me time to prepare and I am sure I will be sorely missed due to the large area I cover. However, needs must and I will look after myself and let my children know that Grandma is going to be out of bounds for a while with any sitting. Not that they have put pressure on me tho’, as they know how tired I can be at the best of times. I will keep you all up to date with my progress. Currently, I am seeing the senior physio who tells me after 4 10lb plus babies that my pelvic floor isn’t too bad, so we shall see. She is seeing me every month for now which is reassuring.

  164. Hi Kathleen I am on week three of total hysterectomy I too had pain on left side knocking me sick and ringing with sweat I went the doctors and turned out I have got a water infection so have been put on seven day course of tabs also bought some soluble parecetomol gets in system quicker hope this helps take a urine sample docs and have him test it .

  165. Dear Linda, I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy on 8 Nov 2012, as I had two fibroids that needed to be removed and also I had in the past abnormal smear cells removed.
    I am still experiencing difficulty in passing urine and there is not a nice smell from my urine. I have just started passing blood, not a lot, but enough to be noticed when I go to the toilet. Aches and pains down my back and sides. Is this normal following my recent surgery?

  166. Hi Carly. Women that have endometriosis are advised not to take HRT for up to 12 months after a hysterectomy because the oestrogen it contains can trigger a regrowth with all the problems you had before. Your swelling will go down, but it takes months not weeks to do so, as for feeling tired you can expect this to go on for several months, but again it will get better. The things to avoid are stretching, bending and lifting so pegging out washing is probably not recommended πŸ™‚

  167. Given that you can only just start to stand up on your own after 18 days, and we’d be expecting women to be walking a good distance outside the home by this time, I don’t think you sound like you’ll be able to go back to work. It might be worth asking if you can go back part time to start with and see how you get on.

  168. good day, my ovaries, tube and uterus were removed 18 days ago, i am 31 yrs. old and single. During the 1st few days i really find it hard to move because of the pain caused by operation. Aside from that i was constipated but i was told to eat foods rich in fiber, drink lots of water , more fruits and vegetables, it helps a lot. Ever since my OB-Gyne told me about the operation and that i’m diagnosed of endometrial cancer stage 1 grade 2 i felt so low, depressed and disappointed. But after the operation,she told me that i should not worry a lot because it’s good that it was detected early and cancer cells doesn’t spread yet. As the days passed by, i have observed that my movement i mean the routine at home is improving, like before i find it hard to get up when i sit or when i lie down, if not because of the help of my mother i wouldn’t be able to get up.But now, I’m on my 18days post op, i can stand up on my own. But i don’t do streinuous activities yet,i don’t lift heavy objects either. I had my check up the other day with my OB and i ask her if i can go back to work on Dec. 1st, 35days after the operation to be exact, i am working as a nurse by the way, she told me that i can. Though i’m still worried coz as what i have seen in the internet most of the advices to recover after the operation is 6 to 8 weeks, but i think my doctor knows that my recovery is fast that’s why i was told to go back to work early. I am really bored to death at home doing nothing that’s why i really wanted to go back to work, good thing she gives permission that i can after 5weeks of operation. What advice can you give me regarding about my going back to work early? Thank you.

  169. I would like to say how helpful this site has been. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy 6 days ago and have been struggling to find out the do’s and don’t s and what to expect. As long as I sit still, upright with straight back or lying flat I seem to be okay and in very little pain. Though I get tugging pains if I do too much. Am at present trying to complete an assignment due in on Thursday.

    I received very little advise on leaving hospital and what I did receive was conflicting. Reading every ones different stories has been so helpful – thank you.

    I will rest as much as possible and take things easy. fingers crossed the recovery is not to long. Unfortunately we had already booked a ski trip in February before we knew about the surgery. So may have to go and watch the others ski.


  171. Hi. I had an abdominal hysterectomy 5 weeks ago to remove uterus, cervix, ovaries and tubes. I was out of hospital less then 48 hours later (too soon in my opinion). A week later I was rushed back in just for one day as I had a collection near my bladder, so was prescribed antibiotics. I suffered from agonising pain and discomfort in my bladder and it it is still painful when I pass urine. I have always suffered from constipation but it is much worse since my op, so will have to take Movicol for the rest of my life. I find that Movicol makes me very bloated and gassy, anyone know of an alternative to Movicol? I have been on HRT patches since leaving hospital, strength 50, how will I know if this is the correct dose? I believe that the HRT is giving me constant headaches, but know that I really must take it. I am on Evorel 50, does anyone know of a better HRT patch with less side effects and which doesn’t cause headaches?

    My abdomen is still very swollen and my stomach seems to have “dropped”, my body looks awful. Will this be permanent? I had a caesarean 16 years ago, followed by an emergncy laparotomy 5 years ago, so am very fearful that my abdomen will never return to normal, is this correct?

    Also, I read oon this site that women with endometriosis should not take HRT, but I am, is this true?

    I am worrying that I should be feeling much better than I am, I am not sleeping much, get tired very easily and cannot stand up for more than a few minutes before I get a lot of pain. I am not even able to put my make up on (and I look gross without it!) as standing to do it causes me a lot of pain and discomfort and I have to lie down afterwards.

    I told work that I would be off for three months, but I really feel now that it will take a lot longer than this and so worry about my job. (And I am not a mardy person).

    I was going to attempt driving next week (6 weeks) but am worried now that I won’t be able to due to pain and discomfort.

    I try to go for a daily walk, but some days I am just not up to it.

    I am finding it so frustrating that I cannot do much, e.g. housework, cooking (due to standing) and my own grocery shopping. Am I allowed to do the washing? Can I peg washing out?

    Sorry to be such a pain.

    I do hope that someone answers me.


  172. I had an abdominal hysterectomy 8 days ago. Surgeon found extensive endometriosis and an endometrioma. Bled some in the hospital, when I came home I had a pinkish discharge, ever so slightly. From day 5 until the present, I am having a pink – bright red discharge/light bleeding. Is this normal? I got scared and went to ER, I had a pelvic exam and it seemed normal according to the doctor, and my blood counts were coming up from the surgery. He consulted the surgeon who said this was normal. i just don’t understand why I am bleeding and why the color is pink to bright red.

  173. Hi Lucy,

    I had a laprascopic total hyster plus oophorectomy 5 weeks ago today. I feel so fortunate that I too was working within a week (self employed), but limited to an hour or so a day until week 4 when tax forms had to be completed. I feel incredible for the first time since being a teenager (now 48) and I’m making up for lost time!

    My surgeon was insistent that I should get back to normal as soon as possible and avoid lying around in bed or sitting around in front of the telly! The only thing he said to avoid was gardening. It flew in the face of what the physio, the nurses and pretty much everyone else around me were telling me to do and it was tough being in the middle of it, but I gradually realised that all I needed to do was to listen to my body.

    It was 2 weeks before I stopped the pain meds, but any twinges or discomfort would send me somewhere to practice breathing and listen to my “pain free” app which helped me to relax. I rarely need to have a nap in the afternoon, which is wonderful as I have napped since my mid-twenties.

    I appreciate that some are here to read about other people’s experience of post-op pain, but if there are people reading this to see how much pain to expect in the future I just want to reiterate that everyone’s experience is different. I feel fortunate to have had a very experienced keyhole surgeon and to have had the support needed post-op (including my own), but sometimes the luck of the draw is involved.

    I use a technique called Tellington TTouch which ensured that my body was where it needed to be – simple belly lifts relieved an enormous amount of discomfort when it felt like everything was scrunched up after the op, particularly if I’d been sitting for any length of time. I have no idea how I would have fared without them. Tiny 1 1/4 circles over the incisions ensured that they were only slightly tender for a short time and the scarring is minimal.

    Wishing you all a happy healing.

  174. Hi Patsy, everyone heals at different rates and the shooting pains you feel could be nerves reconnecting after the surgery – this can happen months afterwards as well. You may not have noticed the stitches dissolving, but some women do and some women bleed. For most women, major surgery like this can take several months to heal from physically, but you may find you are tired for 12/24 months afterwards.

  175. hi,i had a radical hysterecomy 12 wks ago im 39, i had cervical cancer,i stil have my overarys and flopinon tubes,they said i would have lost of blood like a period and i should expect traces off the stiches too and i havnt,is that normal?. also i still have shooting pains,cant be on my feet to long,my tummy is still tender ,when reading other post i see quite clearly it takes alot then six wks to recover,i spoke to a lady who had one two yrs ago and still says she has to take it easy and take a rest why gardening long does it really take to heal ? ty x

  176. Nope back in hospital infected very badly , body washed out, right ovary and cyst gone and appendix than got another abcess and now have drain tube. I’m not going to be back to work for awhile yet now.
    Been in hospital since 1st hopefully discharged in day or so, 2 wks enough for me !
    When released will need home care for drain plus possibly I.V antibiotics

  177. Saw a comment on another obscure website that recommended buying 7Up or Ginger Ale and letting it go completely flat and then drinking it for soaking up the gas after the LAVH/LAH. As well as doing the walking it seemed to help. Maybe it is something to do with the mix soaking up the gas to make it go fizzy in the first place.

  178. I’d have thought you’d have been off painkillers by now Jane. Hopefully you are. The exercise will depend on what you want to do and it would be worth talking with the gym or class teachers about their recommendations. Walking is brilliant and it sounds like you are doing well in that regard.

  179. We overeat for all sorts of reasons Nicole and after a hysterectomy it will be a combination of boredom, lack of exercise (usual routine) and hormone swings. The trick with everything is to eat healthily and properly, your body will thank you for it later on and you’ll avoid adding weight. It is normal to be tired and this will continue for some months to come, but it does get better by degrees every day and in a few months time, you’ll be wondering what you were worried about πŸ™‚

  180. Pain on peeing is often a sign of a minor UTI infection which is very common post hysterectomy, it might be worth getting that checked out. As for the bloating and wind, that will go in time. You could try Peppermint tea regularly and also rubbing your abdomen gently in a clockwise direction and rocking back and forwards on the loo. Drinking a couple of litres of water a day will help to soften everything up and plenty of fibre rich foods should help. Finally, walking several times a day and increasing the distance by a few yards each day should have you sorted out in no time.

  181. I am 6 weeks post TAH conserving ovaries this friday. I had complications after surgery resulting in further surgery the following day for internal bleed. At 3 weeks post op I was re-admitted to hospital with severe constipation. I am now 9 days since having my BO. I feel exhausted, bloated, wracked with wind pain and very low. I can’t see an end in sight. I am struggling to sleep at night. I am taking lactulose morning and night and eating well and mobilizing. I have read through the other ladies experiences and wonder if anyone out there has struggled with their bowels, and have any advice. Also find it very painful to pee. I feel if these things cleared up I could start to feel much better :/

  182. Hi,
    I’m 4 weeks post surgery, I have had a stomach Hystrorectomy, Da Vince Robotic.My condition was described as a ” Bulky Uterus” 4x a regular uterus, Fibriods and Cysts,,,,,,,,,Apparently my ovaries were perfect so left in.All else was removed.It turns out my 2.5 hour procedure became 5.5 hours due to a perforation of the bladder.3 fibriods the size of grapefruit were removed along with numerous small fibriods and another cyst.From the moment of waking, I was given the feeling it’s time to leave the hospital.Even in recovery when my body temp dropped drastically, I could hear the staff discussing how they were late for social engagements etc.I saw my arms and legs flailing around my body.It was terrifying to me as this had happened 7 weeks before in recovery with the laproscophy surgery.I had explained to the Surgeon what had transpired previously,he simply gave me a look ” oh really” like I wasn’t meant to remember such things.Any way I left hospital with a catheter attached for 12 days.
    I’m all over the page re my recovery.I’m on my own and struggle with what my body has been thru,mentally physically etc.Each day I try to do small walks,just to the cafe for a coffee.I can’t believe how physically tired I am.
    Before surgery I was a 5 day a week gym person,this included Boot camp 3 x a week.I’m desperate to get back to training as I feel the isolation is impeding my recovery! However I get lots of pain twinges and discmfort, my upper stomach at itmes feels like its burning??? I just want this chapter behind me.Uponreading this site I see a lot of people talk of weight gain after surgery?? I do realise at the moment I’m inclined to over eat,but put that down to the emotional issues?
    Any advice would be gratefully accepted

    I'm 54 !!!

  183. Hi day 12 after total abdominal hysterectomy. Day 3 into recovery got a really bad cold that has knocked me off my feet. Have got a lot of pain think this must be from all the coughing and sneezing also started to bleed. Hospital just said rest I am so tired all the time and look like a ghost. I know it’s early days but its becoming so frustrating think its only just hit me how big this operation is. Already worrying about return to work. Any one got any tips to help me????

  184. Hi
    I am coming up to 11 weeks post op having had open surgery on 5 July. I had my uterus and both ovaries removed on the advice of my surgeon. I had what can only be described as a giant fibroid (30 weeks) removed that had been causing pain and was cutting off its own blood supply.
    I have been making good progress but still on pain killers most days. I walk the dog every day but other that I can’t do much and avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise.
    The hospital told me nothing about how long my recovery would take but last week a physiotherapist told me to expect about 18 months!
    Can anyone tell me for how much longer I might be able to come off painkillers and start some exercise again?

  185. Hi there. I had an abdominal hysterectomy on 07/08/2012,my uterus fell back and i had cists on my uterus. i do the dishes,iron 2 items,make dinner and pick up small stuff. What I want to know is why oh why does my back hurt liike hell? When I sit when i walk it just hurts. When im lying down or sitting,getting up feels like everyting wants to fall out!!!! When will i be able to walk up right? People say im pathetic for not doing more and still being sore. I am only 37 and weighed 60kg when i went in for op. Now i weigh 53kg. Does weight have anything to do with it? If i am not allowed to drive,can i atleast drive in a car. This site has made me feel less lonely. Thanks

  186. Hi i had my hysterectomy on the 13th august, have had strange feelings like butterflys when i breathe, ive also managed to have 2 infections yet i shower every single day, and i use special anti bacterial soap wash, at the moment im sore from the belly button down, and also on the right hand side just around end of incision ( which got infected first ) i drink quite a bit of water a day and ive been walking quite a bit also. so why do i still feel like theres another infection going on still .

  187. Hi, I had a lapriscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy and repair on the 7th August 2012. This is my sixth week, text book ( from what I have read on the net) a great success until last couple of days, tiredness started when I was feeling like going back to work. I visited my GP for a sick note, he gave me one for two weeks and to return with shorter hours after the two weeks.I feel very tired and my back is aching, I am very worried my prolapse has returned as I feel it has.I am very tearful today as I feel the repair may have failed. I feel my body is telling me to rest and I am. I have started HRT straight after the operation only a few night sweats. Please can you reassure me it is my body requesting rest and the prolapse should be ok? I do feel the after care has been no so good. As the nurse at my pre – check advised minimum 8 week off sick, hospital only gave cert for 4 weeks and I feel my GP feels it should only be six weeks.

  188. Hi all
    I am 8 wks after having ovaries removed, had hysterectomy 12 years ago, have taken things quite slow and everything seemed ok but now getting quite sharp stinging pains in lower abdomen and around scar is this normal???

  189. Hello Linda
    I’ve just stumbled across the site and have found it so interesting to read about others who are just like me!
    I’m 38 years old and have suffered in silence for many years with endometriois but could take no more and contacted my GP approx 2 years ago. I’ve been back and forward to see specialists since then and on 9th July 2012 the consultant finally agreed to my request for a hysterectomy. Previously the consultants I have seen said I was too young for a hysterectomy and the fact that i’ve never been able to conceive naturally was a factor too! I was actually told that if I’d been 40 years of age and had children then I would have had the op 12 months ago. I was even told to try yet another cycle of IVF and go back when I was 45!! But I couldnt take anymore of the pain and bleeding so stood my ground and asked for a 2nd opinion. Anyways I persisted and I’ve been given a date of 15th October at 10.00am and to be honest i can’t actually wait to get the procedure done.
    My only problem is I am due to fly out to Melbourne (on my postponed honeymoon) exactly 6 weeks and 5 days after the surgery! I’ve been able to obtain adequate travel insurance, declaring that I will be having this major operation – but I’m starting to worry that I won’t be well enough to travel. Any advice would be appreciated x

  190. Hi,
    I had a partial hysterectomy, took out Uterus and got rid of hematoma cycsts on Ovaries on August 23,2012, it is now September 15,2012 (3 was ago).
    I will admit to doing a little too much the first week and than listening about 85% the rest of the time. I am a very active person usually and a P.S.W. by trade so it’s frustrating doing nothing, but, I’m trying to be good.
    It has been little over 3 weeks now and my abdomen is still quite touchy. I am not sure but icould also have a bug causing diarrhea and vomiting or something is wrong.
    Around my incision is quite numb which i believe is normal but my tummy above is quite sensitive to touch , even underwear bothers me sometimes.
    I also feel pressure or very uncomfortable after walking sometimes.
    I have pain at times before passing gas or bowel movement.
    I’m am going to call my doc office on Monday to see if any of this is normal or not.
    I was told that I might have a possible infection and was wondering if anyone has had these symptoms or similar.
    I guess I’m little scared is all.
    Supposed to go back to work at end of October.
    Thanks ahead of time for feedback.

  191. Three weeks is still very early Tracy and yes, you will get better faster than you will imagine but it does take time. Discharge is probably from the internal stitches but if it becomes fresh or smelly then a visit to the doctor would be advised and wind can take several weeks to disappear and I’d recommend plenty of peppermint tea. πŸ™‚

  192. Hi I am 3 weeks post abdominal hysterectomy and am wondering if I will ever get back to normal. Although I am pottering around indoors ok, I am finding the smallest of tasks difficult. I hold my tummy all the time I have a very heavy feeling in that area. My tummy is so tender to touch. The last couple of days I have had a brownish discharge which I didn’t have before. I still have wind in my tummy which is also very painful at times. Also very sleepy during the day, I guess it’s early days and reading other comments it varies.

  193. Am now coming up to week 8 due to see consultant on Monday to discuss HRT boy these hot flashes in night are not so nice, also have a funny bubbling sensation in vagina have tried sexual intercourse but it stings a bit,still slightly sore on LH side as the day has come to an end ,and still tired am walking properly etc and doing light household chores standing for no more than 20 mins to half hour with the ironing. Is this all normal?

  194. Hi Kelly, I’d say the answer the last question is NO … that would probably be very unwise that soon after surgery πŸ™‚ Thanks for the tip re stool softeners though, that could be really helpful for others. πŸ™‚

  195. I’m so glad that you didn’t suffer in silence and took yourself off to the doctors. HRT will help with the menopausal symptoms, whether estradiol is the right one for you, only time will tell. It’s quite common to have to try several brands over several months before hitting on the perfect brand, dose and method of delivery for you. So, if you give it a couple of months and it doesn’t seem to be working, head back to the doctor for another chat and ask to try a different brand, dose or type – you will find the right one eventually.

  196. Hi, Linda! Checking in again! Well , I went to my surgeon. He did say by now because I am in my ninth week of LABSOHYSTERECTOMY That walking fast at this point is ok. However, I did discuss the constant joint aching. He has prescribed Estradiol by pill form, 1 mg a day. The hot flashes were so very bad and as I mentioned such sore and aching muscles.

    Well , my question for you is: do you think this will get me feeling less sore and relieve those hot flashes? It’s always nice to come here and get another women’s perspective like yours!

    Thanks again for all your help as I probably would’ve suffered in silence and not gone into the drs.

    I look forwarded to hearing back.

    : )

  197. Thank you for this blog and website. I am at two weeks post op for a partial vaginal hysterectomy and bladder repair/sling, and wall repair. I have irritable bowel syndrome normally and have to regulate diarrhea and constipation. I want to share my experience. The day after surgery I began stool softner, but that was all. I was worried about eating and setting off on my usual pattern of bowel problems. Four days later I still had little appetite, was drinking plenty of water, but had not had a BM. After talking to the nurse, telling her I used fleets enema, and had just taken milk of magnesia, she said by that night I should have one. I had two tablespoons of MOM that morning and two more that night, as nurse suggested. That worked but put me into a tailspin of cramps and pushing and a very painful existing hemmoroid, that scared me so bad thinking I had wrecked everything I just had fixed. Nevertheless, MOM was the trick. I suggest if you are like me take ONE tblsp of MOM
    Twice a day starting on day two or three. It takes almost 8-10 hours for it to work and you don’t want to be bottled up by then. Eating enough is just as important for energy as it is for your bowels to perform well. I now take two softners in am and two in pm, as well as one tblsp -one and a half tbspn of MOM am and pm. It has kept my bowl moving nicely with no pain, but I need to stay near bathrooms after I eat. I have a lot of bloating and pressure after a meals and sometimes back pain the first ten days- grazing works best. I even have to pee a lot. Anyway, I was really scared about that whole thing even more than the hysterectom itself. On this regiment I am doing fine and will continue for 6 weeks. I have one question for ladies in ok shape at age 47 who have had my procedure, did you do any skiing four months after if your energy came back by then and how did you do?

  198. It’s normal to feel tired at this stage and it would be great if you could be walking quite a lot by now too – perhaps out in the local area for a few minutes a day would help enormously. You’ll feel tired for some time to come yet and a holiday will help.

  199. I am 5 weeks post total abdominal hysterectomy tomorrow. The first two weeks were really hard work and painful. I began to feel better at week four and have started to hoover, dust, peg out the washing and iron. However today i have been in a lot of discomfort and have swollen up above my scar. Is this normal? Is it ok to be doing housework now or am i overdoing it? I am really unsure what i can and cannot be doing at this stage.

  200. I am 51 next month and had total Hysterectomy on 20th July coming up to week 6 had numerous small fibroids and a large cyst on LH ovary which apparently had been taken over by a fibroid, all results are clear thankfully, since having the op after a few days started with the hot flashes and feeling clammy (sweaty) but not too much, had an infection in the wound on week 2, so antibiotics administered I go back to see consultant on 17 Sept for check up and discuss HRT, I am moving about now I wake up in the morning feeling not too sore but as the day gets on feel tired and sore, how long is the recovery period ? I am going on holiday at Christmas and want to be well, nobody gives you post op advise on what to do and what not to do

  201. I had exactly the same symptoms about 2-3 weeks after my total abdominal hysterectomy also on the left side. I went to see my G.P. and he said i had strained the muscle around the site of the wound and gave me more pain killers and some diclophenac. He told me to rest more i was trying to do too much too soon. After 2-3 days of following his instructions the pains eased up and stopped πŸ™‚

  202. Hia everyone,
    I am now 3 weeks and 2 days post op for full abdominal hysterectomy, with everything being taken! I have to say I have been pretty low, with the same feelings the majority of you have. The best advice I can give is JUST REST, it is hard if you are a busy working mum, as I am but the struggle for sleep at night and uncomfortable feeling through the day enables you to sleep when you want and shift around until you find the correct position. For the hot flushes, my daughter bought me hand held battery fan, this has been a godsend, I have a ceiling fan on through the night, this helps enormously and is not noisy. I have a fantastic supportive family so it is easier for me, although frustrating as I like to clean etc! I have begun to wipe around just waist height, I have washed up and dried up but I do not stretch or lift yet, if I feel the slightest pull, I just do not do it. I took on board the advice from this site and I am now on antibiotics as a slight infection has begun where the wound has not full healed. Listen to your body, afterall this time of inconvenience will recompence you in the future, do too much and the problems will be tenfold. Take care.

  203. Hi, I had a hysterectomy at the age of 32 for that same reason. was given HRT immediately after the hysterectomy and my endometriosis came back. I was told to stop taking the HRT for 12 months, which I did and then I started again – I’ve been taking it ever since without any problem at all. Whilst I couldn’t take it, I used alternatives to help me through the menopausal symptoms. You can find out more with a book called The New Natural Alternatives to HRT by Marilyn Glenville.

  204. Yes, that’s perfectly normal and it will go down in time. Think of it like a swollen ankle, the more you use it during the day the more swollen it gets, however it goes down at night and the next day increases in size just a little less.

  205. Your ovaries will continue to work, but they could fail within five years of the surgery (this happens to 50% of women who have a hysterectomy that conserves the ovaries). By fail, I mean go into the menopause and after menopause you will continue to produce small amounts of oestrogen. But the cysts could be a good enough reason to remove the ovaries as clearly that means at least one isn’t healthy.

  206. Mmmm, you could be doing too much Laur – try slowing down or not walking so far for a while and see what happens the alternative would be that they are symptoms of the menopause rearing their head too and it might be worth chatting with your doctor about it.

  207. Hi Marie, I’m not sure I can offer advice on this as we’re based in the UK so don’t really get invovled with medical insurance and claims. Can you get sick pay from your employer?

  208. Hello
    I had my operation on the 15th of August however prior to this I went into complete meltdown 5 weeks before the operation (date I was informed of the hysterectomy). GP prescribed anxiety medication which I struggled to come to terms with but did start. Ive kept my ovaries but have a large wound across my tummy. Since returning home I have been taking the pain killers and completely rested. I have spent a lot of time chilling in bed, visiting this site and reading. I feel really lazy and plan on getting my energy boost very soon. Im usually a very busy and positive person but feel like I’ve lost myself at this moment in time. Has anyone else felt like this and does the old you come back ??? Thanks Sharon

  209. I had lapriscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy on July 18,2012. Was released from the hospital the same day and felt okay. At 3 week post-op appointment was told I had a uti ans treated with antibiotics. Still having issues associated with the uti and called the doctor today, originally told I would be given 6 weeks to recover and doctor asked for 4 weeks for the claim through Metlife, they will lot gie me any additional time. They say no medical reason, I have a pretty laid back job but a job where I am on the phone with customers and not able to move around or run to the bathroom, definitely not ready to be returning to work. I am having anxiety and will not slerp well tonight. Any advice would be appreciated.

  210. Hello to everyone out there that’s had a hysterectomy,
    I am 53 yrs old. Had laparoscopic vaginal bilingual ooparectomy hysterectomy six weeks ago. The bleeding and pain were zero. Had neither; however, this past week ( for about six days) I’ve had very stiff joints, sore muscles and very bad achy feeling all over. I have no fever. Additionally, I walk very fast paced about 35 minutes a day. I’ve always done things fast paced, that’s just the nrm for me. However, this achy arthritis like feeling had got me stumped. ;.$&@//;:???? Any suggestions. πŸ™‚

  211. Hi, I will be having a total hysterectomy on Tuesday 29th august. i am 43 had period and fibroid for over 10 years πŸ™ during the past 6 month my period pain have become so so painful,had a blood test and now found out i have got ademynosis too and one of my fibroid is dying (degenerating and one ovarian cysts) ,so surgeon decided a total hysterectomy will stop the pain, I want to keep my ovaries because of the hormone,but he said that my left ovaries have cyst(not life threatening)so i will need my ovaries out or they will course pain,just wondering why can’t I keep my ovaries if they are still healthy? and my female doc said that when you have a hysterectomy your ovaries will not work properly after several months,is that right???? i am so confused and don’t want to go through early menopause and taking hrt(might get side effects) I already done the pre -op now waiting for the major op next Tuesday πŸ™

  212. I was diagnosed with a very large fibroid 18 months ago which had caused me so much blood loss I needed a blood transfusion of 3 units. I was then prescribed with different types of medications ( which later caused me stomach problems) and was put on the waiting list for an endometrial ablation. Throughout all this time I was also diagnosed with gall stones, an underactive thyroid & goiter and pendred syndrome so things were not so good and I was in pain every day with one thing or another. I underwent so many tests and was also fast tracked for bowel cancer tests which thankfully were clear. The time eventually came for my endometrial ablation and I thought it would solve everything especially my bowel problem as I thought it was the fibroid pressing down that was the problem. The ablation was one of the most painful things I ever had and my periods became longer and far more painful. I plodded on the best I could and was hospitalised a few times, once with severe constipation and again with bladder retention, I was sent home after being taught how to self catheterise which helped but was very uncomfortable and at times painful to do. I finally had a total laparoscopic vaginal hysterectomy 3 and half weeks ago. I now just have my left ovary and everything else has been taken away including tubes. I was so hopeful that I would feel so much better but I still have pressure and discomfort up my sides and in my ribs which I had before my op, I still can’t lie on my side to go to sleep and they still feel lumpy, has anybody else experienced this? My doctor said she was at a loss as to what it could be after doing kidney tests which all came back clear and she hoped that after my hysterectomy it may go but it’s still there and I’m worried it’s never going to go away.

  213. Hi, I’ve been reading everyone’s concerns with regards their hysterectomy operation. I can only say that 14 weeks post op, after having a subtotal abdominal hysterectomy, cervix and overies left, I feel so much better. I never experienced bleeding, bloating, too much pain, and come off the medication so that I could listen to my body. This are the reason why I feel that I had a successful recovery. I replaced caffeine drinks (tea, coffee etc) with herbal drinks (camomile, jasmine tea etc). Lots of nutritious soaps, lots of green veg, salads avocado, nuts and seeds, oils etc. and made sure that everything I was eating was packed with vitamins and minerals so that there was no wastage. I did experience hot flushes for a while and spoke to my surgeon, he said that that is what is to be expected as the hormones are experiencing a huge change and would soon rectify itself, which indeed it has. I suppose what I’m trying to say is listen to your body, don’t panic and allow it to heal when it is ready. If that means it takes longer to heal, so be it. But try to add in a little exercise and nutritious food as much as you can, you’ll be surprised! Don’t be afraid to speak to your GP, Surgeon etc. THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE THERE FOR! But most of all take care of yourselves and look at it as a great time to catch up on good books and great TV/Film dramas.

  214. Hi Emma,

    I had vaginal hysterectomy and rectal repair on 17 th July this year, went in feeling really positive and think that helped me. They let me out the next day which I was very surprised at, but I stayed with great friends for three weeks to make sure I did not do anything I should not have been doing. Then I went home. I did walking from day 2 although did overdo it on one walk thinking I was ok. (looking ok on the outside with nothing in plaster, makes you do things you should not be doing) . I then went home and my husband does seem to think sometimes maybe she should be doing this or that, and that is when the pulling and dragging started. I have now told him that I have to take it easy if I want to recovery properly so I have to walk away from things. I am 54 and wished I had had this done years ago. Just be positive and you will be fine.

  215. I had a total Abdominal Hysterectomy 4 weeks ago i am still in alot of pain & very tired but the worse thing is my swollen tummy its huge & gets bigger as the day goes on is this normal as i have had no after care advice at all .

  216. Thank you so much,i am going in for a full hysterectomy tomorrow and am dreading the recovery. I have chronic endometriosis and have been told i cant have any HRT for at least 3 months. Has anyone had any experience of a Hysterectomy for Endometriosis ? And if so,what sort of HRT was on offer ?
    I have so many questions and am finding it hard to locate the right place on the internet to get answers that aren’t truly horrendous and negative !!

  217. Hi Ann, you aren’t bothering us at all and it’s a very important issue for you. The pains associated with the infection should go when the infection has been sorted out, if they haven’t gone then you need to revisit your GP.

  218. Those aren’t trivial questions Deb, they are perfectly valid questions. The oddest sensation is of having everything moving around inside when you move – it does pass in time. You shouldn’t have pain with bowel movements so try a drinking warm water and lemon juice or loads of peppermint tea too – the more water, the easier it gets. Your stomach will be sore around the scar area until it heals but if it’s red and looks tender there may be a slight infection and a visit to the GP would be advisable.

  219. I am 11 days post operation for full abdominal hysterectomy with large 10cm fibroid removal. Went better than I expected, just poor aftercare information, ie- should I be having pain when I need to empty my bowels? and should my tummy feel so sore to touch? also I feel my insides will fall out when I stand up and hold my tummy for support, all seem trivial I know but when I am in the unknown and worry. Great site, the best I have found.

  220. Ladies:
    I had a partial hysterectomy (fibroids, uterus and fallopain tubes) on July 26, 2012 via the da vinci robot. The procedure was on an out patient basis, so I went home the same day. The surgery took 3 hours. Once the meds wear off from the hospital, you could feel the pain and took pain meds. I took it slow had great helpers to assist me. I went back to work on August 6th, 2012 part time 6 hours a day and will be back full time on Monday. My Doctor did not restrict me at all after sugery, and I have no restrictions now. I do go back to the doctor at the end of this month, for another check up. Because I had the surgery via the da vinci robot, my recovery time is allot less than if you have the abdominal, vaginal, or laproscopic. However, internally, it is the same surgery. I am slow and careful. I am not at 100%, but improving every day. It is scary going to the doctor for one reason, and find out you have to have a partial hysterectomy. This was my first surgery and I have to say, if I have any others, I want the da vinci robot and a great doctor. Hope this helps. Good luck to all of you on your recovery.

  221. Hi I am at week 4 total hysterectomy had endrometrial cancer stage 1a grade3. Was ok until wedensday when started getting terrable pain above my wound and both sides of wound and when I need. A pee it hurts. Put on antibiotics just want to cry my tummy feels like its fell down I do have big tummy and it dosent help. When do these pains go away I feel scared I’ve done something but I know I haven’t been doing nothing more than walkind round the house.I am worried as I’ve to geg internal radium treatment in three weeks that my wound won’t have healed sorry to bother you but just scared

  222. It is unlikely they will leave the ovaries as they produce the oestrogen which stimulates the endometriosis.

  223. Hi, I am 31 years old with severe endometriosis. I am going in for a consult for a hysterectomy in a few weeks. I had my tubes tied at 21 as I had two kids and don’t want anymore. My question is, how likely is it that they will leave my ovaries and cervix? My husband and I have an amazing sex life that i would like to keep if possible, and heard that if you keep your ovaries and cervix, you can have a pretty normal sex life.

  224. Too much coffee can certainly make you feel nauseous but you are still recovering from surgery – it can take many momths to feel completely well again so don’t be too hard on yourself during this period. Even though you still have your ovaries your hormones will have been affected by the surgery, in addition you will experience a ‘low’ after any type of surgery as well – this is all perfectly normal and should sort itself out in time.

  225. Hi, I am 38, and I had my surgery on June 1st, my uterus and cervix were removed through an abdominal incision “bikini incision” as I had a large fibroid on my uterus (which caused extremely painful and heavy periods). I am now on week 7 of my recovery, and went back to work Tuesday of this week (my Dr. recommended 4-6 weeks off so I took off 6). Every night this week I have been exhausted and feeling alot of abdominal discomfort. My job is quite stress free, and I sit at a computer in an office on my own. I am feeling nausea every day, and abdominal discomfort. I have been drinking coffee which I havent done much of while I was off for 6 weeks, and wonder if that is possibly causing the abdominal discomfort, or if its from sitting up all day at my desk and stressing my muscles? I was feeling fantastic after my surgery, up to week 3 when I started cramping and bleeding – went to my Dr. and discovered an internal infection, and she put me on 3 different meds for a week which cleared it all up. Afterwards I felt great! Couldn’t wait to get back to work, but this whole week the abdominal discomfort and persistant nausea is so uncomfortable. Is this normal? Is it because I am not resting enough perhaps? I have 2 kids, ages 5 and 2, and when I put them to bed at night, I am ready for mine! Also, I am noticing that I am very emotional? My Dr. said that I shouldnt be experiencing that since my ovaries were not removed, and suggested mood stabilizing meds which I have resisted completely. Needing the surgery was not upsetting to me at all, so dont think that could be the cause? Thanks so much, Lynda

  226. Has your GP added you to the choose and book system or are you already under a specific surgeon? If the latter then there is probably not much you can do, if not then you could re-visit your GP and ask for a second opinion or access to the system.

  227. Hi I have been poorly seen mid June and ended up in hospital 30th June. My diagnosis is that a hysterectomy is needed. I am self employed and due to the pains and blood levels being low I have been resting for the last 4 weeks. I have had all the test , hysteroscopy and MRI. My stomach looks like I am 22 weeks pregnant and my quality of life or should I say activity has gone from 100% to 30%. My only issue now is getting a date for surgery as it is holiday season and key consultants are going on leave. How can I move things forward. My daugther is getting married in mid October and based on a number of the storys above my recovery time will be longer than 6 to 8 weeks. 1.So how do I move things forward, my body feels like its aready had surgery by my level of activity. 2. What can I be doing before surgery for a healthy recovery. 3. Is there a quick process to getting a surgery date for August. Much Love Marcia

  228. I had a radical hysterectomy at the beginning of March this year. I was absolutely dreading the procedure and the aftermath. I had a uterus full of fibroids, plus a large pendunculated fibroid that was torted and degenerating and ovarian cysts. The large fibroid literally came out of my vagina, so I ended up having the procedure as an emergency. I was amazed at how well I felt after surgery and how quick my recovery was. I, also, stopped taking narcotics due to sickness on the second day and was surprised that I didn’t need them. Anyone facing this surgery, don’t worry, you may find that like me, you will feel better than you have done in a long time. No more blood loss anemia, no more flooding etc.

  229. I had a lapascopic, hysterectomy last week and I am expected to go back to work next week but guys is it not too early for this and my worry is that the work I do is a heavy job and my doctor says I am fit to go back to work,is it healthy?

  230. i had a total hysterectomy 14 days ago and for the last week i have been bleeding.. i think i may have been over doing things.. i am just wondering how long this bleed will last… the reason behind the hysterectomy was because i had stage 1 endrometrical cancer and i was advised to have a total hysterectomy. i have contacted my personal cancer care nurse and she has said that some bleeding is normal but if it gets really heavy and bright red i should contact her or the doctors.. but as its only slight i am wondering whether i should go to the doctors but its seems to be getting heavier.. i thought once i had my ovaries, womb and cervix removed that would be it no more bleeds.. please advise me as i am getting worried..

  231. Your post sounds about 90% like my recent surgery on June 21st. I literally thank God daily for His blessings. I have some discomfort but overall I would have to say this wasn’t nearly as bad as I was envisioning. I want to do more but I don’t want any set backs so I am taking it easy. Walking a little each day.

  232. Hi I had total abdominal hysterectomy 3 weeks ago today. I was out of hospital on the Friday and have never felt any pain since the operation, only a slight burning sensation around my scar which has now gone. I researched all websites and read all posts and can only say everyone is different and recovers at different rates. I have been one of the lucky ones and can’t wait to be back driving again which I am going to try this weekend. My advice would be rest plenty and listen to your body!

  233. I had a partia hysterectomy 4 weeks today vaginal I am only 32 and have found this site so helpful. I am recovering well just get tired quick. I am looking forward to returning back to work but being a community carer I am not sure when I will be able to go back. Any advice would be appreciated.

  234. Hi, I had atotal abdominal hysterectomy nearly 7 weeks ago I,m 63 and reasonably fit and believe me I couldn’t have looked after my grandchildren if I had wanted to. I was amazed how tired I felt and even now I am still swollen and occassionally have painful twinges. Take my advice and learn from my mistake, do not do too much too soon your body will tell you when enough is enough.

  235. The discharge sounds normal, if it were smelly then you’d need to visit your GP for a checkup.

  236. It is easy to overdo things Teresa and the most common symptoms are extreme tiredness and pain, if you get these stop and if they don’t go away chat with your GP.

  237. The tiredness is normal Claire, the pain could be many things the vast majority are fine but it would be worth chatting with your GP about it.

  238. Good Day Everyone! My surgery was performed 2 weeks ago (June 19, 2012) I have been reading the posts researching “actual recovery” time as many here. It appears my surgery was a bit different as I had it done by the new robotic DiVinci method. My uterus and ovaries were removed due to large fibriods plus matters were complicated a bit due to my uterus being attached to my bladder with scar tissue from a c-section 20+ years ago. I was informed by my GYN that recovery time would be greatly reduced due to the new method. I do have concerns though about a “searing” sensation I have at times in my lower pelvic area, extremely painful gas pains I’ve never experienced before( they double me over) as well as extreme exhaution even after minimul activity. I return to my GYN in 3 days for a check up and of course will mention these symptoms. But has anyone had the DiVinci method and have real time experience with recovery or have any suggestions concerning this procedure.

  239. Great web site ! what comes across from all the comments is that the whole process requires lots of patience, with ourselves more than anyone else . I am 4 weeks post op (sub total inc ovaries removed) I did have a big heamathoma discoverd when I went back on day 8 to get my staples out, this resulted in being readmitted and taken to theatre to be sorted and re suchered, I had been in fairly severe pain for that first week but as alot of you ladies point out I had no idea what to expect so I thought, be quiet and carry on I am just being a wimp !
    I am happy to say I am feeling much better now, the wound is healed and I am walking 20-30 minutes a day and doing pelvic floor exercises (these were suggested in a leaflet from the hospital for as early as day 3 )BUT my advice is to do everything really slowly until you are happy you are not doing any damage to the deep tissue, if I have discomfort I stop and rest and try the next day more gently.
    Please remember all you lovely ladies recovery is not a race, take your time its worth it.
    best wishes from Bridget

  240. Hi, I’m having a vaginal hysterectomy and prolapse repair done in sept this year, does anyone know how long you are normally kept in hospital after surgery ? Thanks

  241. hi , i had a total hysterectomy 4 days ago, i was very dissapointed with the lack of information i was given before and after the surgery.
    espicially as i am only 34 and have not had a family.
    the op went ok , better than i expected to be honest, i get very tired quickly and have awful pain in my left side, its a sharp shooting pain and can floor me within seconds, is this normal ?

  242. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy two weeks ago today. My recovery has been really good however I am plagued by a tight stinging pain on the lower left side which comes on whenever I move which is going to hamper my plan for walking each day. Even standing in the shower is uncomfortable to say the least as the pain comes on as I try to stand up straight. There is nothing there to see so I am wondering if it is the nerve ends inside. Pain killers dont seem to be making any impact and the level of it is exactly the same each day although in myself I am getting stronger and not really tired. I would appreciate any idea of when this is likely to clear up or what else I can do to deal with it. The rightside of my tummy is fine.

  243. hi i am in to week 4 after having abdomial hysteromy and one of my ovaries removed,i have been feel fine but still have a white creamy discharge,how long is this excepted to last just a bit worried,and the odd pain in my belly anyone help plz

  244. Hi I’m at week 5 after having a total hysterectomy, ovaries removed for large uterine fibroid 14cms and ovarian cyst, cannot take HRT as risk of breast cancer, feeling very tired and although I’m pottering around the house, short walks, visit to shops etc, I am incredibly tired afterwards. Is this normal? I wonder whether this is normal post op or whether its the effects of menopause, loads of hot sweats but other than that doing ok, haven’t had any bleeding until today when I’ve had a very slight bleed and again wondered whether this was normal ?. Great to have somewhere to go to get feedback from others in similar situations. Thank you

  245. Hello,Age 48.Had a TAH May 25th 2012 for Adenomyosis now 2 and a half weeks postop.
    Hematoma postop with hemaglobin shooting to 65 norm for me is 120.
    Home now for 10 days.Still very sore and hard tummy..normal??
    Apparently hematoma still there when I left hosp.Will it resolve it’s self?
    Worried it won’t.
    Has anyone else gone through the same?
    Lots of hugs to get through the difficult times. Sallyx

  246. You are very welcome Rachel – it helps to be informed even if it can be frightening at first πŸ™‚

  247. I’m going to see a GP in july, was told that i have a fibroid on my uterus they say it’s 9cm or mm not sure which one was so nervous it’s pretty big beacsue my Doc told me that it feels like i’m pregnant and i pee alot, the fibrois is pushing on my uterus and i can feel it on my stomach, the wall of my vagina as prolapse and it feels like it is coming out of my vagina.. really nervous going in for the op never had an op before… thank you for all the info…

  248. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head already Liz – 13 weeks is the average time to return to work and perhaps it would have been better to phase the return. We always suggest that if your work is stressful and physically demanding that your recovery time is longer and I think your GP is right – you need more time to heal.

  249. I’m feeling similar to Audrey. I had my abdominal op 3 months ago and have had to take more time off work because I am still experiencing pain like dragging or period pains. Work is fairly hard and stressful: lecturer in a prison so there’s lots of walking and standing. GP says rest and do gentle stretching and swimming. I’m still hurting and bloaty and I’m disappointed because I was looking forward to my new life but now I feel as if I will be in pain for ever. Help love Liz

  250. So I was admitted 7.30am Thursday 24th May for my Total Hysterectomy. On being admitted I was given 3 Panadol tablets ( tylenol?) which made me sleepy. I was wheeled into theatre at 8.15am and given IV Midazolam and promptly went to sleep. Woke up around 1pm in the ward with an IV and PCA ( self adminstered pain relief pump) catheter and a drain and also on oxygen via nasal prongs
    That evening I remained sleepy drifting off to sleep then waking up again until around 10pm when I woke up hungry and thirsty as could be.
    Over night was uneventful. I think they were doing hourly observations – appeared whenever i woke up a nurse was checking something.
    Following morning I walked to the shower – pure bliss!. Even managed to wash and condition my shoulder length curly hair.
    Later in the day the catheter was removed – the lovely nurse left the PCA in until the catheter was out then that was also taken away
    Next day the drain went.
    And the day after I came home! :).
    Seriously I was dreading this op. Having been a nurse for more years than I care to recall I knew all to well what to expect but silly me had forgotten to take into consideration the leaps and bounds in medicine.
    Over all it wasnt anywhere as bad as I expected. Straight forward and organised. At no time was the pain unbearable or did I vomit. In fact the only time I feel sick was when I had lots of pain meds on the 2nd day. Once I said thanks but no thanks and stopped the narcotics I felt great – turns out I didnt need them anyway.
    My doctor called today. The histology came back showing fibroids and endometrioisis but no cancer thank God. Apparently I was a glued up mess. My ovaries were stuck to my uterus which housed a huge fibroid. I also had a huge fibroid sitting next to my uterus. Endometriosis was around my cervix and had glued it to my rectum. So the total hysty I was expecting wasnt done as to remove my cervix could have meant damaging my bowel. Instead the top end of my uterus was amputated from the cervix which got diathermy and sewn over. Apparently the cervix does contain some endometrium – lining of the uterus so its possible I could still get some bleeding hence the surgeon using diathermy.

    I feel great just tired but I’m sure its due to the hospital just being a busy place with bells ringing etc.

    Today is day 4 and I cannot believe I’ve had major surgery :).

    Will keep you posted

  251. Hi Jill

    I had my op 12 weeks ago and I have been back to work part time but it was a bit much as I get lots of stress and standing and carrying stuff. I went back to the doc and she said ‘It’s still early days…’ and signed me off for 2 more weeks, so be re-assured that you are probably doing fine and don’t push it, don’t force it… A work colleague said ‘It won’t get better by soldiering on.’ True. So don’t do it and rest up and try to do stuff you like without feeling too guilty or broke. So I am hanging in and having faith that I WILL get better, even better than before. It takes time and patience. This time might just change your life… for the better. All the best.

  252. I’m having a total abdominal hysterectomy along with my ovaries removed and also adhesions and endo removed by lazer on Thursday.
    I work from home doing accounts and plan on getting back into action within 2 weeks. My surgeon knows and has said its entirely up to me as long as I am not heavy lifting, walking miles or standing for extended periods. I can began and stop work when I want and there is no pressure on me so it should be ok
    After reading the other posts it will be interesting to see if I am trying to get back to normal too soon – will keep you posted.

  253. When you have a hysterectomy that conserves the ovaries you have a 50% chance of going through the menopause within five years of the surgery anyway – that five years could start immediately after the op or at 4 years and 9 months. Regardless of that you would go through the menopause two years earlier than normal anyway. If you can, it might be worth talking to your Mum about when she went through the menopause as that would give you a good indication of what your natural age would be and then deduct 2 years.

  254. I had a vaginal histrectomy & prolapse repair on the 12th of April . I will be 60yrs in Oct i can honestly say i have been fine i wish i would have had it done yrs ago. The only down side is to remember noy to lift anything heavy xx

  255. Hi all I had laproscopic hysterectomy,tubes and cervix had fibroids and benign cysts on my fallopian tubes, Im into my 6th week and am feeling a dragging sensation in the pelvis with brown discharge, surgeon put me on antibiotics had not examined me I aslo had a posterior repair doc keeps telling me that my body is taking longer to heal, Im also having sweats, panic attacks, waking up every 2 hrs and feeling depressed, I was told that if I kept mu ovaries I wouldnt go straight into menopause im 50 yrs old in 2 weeks πŸ™ help!

  256. The emotional impact does happen and it can be caused by lots of things not just your feelings about the op, but by your hormone levels, the post surgery blues and the recovery process itself. It will get better but it needs time πŸ™‚

  257. 9 weeks post total hysterectomy with complication arising from infected vaginal vault haematoma. Pathology investigation found rare form of sarcoma in myometrium but with no vascular invasion. Have been on low dose HRT but still have severe menopausal symptoms – flushing,burning sensation in stomach and chest with severe nausea and also chills. Crying all the time and feel if I have lost my mind and can’t see how I will ever be normal again and be able to get back to work. Help!

  258. Hi, I’m at week 10 following total abdominal hysterectomy,( ovaries, tubes, cervix removed too) plus endometrial ablation and bowel adhesions separated. Wound infection after first week, started HRT patches after a month when really needed them (age 43) This website and forum has been the best information resource I’ve found and women sharing real updates is an enormous help, support and at times a much needed morale boost! Feeling frustrated at times and putting myself under pressure feeling I should be doing better, it’s such a relief to hear other ladies progress. My measure has been ” can I do more, or do i feel better, than last week?” and it’s usually a yes, sometimes a big yes and often a small yes. I thought progress would speed up by now but I’m discovering for me it’s a v slow but steady plod forwards. Worried that others and work colleagues might think I’m stringing it out so v good to hear from others experiencing similar. Thank you.

  259. Hi Catherine,
    The advice I was given was that it would be better for me age 47 to leave my ovaries so I go through the menopause naturally. I had my cervix removed and was told no more smear tests are required, it is your choice but everyone I spoke to who had the surgery and advice from my GP (female) was to just leave the ovaries. I hope this helps!
    I myself has the surgery 12 weeks ago today and I still want to sleep all the time so I am hoping for major improvement soon as I am due back at work in 2 weeks.
    Good luck!

  260. Unfortunately that’s true when it comes to elective surgery Catherine .. not very helpful I know.

  261. i am now on waiting list for hysterectomy due to heavy bleeding and large fibroid xx should i have my healthy ovaries and cervix removed. Asked the consultant for advice , she just kept saying it was up to me xx

  262. I guess that depends on how long it takes to recover and the most common recovery time is around 10 – 13 weeks so I’d have thought not! Sorry!

  263. I am having a hysterectomy including cervix and ovaries on May 20th. Because of previous surgeries they are using an abdominal incision. Will I be able to ride my motorcycle this summer? How long can I expect my recovery to take?

  264. Hi, so I am at week six and I still have bad pain can’t go out for longer then one hour and my left side is more swollen then the right and I did n’t know that it would hurt high up in my abdomen I thought only my pelvic area was supposed to hurt . I feel like a mess all I want to do is normal every day things and I can’t I thought week six was the magical (back to your old self) week ?

  265. I know how you feel I am at week six and sometimes I feel like I just had it done. Nobody told me what to expect so I get scared every time I feel something new. e

  266. Hi Michelle, I am also recovering from a full abdominal hysterectomy, due to cyst on my ovaries which fortunately was benign. My operation was carried out on 29th December and I am now in my eigth week. I have felt that not enough is given to aftercare and what to expect afterwards, my specialist was very good, I had op on Thursday evening and came out on Saturday two days later. I just wish there was more information on things that might happen, I still have wind pain depending on what I eat, and I would like to hear from any others that this has happened to. I generally fine for days in myself and haven’t had much pain apart from when I take long walks, I get pulling and stinging sensations in my tummy. I have had odd days though when I felt like crying and feeling really down. My doctor was going to put me on some tablets but I have resisted them so far, something that has selatonin in them, which she says does really help. I just wish I could get more information as to what might happen weeks and months afterwards. All my doctor says it is a major operation and a great shock to the system. I would like to hear from anyone with some advice. Thanks a lot Audrey Stockley

  267. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for the information, your right on all counts as I went to see my GP last week who gave me some really good information and advice and explained that I really need to give myself time to heal. I have started to do very short walks and my friend holds the dog which is good. My mind wants to do more such as going out for a meal, but by the time I have got ready Im ready for another sleep!
    Reading other people’s comments its not just me thats got no energy.
    Thanks again

  268. i will be having a hysterectomy soon but i have had different answers on recovery , cause i work in a day centre and was wondering when i would be able to get back to work , cause i dont like being off work

  269. Hoping to go in for vaginal hysterectomy and repair next week – reasonably fit 63 year old doing 3 lots one hour of exercise a week and looking after grandchildren most days after school – any suggestions or help with what to expect and how to recover would be appreciated. Thank you. will I be up to continuing to look after the grandchildren?

  270. Hi Catherine, short walks are good but probably not with a dog, build up a little further each day (just a couple of feet or yards). Wait until you are fully healed before trying any sort of pelvic floor exercises but one you are then do them regularly. You can drive again when you are able to do an emergency stop otherwise you aren’t insured – this is normally at least 6 weeks post op. I’d say you can go on your tummy when you feel comfortable but I would have thought that could be a couple of months as for the massage you will need to ask the therapist and they will advise.

  271. Hi,
    I am 47 years old and had a Total Laparoscopic assisted Vaginal hysterectomy 11 days ago. I have only just started to try a research my expected recovery as all I want to do is sleep, and when I am awake if I am on my feet too much or even sitting at my desk I feel like my vagina is coming out.
    I have been trying to find out what exercise I should be doing as I keep reading that I should have been given some by the hospital on discharge but that’s another story. I was given a leaflet on having a laparoscopy and when I pointed out to the nurses that this was not relevant she stated they had no leaflets on the procedure I had undergone. I even asked if there was a website they could give me and there was not!
    Also I was getting conflicting information from different nurses on recovery time.
    Anyway does anyone know if I should be doing pelvic floor type exercise, and after two weeks can I do short walks with my dog? And when can I drive? (Not that I feel like it)!
    Also I have a long term back condition and wanted to know that when I am able to turn on my tummy could I have my usual back massage from my physio which can be quite intense?
    Thanks Mary

  272. Hi
    I had a full hysterectomy (+ovaries and cervix) removal of large fibroid 10lbish 8 months ago, many complications and suffered a stroke due to massive blood loss, after all of this released from hospital after 7 days and recovered from stroke, felt really well for first 3 months but now feel totally exhausted all of the time, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, weight gain the full works, sick and tired of it all. Have looked into progesterone cream as an alternative to HRT doctor will not prescribe because of the stroke. Has anyone any comments on the cream.
    I realise i need to exercise more but seems a vicious circle to tired lack of motivation etc etc, would appreciate views!!!

  273. Hi Jenny, thanks for those wise words. It is difficult at the time to think it will ever get better, but as you have shown …. it does πŸ™‚

  274. Hi
    It has been exactly 1 year since I had a total abdominal hysterectomy. I just wanted to say to all the women out there that have just had it or are thinking about it not to worry.
    Yes it was quite a traumatic experience at the time (for all sorts of reasons) but, I am now 99% recovered and have never felt so well for a long time. I now longer have daily pain, flooding periods, a feeling of continuous exhaustion etc.
    I only wish I had opted for it before. I was 40 when the symptons were getting worse but stuck with it for 3 years before I took the decision.
    So I hope I have given some of you some hope. It really has changed my life for the better.

    Good luck to you all


  275. Hello,
    I love to hear when people are doing great. I have had a slow go, but like everyone is different, also every doc and operation is too.
    Yes, I wish my case was easy, but I am recovering, I have the surgery behind me and all I can do is get better and better. My body told me what I could and couldn’t do and I listened, for the most part… was off pain killers day 3 due to a horrible headache & I was emotionally jumping around, but was still in recovering/healing pain, minus the headche, so bye pain killers…well, now I feel better and want to do more without causing any setbacks.
    I wish I could find a check list of sorts, information on line is all scattered. While it seemed my doctor would give me information (because when I asked, he said he would give me pelvic exercises and yes, I assumed he would tell me something besides just walk.) I went from feeling I was in his hands, to home and finding my guide to what to worry about were my own searches online to frantically see to what extent I may or may not die, because the pain can be so sudden, sharp and random. (Fear of making a silly phone call like the headache call to doc, over what just happens to most. Thank you internet.)
    Am at 5 weeks with no clear view what i can/cannot or should be aiming at doing.
    I would have not chosen another doctor. I would recommend him to anyone.
    He worked through 3 hours of scar tissue for a uterus that should have taken an hour.
    I have nothing but good things to say, but support, oh just a paper with guidelines would have been nice.
    so …does anyone know where guideline may be found?

    when can you bend and not worry, when can you start lifting more than 5 lbs, when bubble bath, when can you lift over your head…all i was told was sex in 6…great to know…but there are so many blanks. Any help would be great.
    Thank you,

  276. I had a hysterectomy 4 weeks ago which they took a huge 9lb fybriod out i feel very weak and can do things but after 10mins im really tired and have to have a cat nap. I feel when i walk that something is gonna come out from my vagina and when i pee it really hurts from within. how long is the recovery usually take.

  277. i had laporoscopy to remove everything 2 weeks ago iv had lose which was brownish colour but today its like a full period +smells +a pain on right sidelow down do u think i shoud phone dr.

  278. Hi AR, everyone reacts, responds and recovers at their own rate – no one person is any better than any other, we are all just different and the experience of Luci is just her unique experience and will be down to a whole different set of factors that are influencing your recovery. Her experience is unusual though so please don’t feel as if it is something you need to measure yourself against, it isn’t.

  279. what a smug and unnecessary comment bully for you just makes others who are recovering slowly feel crap…thanks for that

  280. Hi Luci, wow, your recovery and return to work is highly unusual and I can only put it down to exceptional fitness and good health.

  281. I had a total hysterectomy done laproscopicly w three one incisions. I went back to work one week later…I wasn’t trying to b superwoman at all…I was just ready…following being discharged I never even got my pain rx filled…I took midol once and only bleed lightly for 2 days…again I’m not out to proove anything…I’m a massage therapist and it good health but nothing spectacular…I havnt had any negative side affects…it’ll b 3 wks soon…also my doc told me after the first week I could exercize as long as I didn’t use my abdominal muscles which I’ve been doing (exercise) conservatively…is this unusual with the lap method? I may b crazy but I feel great…and have had no pain for Atkeast 2 wks.!?!?!?

  282. Hi Audrey, actually it’s not helpful to compare yourself to others – everyone recovers at different rates and in different ways as we are all unique. It might be worth seeing the GP again if it’s still sore. Linda

  283. hi there, i had a total hysterectomy and tubes and ovaries and cervix removed on the 13 th july 2011.So it is 10 weeks today since i had it. I am still in quite a bit of pain. like muscle pain if i walk any distance or try to do more than a tiny bit of housework and it takes ages for it to go..There is a particular spot on the left side that is sore just above my wound. I went to the doctors about 3 weeks about it and she said rest, Well i have been resting and it did go away for a few days but the minute i start to do anything it comes back again. Will it ever go away? You read on websites of women being able to do so many things and be painfree by this stage and it is getting me down a bit. i feel well in myself apart from hot flushes etc

  284. Wow, that’s a ‘how long is a piece of string question’ Lisa – everyone is different and personally I’d avoid removing the guaze until the wound is healed if it stays that long as it may come off in the shower or the bath.

  285. I had a total hysterectomy on 22nd August 2011. I have removed the padding and clear strip that were covering my stitches. I am now left with a thin strip of gauze along the top of my stitches and 4 small strips of gauze going down over the top of these. Should i remove this gauze? i was told the stitches are disolvable, how long do these normally take to disolve?

  286. It’s normal to have post surgical bleeding and is a natural part of the healing process it can start as late as 10 weeks as well and continue for several weeks thereafter. If nothing has been found then rest sounds like the key.

  287. I had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy 3 weeks ago (with ovaries removed). Was recovering well for first 2 weeks, then started bleeding on day 13. Today is day 21 and still bleeding. Went to docs day 16 as pain increasing and had urine & blood tests, plus ultrasound up at hospital. Nothing found – told to rest. Any idea how long I can expect the bleeding to last? Light-medium period type, plus occasional heavy hours.

  288. Tiredness is common post surgery and the length of recovery will be dependent on many factors including things like your general health before surgery, your age and the type and amount of surgery you had. Some women say it can take a couple of years to feel they are back to normal.

  289. I am 66 years old and had a vaginal hysterectomy on 25th May. I also had a bladder and bowl repair plus they discovered large fibroids so altogether I had 4 hours of surgery. Since then I have had an infection where I suffered with loss of blood clots plus 2 water infections. I am doing fine but find I need to sleep most afternoons as I come over really tired and just cannot stay awake. Is this tiredness normal? I did think I would be a lot further to being fully recovered by now.

  290. Everyone looks different and I don’t think there is such a thing as ‘normal’ for the vaginal area at all. The key to getting through this is accepting that it will take longer than you think to heal, so take it easy whilst remembering you do need to do some exercise to help the healing process take place – walking is great. If the repairs have been done correctly, and there is no reason to assume they haven’t then the repairs should hold, but it is perfectly normal to feel concerned about things being ‘not right’ until you are well recovered and have forgotten about the surgery.

  291. i had a vaginal hysterectomy and repair on 27th july (i am aware i tend to worry and panic) i felt fine from the following day, have had a few twinges and niggles but nothing major!(fingers crossed it stays that way), i am worried about the real time it takes to heal and what i should be feeling like now ? i am concerned that what has been done wont hold! i have had front and back walla repaired? it sounds stupid too but what is it meant to look like? for 3 yrs or more i have had my uterus poking out at me so dont really know a “normal” downstairs looks? x x

  292. Hi Kumi, It’s quite normal to have numbness and this can continue for several months after a hysterectomy and is due to the nerves being cut. They normally sort themselves out in time though. As for the pain though, it might be worth seeing your GP for a follow-up as that isn’t usual at this stage and may indicate a minor infection.

  293. I had a sub total hysterectomy on 21st of April.(It’s 19th of July today.) And I still have a pain around my scar when I touch gently. Also I feel numb around my cut.(quite wide area)Is it normal? My friend who is a doctor in Japan told me.. that they might cut my healthy nerve when they gave me operation..
    I work with children with autism and my school doesn’t accept me to work there with autistic children as in case I might get kicked, punched ..
    I don’t know what I should do about it..

  294. Is there any chance that I could go downhill skiing 10 weeks after an total abdominal hysterectomy? I am quite fit. Have you ever known this to be done?

  295. I had a laproscopy subtotal done 4 weeks ago i felt fine when i came home 2 days later started light excercise, then about a week ago started to suffer sevre pain in my lower abdomine and pelvic area. My GP phoned for an ambulance and i was taken back to hospital to have tests and a scan and they found that i had a blood clot 9 cm in diametre the radiologist decided that he was not going to put a drain in and i have now been sent home with antibiotics and pain relief my worry is that the clot will move.

  296. I think you could do with going to see your GP, it could be a slight infection or you could simply have been overdoing it.

  297. i had a total abdominal hysterectomy 6 weeks ago, i keep getting bad shooting pains on the left side of the wound, really worried about it, what could it be

  298. I just had a partial hysterectomy 1 week ago. I’m afraid that I might have over done it. What are the signs?

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