Should I have a hospital check-up after my hysterectomy?

Question: I had my hysterectomy six weeks ago and I’ve been reading from some other ladies that they are going to have a check-up at the hospital. I haven’t been given an appointment or told to see anyone, is this normal?

Answer: In the UK, each hospital applies it’s own rules about what is and isn’t appropriate when it comes to post operative check-ups. Some provide women with an appointment between six and ten weeks after their operation, others suggest they visit their GP at six weeks and put this in the discharge notes; but many more don’t make any appointment or recommendation at all, and they are not required to do so either.

If you are concerned about your recovery, and you don’t have a check-up booked, then there is no reason why you can’t make an appointment with your GP yourself for a quick internal examination to make sure everything is healing properly.



  1. HI
    I haven’t been given an apt yet I had my tlh on the 7th Dec. I have tried calling the hospital but they really don’t seem to be interested.

  2. I was given a follow up appointment for 8 weeks after my TVH but didnt get to see the consultant it was one of his team who really didnt seem interested when i ask some questions about possible prolapses, period type pains and lower backache i still have, she told me there was no cancer in the biopsy and i would need to see my GP about gushing urine when coughing or sneezing i already knew it would be a urology issue but she was dismissive and got the impression she basically wanted me gone so never got to ask other questions i wanted to ask.
    I knew consultants are super busy but i think the person u see at your follow up should be more read up on your casenotes i left the clinic upset but will be returning later in year for a vault smear with the nurses hopefully they will be able to go through my casenotes as the whole process for me has been very overwelming

  3. I think regular consultations, not necessarily check ups with a GP or other professionals, eg. a physiotherapist or psychologist etc are necessary. I say this because doing the right exercises depending on your individual situation is important. I discovered after I tried to use medication for relaxation that was prescribed by my doctor that, the medication’s effectiveness was complimented by my sleeping position on a right type of sleeping pillow; which I was shown by my physiotherapist. Before this I used to wake up too often at night. At the moment, I am sleeping right through the night, even when I wake up, I go back to sleep almost immediately. I am now able to slowly deal with my anxiety properly with the help of the medication I am given. Like you I only had 2 consultations with my gynaecologist after coming out of the hospital. He said I was okay, but I on my own decided to go back to my Doctor. Hope my experiences are helpful to you.

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