Should I expect mood swings after hysterectomy even though I’ve been through the menopause?

If you’ve now had your ovaries removed then you will almost certainly have some more menopausal symptoms whether or not you went through the menopause last year or 15 years ago.  This is because our ovaries don’t stop working and producing the sex hormones at menopause as we are normally led to believe.

Oestrogen and Progesterone production levels reduce but don’t dry up completely and testosterone production (which is responsible for helping manage mood and libido – your sex drive) will remain fairly constant.

If your ovaries aren’t removed with your hysterectomy, you can still experience menopausal symptoms again because your hormonal balance will be affected by the surgery.


  1. Prophylactic surgery such as the type you describe is becoming more common Gwen, you only have to look at the number of women who have a high risk of Breast Cancer and have a full mastectomy to see this 🙂

  2. I started my menopause when I was 51 in 1991. I was on Hrt on & off until Nov 2003. I am still not completely clear of the hot sweats but they have now become very few & far between. I was unaware that the symptoms would return, I am due to have a LAVH but I am going to ask my consultant if I can have my ovaries removed as well because my sister died of Ovarian Cancer last year & thought that this would the best option for me.

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