What are the things I must avoid after my hysterectomy?

Question: I’ve been told that there are a number of things I need to avoid after I have my hysterectomy next month; however I haven’t been told what they are. Can you give me some information please.

Our Answer: The most common things you need to avoid are bending from the waist (say to take washing out of a machine or picking things up from the floor), stretching (say to get something from a high shelf in a cupboard) and lifting anything that is too heavy. However, what is classed as too heavy is variable depending on you and your own body. With each of these actions you use your abdominal muscles extensively and most of the time we aren’t aware of doing so. After a hysterectomy bending, stretching and lifting are using muscles which will have been traumatised by surgery.


  1. Hi i just had a hysterectomy done from keyhole and not much was said when comeing home. I have try to do the washing machine up and since than my stomach been killing me. I know i should of as i only had it done on Wednesday and came home Friday from hospital. Is there any information you could send me and how long recovery time please

  2. When I resumed in my bowling again after my hysterectomy surgery because I have my special Olympics bowling on October 13,2016?please e-mail me before October 13,2016 special Olympics bowling.

  3. hi im really worried having key hole for my surgery , but im disabled and im worried about the recovery with not being very mobile can anyone help

  4. I have had a tah on the 17/8/16 and I am at home now with my family. I am an ms
    Sufferer and have severe difficulty with mobility. I not going to lie no one could of prepared me for this, it’s awful and I have help. I still feel like my insides are fall out of me when I try to walk. I am 17 days post op and feel ….! I hope you recover well Emma,I feel for you as you have no help at home.

  5. I have started with pains in lower right hand side and bottom of stomache 2 weeks after. Hysterectomy. Is that normal

  6. I had hysterectomy 3 week ago and have started with pains in lower right side and bottom of stomache. Is it normal

  7. Hi I had keyhole surgery for a full hysterectomy.im doing very good after just 3weeks I’m just worried about lifting heavy objects

  8. I had a hysterectomy three weeks ago. I haven’t been listening to what the doctor told me I should be doing. I have done way more then I should have. Last week I moved a cupboard in the kitchen as well as the water cooler. Today I moved the furniture around in my daughters room. I did lift the dresser at the bottom to put shims under it. I am worried now that maybe I have done something to my insides. Would you know if you were bleeding internally or if you popped a stich? I have some cramping and lower back pain. Any advice on my stupidity would be great:)

  9. I had a total hysterectomy – removal of my uterus and cervix on July 19, 2016. They were removed through my vagina 4 weeks ago. I still have my ovaries. I don’t want to wait six weeks to have sex, but I will. We do lots of oral. I am thinking about getting checked out by my GP doctor to see how things are because my OBGYNO is on holidays the same time as me….when my 6 week check up is due.
    I have had the menstration cycle of two women for 15 years, and I tried burning the uterus wall and they removed my flopian tubes. My menstration didn’t go away. It started to creep up to 8 days again which is why I finally had my uterus removed. Now, I’m soo happy to be period free for the rest of my life. Soo happy.

  10. Hi I had a full hysterectomy after finding a large complex cyst on the 5/7/16 I am 3 weeks into recovery I got told u could lift up to 3 pints of water so u should be good to lift a kettle,after a week or so I have been carrying on with duties around the home as normal but strictly not been lifting.Hope u feel better soon

  11. I work for Home Health as an aide. I’m expected to lift pts that need help getting up. some are bodily and under the arm .I’m worried I will damage what the doctor did.I don’t want to go through that again I’m only 7wks out of surgery. What should I do?

  12. Oh Emma
    I do hope everything went well. I’m in the same boat had my opp on Monday 4/7 been home and fell a bit lost not shore the best way to do things. I found the Red Cross very helpful with shopping.

  13. Hi i had a BSO and removal of endrometritis and old scar tissue at the end of May. Well the first 2
    weeks was agony every week got better not saying I didnt have any pain or soreness I did it .

    I still have at 6 weeks some of both it will take another 2 to feel even better. I purchased a abdominal band to wear during the day take off at nite buy at chemist . I waited to wear mine after intial agony was gone, check with your doctor first is it ok to wear one. It helps in healing and pain. Good luck

  14. I am due to go for a tah and tvt removal on mon 27th june 2016… im in a right old state about it but have prepared as much as i can. I already have cis( pre cursor to ms) so mobility is poor before op and im dreading it!- ive been drinking peppermint tea to help with the wind a lot of us suffer with, taking pro biotics in case i have to be on antibiotics.am going to be home alone after the op but have booked shopping delivery for a 10 days after op to include prune juice ,more peppermint tea,and more pro biotics…..got crutches to help me get around and am planning on major ‘Dust blindness’ 4 a good mnth. Changed bedding + done hoovering today so its out the way, emptied bins so no lifting on my return….any other advice would be gratefully appreciated folks….Scardy cat Emma lol!xx

  15. Any reason to think you have interstitial cystitis? They call it endometriosiss evil twin because they get diagnosed together a lot. I was diagnosed due to horrible pelvis pain.

  16. it will be 2weeks on friday when i had my hysterectomy when will i be fit enough to lift the kettle up and do my jobs around the house

  17. Hi Khorshed Mistry, like you I had a laproscopy in December, on 23rd 2015. I seem to be recovering well and am also back at work, nearly fulltime doing deskwork. I have no pain but my stomach is very large and gets swollen as the day goes on or if I am too active. I cannot wear trousers as a result and will only wear leggings or skirts. I asked my surgeon about the stomach and when he examined me he said that it was just Christmas excess and no exercise. However, I am convinced that it is more than that and may have to do with the trauma of surgery or the displacement of other organs. I am going to get an appointment with a physiotherapist but I need to get a referral from my doctor first. I am sorry I have no answer for you but just want you to know that I am in the same situation as you with the stomach and am not finding any answers on forums regarding this ‘swelly belly’ as I call it! Will post when I get some answers.

  18. Had full hysterectomy 20 oct 2014 my scar felt hard like ledge.it does get better mine is soft know. I did start pilates 12 weeks after the op that helps to strengthan your stomach mucles and helped to flaten the stomach.

  19. I had a full hysterectomy 10 Dec 2015 for fibroids and sever endometriosis, recovered really well but around 10 weeks started having back pain and am worried could the endo return so quick.

  20. Hi I had my full hysterectomy nearly four weeks ago. I have the same pain when urinating. I dread it. The
    Pain is Worse near the end of my wee and sometimes it is
    So bad I have to grip
    Something like a towel really hard. I went back into hospital a week after my op due to sepsis. I could not urinate due to infection but I had so much antibiotics. They refitted a catheter and the pain went I also have pain like cramp in my groin to upper thigh. As soon as the catheter was removed the same pain came back – they sent me home regardless.
    I am due to see my GP next week and will be discussing with her again hopefully they won’t just fob me off.
    I hope you are feeling better

  21. Hi Kerrial
    I am having same issue had total hysterectomy bilateral laproscopic. Tiny scars felt great from day 2. Had a little pink staining on day 4 but nothing, then suddenly day 11 a little bleeding now day 19 it’s like a regular period. It’s not heavy it’s bright red no smell or infection and I feel fine. Apart from sore sitting. GP said not concerned it’s normal for bleeding anytime 6 weeks post operative. She’s advised as long as no sign of infection and I feel OK in myself just to take it easy. I suspect I was a little enthusiastic when I got home. I live alone with my 8yr old so was doing laundry cooking filling dishwasher etc. I did get my shopping delivered! Nurse at hospital said listen to body. I feel great just this bleeding. I was worried something inside ruptured causing bleeding but GP assures me if that were the case I’d be in a lt of pain, she advised rest and to slow down aga I n for 2 weeks. I’ve to call back if it gets very heavy with pain or signs of infection I. E fever smell etc. Hope this helps X Jiovanna

  22. I had vaginal hysterectomy operation done on 3rd December 2015. Operation was successful – from 13th January 2016 no bleeding – no discharge but my stomach has become big which makes me look odd according to my hight & body. Sciatica pain is also gone except early morning when I get up from bed I get pain in my right bump but once I am up and above doing house work, attending to office whole day, I am active. Please advise as nearly 2 and a half months have passed but my stomach has not become normal. Thank you

  23. I had my tah on 14th of dec, I too was aroused early. My doctor said nothing on the inside for 6 weeks, but did say I can rub the outside. At 4 weeks, I learned the stomach muscle were sore and tender. So I waited for the remained 6 weeks to have sex. You can do more damaged if you dont wait.

  24. Hi Haroula,

    I had a TAH 22nd Dec 2015 (Uterus, Fallopian Tubes and Cervix removed). I am 4 weeks post op and experiencing abdominal swelling, tenderness and discomfort when I urinate.

    I’m not sure if the numbness and trauma from surgery is slowly healing and returning to normal hence the sensitivity and pain to urinate.

    Apart from the abdominal swelling my scar is healing nicely ( I used a silicone gel twice a day as recommended). I have also started HRT.

    Otherwise I am feeling very well but will be discussing this with my surgeon at my 8 week post op appointment.

  25. Hi Karen I had my hysterectomy,prolapse and pelvic floor repair op on the 4th Jan. I’m assuming you went ahead with your op? I’m like yourself, quite active, impatient and am used to doing everything myself! How are you coping post op? I feel like a waddling duck and can’t walk very fast at the mo!
    So far everything seems to be fine apart from a dragging sensation from my abdominal cut.
    Fingers crossed we’ll all be back to excellent health once again very soon!

  26. I had my hysterectomy done on the 30th of December and dr. Told me light spotting is normal but if I start blading like a period immediately come back in!!!! Good luck

  27. Hi Linda, am due to have hysterectomy onthe 8th of January ( this weekend) Ex-Pat living here in Germany.usually cannot fault the German Medical System, follow ups etc far better than UK. But despite having a second opinion (1 male doctor, 1 female doctor) Surgery was advised, because of my age 60, am 1 full year in Menopause, and have 3 Fibroids, one 8cm resting on the bladder, causing pressure, and 2 smaller ones close to the larger one. Have also back pain and passing urine 5-6 times daily, drink water constantly, always thirsty. Try to keep my weight under check, (lost 15kg in 2013, maintained that ok)
    On the 8th January, this weekend, am due to have surgery ( thought about it for 1 year!).
    Doctors seem very quick to recommend surgery for Fibroids, am having a talk with the Hospital the day before, should I be asking if there is another option, as well as the other routine questions I have lined up? Am really concerned about AFTER the op. how my recovery will be, am usually physicaly active, cycle EVERYWHERE here in Germany, am also quite impatient and stubborn, doing everything myself!!! PLEASE ADVISE what I should be asking the Hospital!!!

  28. Hello,

    I had a TAH appx 2 weeks ago. My incision was stapled and they have been removed and they were replaced with a few steri-strips. The incision appears to be healing very well, but my concerns is that under the incision my stomach feels very hard. Is this swelling or scar tissue? Will it go away?

    Thank you!

  29. i had a total vaginal hysterectomy on dec. 1st no bleeding till my 3weeks if i lay down my bleeding slows down alot if i get up and walk around the bleeding gets heavier like a period i am sore on my lower right sideAbdominal area) is this normal

  30. I had surgery 12 days ago…had my uterus, fallopian tubes, and cervix removed. I had very bad gas pains for a few days but that improved. Now 12 days later I’m experiencing very bad abdominal pain and swelling, and tingling when I urinate. Actually last night I woke up with a little urine on my panties. I’ve been out Christmas shopping lately and doing some light housework. Did I cause this to myself?

  31. I had a full hysterectomy a week ago and I’m feel great but feel sexually aroused more then before was told 6 weeks but I can’t wait that long , can I not have sex ?

  32. Hi everyone.
    I had my laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery on 16th of September. All was ok until 4 days back when I accidentally pulled my dog and stretched a bit.
    I am having occasional pains post that incident.
    My doctor is on a vacation, hence cannot get in touch with her. Shall I go for an ultrasound or shall i take rest and consult my doctor when she gets back ?

  33. I am five weeks post op, I had a vaginal hysterectomy and my doctor give me seven weeks off!!! However at my appt last week I was told I still have all my stitches and cannot lift anything more then 15lbs! My job requires a lot of heavy lifting and a lot of time on my feet. How do I talk to my doctor about giving me more time off to continue to heal? I don’t want to go back to soon and end up injuring myself!!!

  34. I had a tah on sept 2 2015 . Recovery has been slow and at 10 weeks I still feel very tired and if I stand for to long I have a pulling pain and if I sit for to long I have a pulling dragging ache . So I spend all day alternating between sitting , standing and lying down ! I have been back to my gp 3 times now as I know I can’t cope with work and each time they sign me off for 2 weeks. My fit note is due to expire tomorrow and I know I can’t work like this but I feel that the gp’s that I’ve seen arnt taking me seriously . The look I’m being given is one of ” oh dear” pull yourself together ! I really don’t want to go again on Friday but I am really struggling . Is this normal or am I being a wuss ? One gp saw my incision site and said ” that’s a big one !” Which means you’ve been cut more than average inside !
    I am also having trouble weeing , I get the urge to go , go ,but then have no feeling at all ( I have to listen !) .I think I’m done then 3 minutes later I have to go again ! Is this normal ! I’ve told a gp who said ” how bizarre” But again I know I can’t work like this as I will be constantly on the toilet ! And if I hold on for any length of time I am in serious pain for hours after ! I work in retail that involves lots of bending, stretching , very heavy lifting , extended periods of sitting and or standing ! There isn’t one job in the store that I can think of as suitable for my situation at the moment ,
    Am I justified in staying at home and healing properly before I go back and damage myself ?
    I see my consultant tomorrow for a follow up and will explain the pains and wee situation but will need to see yet another gp Friday to extend my fit note.
    Any advice about my being a wuss or not would be greatly appreciated , thank you !!!

  35. i had a total vaginal hysterectomy on October 14. So I almost four weeks post-op!! I am more swollon in that area the I was right after u surgery! Is that normal I haven’t done anything that I’m not supposed too!

  36. I had a (Partial Vaginal Hysterectomy) Removing my cervix , fulibian tubes and some fibroids on my left ovary. I decided on the partial because my cycle started to com instead of once a month 3 times a month. Before we decided I had we on my cycle 2 monthe very heavy bleeding. The procedure was done on October 19, 2015.. I had sexual intercourse with my husband on November 1, 2015 (13 days)Post Op. I was so eager to learn if my sex life would be the same. So I talked my husband into very gentle and it was not full penitration on November 1 2015. It is November 2, 2015 at 4 am I woke up to use the restroom. I see a little spotting and cramping. Should I Be Concerned. At this point I can’t sleep because I am very scared. I was so concerned from the horror story that you hear here about other couples sex life wouldn’t be the same. We both are very active. What should I do?

  37. May I thank you for this site. The comments have been very useful and helpful.
    Had a vaginal hysterectomy and anterior repair 12weeks ago. Told I had a rectocele which would be looked at later.
    All went well and only kept in one night.
    Very little pain and was careful up to 6weeks then gradually started doing more. All fine until a week ago. Lower stomach very sore and pain further up on right and lower back hurting.
    Had follow up at joint gynie/bowel clinic. They told me I had an intussusception(prolapsed rectum). Said my pelvic floor is bad. They also said surgery is 40%failure rate and risk of ending up with a colostomy. ! Told me to come back in 6weeks when I have decided what to do.
    I am devasted as although I had to apply pressure to my perenium to pass bowel movement
    (Prior to hysterectomy)I was told it was not serious and the uterus prolapse was not causing me any issues. I now struggle to empty my bowels and my stomach is very swollen by the end of the day and hurts. Is this normal for swelling and soreness to start at 12weeks? Have I perhaps done too much? I am so upset as I was doing really well until a week ago.
    Thank you for any ideas.

  38. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy exactly 7 days ago on Friday 10-16-2015. Everything was removed tubes, ovaries, uterus and part of my cervix. Since being discharged Sunday I have a fever that has gone up to 102Β°. I feel very sick. Since Wednesday my recovery is going backward I can not stand at all without excruciating pain. The incision site is now so tender even my tshirt rubbing makes me cry. I cannot stop using ice otherwise my incision site and abdomen are on FIRE. The pain killers and anti inflammatories are not relieving the pain. I have seen my ob everyday this week and I believe I have a uti. He will NOT PUT ME ON ANTIBIOTICS EVEN WITH MY FEVER UNTIL the lab cultures come back which will take 4 more days. My fever is currently 101.7 with motrin and Tylenol. It feels like my stiches have ripped inside during a coughing fit and my abdomen is hard warm and hurts to touch. My ob office is failing me it feels. Should I go to the e.r.? Please help.

  39. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy exactly 7 days ago on Friday 10-16-2015. Everything was removed tubes, ovaries, uterus and part of my cervix. Since being discharged Sunday I have a fever that has gone up to 102Β°. I feel very sick. Since Wednesday my recovery is going backward I can not stand at all without excruciating pain. The incision site is now so tender even my tshirt rubbing makes me cry. I cannot stop using ice otherwise my incision site and abdomen are on FIRE. The pain killers and anti inflammatories are not relieving the pain. I have seen my ob everyday this week and I believe I have a uti. He will NOT PUT ME ON ANTIBIOTICS EVEN WITH MY FEVER UNTIL the lab cultures come back which will take 4 more days. My fever is currently 101.7 with motrin and Tylenol. It feels like my stiches have ripped inside during a coughing fit and my abdomen is hard warm and hurts to touch. My ob office is failing me it feels. Should I go to the e.r.?

  40. Hi
    I am 3 weeks post op TAH and just have a few questions.
    I don’t sleep well and sleep on my sides, with the help of a pillow but I find that when I turn on my back I feel this strange, fluttering, contraction like feelings. It’s such a strange feeling and I’m wondering if it’s normal. I am still taking pain medication as I’m uncomfortable not sure if it’s pain or discomfort at times.
    Is it normal to have a burning sensation across the tummy? Not at the incision but across the tummy. I find when I lift my clothes off the tummy it’s better. I am taking it easy and resting a lot. I have a great support system and not doing any lifting, however i do have stairs and walk up and down at least 4 times a day. Is this too much?
    Thanks for this blog, it’s really informative

  41. I had hystrectomy before 6 month.iam becoming fat what diet should be maintained to avoid weight gain

  42. Good Morning,

    A friend of mine asked if I could find out for her some questions about her hysterectomy.

    She had a abdominal hysterectomy round about 04th June 2015. When would it be safe for her to resume to having a normal life…..can she pick up buckets of water when she needs to clean her floors etc…..

    She is quite a big lady and a bit over weight.

  43. Hi I had a sub hysterectomy last Wednesday, I’m only 26 but my consultant that I had 1st stage ovarian cancer hence the operation. I still had all my tubes ( epidural, drain, and catheter) in situ until last night, when everything was removed apart fro the catheter. This was removed this morning. I was discharged late this afternoon. My problem is, is that I’ve been told I don’t need a follow up apart from my gp. Also I’ve blisters on my buttocks and the backs of my thighs. Could they be from the op or from the medication perhaps?
    The med prescient were the epidural, paracetamol, oramorph and onsanstron (anti sickness ). What do think are causing these blisters?. The pain is uncomfortable but bearable. I’m finding even just today, if you stand tall and walk small amounts frequently it helps. Of course rest helps but not pain no gain, right?! Little an often is the key. Yes I’m young but if u don’t move you’re not doing yourself any favours. I live alone too.

  44. Please I have 5 weeks ago surgery mioma total abdomal hysterectomy now after 5 weeks I have problem with my blood pressure is 85/ 110 and It often headache pressure is equalized

  45. I had laparoscopy vaginal bilateral hysterectomy Sept 8, 2015….I’m doing everything my Dr. told me too. I was sent home the next day after surgery. I’ve been walking for 5 mins and everyday I’ll add a min or two on to the walk. I was having the the light spotting until now which is Sept 20, 2015….the bleeding is like a period….no smell and no pain….is this part of the healing process on the inside??

  46. Hi…I am 6 weeks post on total abdominal hysterectomy with complications immediately after surgery…bowel dustention. 4 days ago my gyno did an internal to check healing and all was good. That night the pressure pains, bloating and wind/gas started…whenever I get up the downward pressure on my abdomen is son painful and every step hurts. I also notice urine leaking on my undies and I am not aware of it. Why is this happening now when I was feeling fine before…thank you

  47. Let me start by saying how completely embarrassing this is…I am mortified even having to discuss this but I had a complete hysterectomy a year after having an emergency C-Section two months prior to my due date. I know we are told to take it easy for at least 6 weeks after surgery but what would happen if I didn’t or rather I should say, couldn’t. I had a husband undergoing leg amputations and twin infants and I had no help or support from anyone. Needless to say, I had to do all the bending, stretching, lifting, carrying, pushing a 400 lb man in a wheelchair while carrying an infant in a carrier on each arm. I did not have any other choices but I am now beginning to wonder if I did damage. It has been several years but I feel progressively worse as time goes on. Can anyone tell me what damage could be done by doing this? I am concerned and feel like my intestines have all fallen forward and are, for lack of better way to describe it, just hanging there. I can feel my intestines moving sometimes and I can never have a bowel movement as I used to. There is always pain and I feel like I am going to pass out sometimes and it seems the “route” out is messed up. I can feel bulging in my right buttocks and my vaginal area. I do not know if it is related or not but I am ALWAYS nauseated and simply do not like to eat though to look at me you wouldn’t believe that. LOL.I have NO energy at all and am just so tired of all of this. OMG this is sooooo embarrassing but I just wondered if anyone has experienced anything like this and could tell me what they did.

  48. I’m 5 weeks after a abdominal hysterectomy.it has been a real tough time.I have good days and bad days.I am just so tired all of the time and have lower abdo pain when I do too much.IM starting to feel guilty about not doing housework and running round after everybody as well as working full time..it the little comments people make that make me think I should be doing more…I don’t really no if my HRT are working yet. I can go from being happy to sad in minutes…I would just like to say that years ago women were sent on holiday to convales until 6 weeks after there op.i think this should be introduced then all us hard working moms would have just a little time to recover before getting back on that treadmill.
    I guess my question is should I still be in pain, am I ok to still take painkillers and will I ever be able to stay awake during a conversation with my husband again…..then again some symptoms have come in handy……

  49. Hi Gannon. You do need to see your doctor to find out what the problem is as you are probably in the wrong place online πŸ™‚

  50. Hi I’m a teen and actually a couple of days ago I went down to the Ohio River with family and it wasn’t until around 8:30 pm down there that I started to have a stinging sensation around my incision on my stomach I had since I was born with a red bubble the size of a baby tomato like one of my younger half brothers had when he was born. I can’t remember what it’s called to have that but I know that the incision I have is still there and that night when it started stinging I couldn’t walk or run or just move in general. I felt like there was something wrong and my family was concern too and I’m not sure what the cause was it could be either taking a shower with a new bar of soap I used that day instead of using a bottled body wash I usually use that I could have had an allergic reaction to it I don’t really know. It could be the fact that I do at least 200 sit ups a day (yes I do that and after reading all this I know to never do that again) and it’s just hurting after being soar and I need to get used to doing sit ups. It can also be because I’m growing and it’s just stretching, but I really don’t know. Should I have an appointment with my doctor to see what’s the problem?

  51. I had a TAH keeping my ovaries only. Two weeks after my cuff tore and had extreme hemorrhaging which required emergency repair with multiple transfusions. Since I have taken it easy up to two days ago, about a week out. I walked more than just in my apartment. I actually walked down the stairs to get my mail. Since I’ve had terrible cramps, period like and heavy pink discharge. I’m concerned on going down the same road again. I was planning on going back to work next week, two weeks out. I have a desk job, but there is extensive walking to get to and from my car to work area. Is another week needed? Just after my last experience I can’t afford to go down that road again. Any advise?

  52. I had granulation tissue removed vaginally 5 days ago. I was told if I felt like it I could go back to work. I am doing okay but tired and my low back hurts. I haven’t been lifting but I do open doors that are a bit heavy and have picked up things from the floor that I have dropped. Does this seem okay?

  53. Hello! I had a laporscopy hysterectomy, everything removed, three weeks ago. I’ve been taking it easy, doing a lot of walking now. Noticed tenderness around my belly button. It doesn’t hurt, it’s more of dull pain. No discharge or anything. Should I be worried? I was fine until now which has me wondering. Thanks!

  54. I had a hysto 2 years ago. Took 3 months off for recovery. Now, I am not as strong as I used to be. I am tired after tennis, biking, gardening, stacking 3 cords of wood, etc. My abdomen feels strained and sore. Now I am experiencing a very tight IT band down my left leg. Is this all related to the surgery? What can I do to get stronger?

  55. I had a total hysterectomy four weeks ago (womb, tubes, cervix and ovaries removal) because of endometrial cancer. Thankfully it was stage 1a and all has been removed. My problem is I have a very swollen stomach that’s pushing under my ribs. CT scan showed nothing. I think it’s connected to my bowels as it seems to be less troublesome when I have regular bowel movements. Has anyone else had this? Is it normal?

  56. Hello! Thank you for providing helpful free information here. I am a fitness professional and need a second opinion on my strategy with a personal client.
    My client had Endometriosis and two operations with hysterectomy on the second. All this happened more than 3 years ago so she is fully recovered. Anyway her doctors said never lift weights, but they never said how much, how long and why.(Here in Bulgaria they said that a lot to everybody).
    She is a young strong women, who trained with weights before her problems. She loves to be strong, fit and healthy, to challenge herself. When she come to me few moths ago we started very slowly, we had light exercises for her pelvic floor and deep core muscles, we had light body-weight exercises and so on. But she e getting stronger and more fit, we started to lift some medium weights and she feels great.
    We always try to be consistent, move up gradually, maintain proper breathing all the time and never strain.
    Still i am wandering should we stop somewhere ? If she is stronger and listen to her body, and keep it easy can she continue to lift heavier?

  57. I had a myomectomy done 3 weeks ago. 2 nights ago I was feeling totally recovered and went out with some friends for the first time. We had quit a few drinks and even a shot. Today my stomach is more swollen. Did I really screw up my surgery recovery. Did the stitches inside rip. Will I be ok. I’m not in any pain. Just scared.

  58. Hi. 6 weeks ago I had a hysterectomy.. It should have been total but after 3 hrs in theatre my cervix was left in. The surgeon thought they’d clamped my ureter and possibly damaged my bowel. I had a blood transfusion a couple of days later and then bowel surgery 5 days after the hysterctomy. USS hasn’t revealed any real worries about my kidney. It’s now 6 weeks after the first surgery and I can’t believe how bad I still feel. My back is killing me.. My stomach still tender. My anxiety is terrible. Still so worried about my kidney. I know I’m over doing it. Now I’m so worried that I’m damaging my insides .. I had 3 C sections so opened up 5 times in total. I just need to know that I’ll feel well again soon.

  59. You need to see the district nurse who can have a look at the wound for you and advise on wound care. If you are thinking of something alternative, Manuka honey has had good results in trials on leg ulcers ….

  60. I’m 4 weeks post op. Full hysterectomy. I cannot sleep at night, and when I do, the dreams are horrid.
    I also had a labiaplasy that is not healing. Any views on post op care for that wound.

  61. It might be if you have started doing more because you felt so well Lesley – if not then a check up with your GP to should put your mind at rest.

  62. I think you should see your GP instead Jean – after this length of time it’s unlikely to be caused by your hysterectomy.

  63. Hi,i had hysterectomy 3 years ago…is it normal that i feel tired in a few hours of doing work in the house? What food supplement should i take? Thank you so much?

  64. i had a keyhole hysterectomy in July with my ovaries preserved. I have had a normal recovery and am feeling amazing to what I was. I have however started to get pain in my lower right side of my belly generally when I have been sat and get up. Is this usual in the healing process?

  65. I had sex 5 and half weeks post op. I had a full hysterectomy. I was suppose to wait 6 weeks. I’ve been back to work for 2 weeks And have felt great then today I had sex with my husband. I’m hurting really bad in the stomach. Light spotting. Called the doctor he said it didn’t sound like I did any real damage but I needed bed rest. Still thinking about going to the er.what should I do?

  66. You can’t insert anything Michelle but you can wash the area in a shower.

  67. I had a vaginal hysterectomy 6 days ago. I was not given ALOT of details of the procedure. It was a total hysterectomy. Ovaries ft behind. I do not actually know that there are stitches inside my vagina but assuming there would have to be. My discharge instructions state NO BATHS and NOTHING inside the vagina. It does not specify any other details. How am I to wash my vagina? Can I insert a wash rag? And is the reason because of stitches?

  68. I had my hysterectomy 6 weeks ago, my uterus was removed. I tried to do rest but I did made few mistakes like picking un few things from the flour, I stretched my body many time when I wake up in the morning, and because I didn’t knew so I hold few heavy things too. After 6 weeks I don’t have too much pain but Some times when unintentionally I stretch I feel that I got hurt inside, then it hurts for a while, and then I feel fine again. My concern is that if because of my carelessness I damage any thing inside, if yes then what I should do, or if it will be heel by it self . Please advice. If having more rest can cure, if there is any damage .

  69. It may be some adhesions so it would be worth going to see your GP.

  70. I had a TLH on June 30th 2015. He made five incisions including one in the belly button. My uterus was what he called “plastered” to my abdominal wall due to four previous c-sections. It has been exactly 4 weeks since surgery and besides the initial gas pains, frequent constipation and some lower back pain and cramping around the time I normally would of been pmsing things have been fine. Starting yesterday I am feeling a sharp pulling pain on the left side of my abdomen right next to my belly button. I cannot bend forward without it feeling like it is tearing and it hurts when I gently rub it. It hurts when I bring my knee up towards my abdomen and when I try to lay down or get up from a sitting position but not while walking. I have been doing housework but not lifting anything heavier than a 12 pk of soda. Can’t think of any way I would of hurt myself. Do you think it could possibly be some type of hernia? I am freaking out about having to go under the knife again! Or is it normal to feel yanks and pains in the muscles during the healing process???? Thanks for your time

  71. I can’t say if you were stitched badly or not, only your GP would be able to comment. However, it does take several months for the swelling around any wounds to go down completely.

  72. Whenever you’re concerned about something post hysterectomy the best thing to do is see your GP. They will be able to check you out and set your mind at rest in most cases.

  73. Hi..i had a TAH on 16th July and am recovering quite well, however my scar is causing some concerns. They had to do a cross incision …across my bikini line but due to a massive fibroid I have a long scar from bikini to belly button. They stitched the incision on my bikini line but had to staple the rest. Now I couldn’t really see it all due to swelling but as this has gone down it looks as though a lot of the skin by the stitching is puckered and in small swollen lumps, like bubbles, its hard to describe. The staples have been removed from the other scar and this seems fine apart from there being some slight bleeding. My GP gave me antibiotic cream for the “swollen” area but it’s made no difference. I am seeing him again tomorrow but just wondered if this is common occurrence? Will this go down? Or was I badly stitched together? Thanks for any advice

  74. Hi Linda. I had an abdominal hysterectomy six weeks ago,still have ovaries. My husband and I treid intercourse because my docter said 6 weeks is fine. I have acute abdominal pains now , there was a bit of blood as well. What happened? The pain feels like extreme gas like pains moving through my whole body. I recovered very quickly, after two weeks went back to work and started doing “soft” yoga after a few days. Everything was great, I started feeling normal again. Do I need to be concerned or should I just wait it out?

  75. You need to avoid bending, stretching and lifting heavy items. If you do need to bend go down on your knees to do so.

  76. It’s most likely that your abdomen hurts because of the internal bruising following surgery – but if you are worried then you do need to see your GP.

  77. I have hysterectomy last July 6, 2015. What are signs of internal bleeding. When I cough or sneeze, my stomach will hurt. Thanks

  78. Hi. I had total abdominal hysterectomy 2 weeks 4 days today. I bend myselt from waist to pick up something from the floor and since then feeling stiff and inflamation above my stitches. Please suggest.

  79. It’s very common for this to continue for several weeks post hysterectomy – if it changes to very fresh you’ll need to see your GP, but it should tail off in the next month or so.

  80. I had a total hysterectomy seven weeks ago, ive been back to A&E and also to my GP, with severere lower abdominal pain and bleeding, a scan confirmed that I had internal bruising and I also had an infection, the pains have almost gone, however I’m still leaking blood, it’s a pinky, reddish and brown discharge, I’m getting worried now, hospital said it’s post operative blood but it’s been 7weeks

  81. Hi I would like to thank you for all the information and the booklet. The support and the information you gave is wonderful more than what I was told by my consultant, thanx again. I am 43 yrs old had my TAH with conservation of ovaries 7 weeks ago. I am recovering well more than I have expected, my husband had looked after me properly. I am starting to do more in the house now but still no heavy lifting or other strenuous work when I am tired I sit downMy concern is going back to work, I work shifts 9 to 11,5 hours,depending on the situation hectic ward in hospital. I have asked my GP to extend my sick note after six weeks.Which he did. Thank you again for this website

  82. Most women take 9 – 13 weeks to recover enough to get back to work and longer if the job is heavy, involves standing or a difficult commute. Feeling up and down is normal, however it might be worth seeing your GP if you are feeling light headed as that may be related to blood pressure.

  83. Some bleeding post hysterectomy is normal and can begin even as late as 2 months later – it’s usually associated with internal healing and stitches dissolving and should settle down. If it doesn’t then you’ll need to see your GP for a check up.

  84. That question is a bit like ‘how long is a piece of string’ as everyone is different. It might be worth taking a trip to see your GP for a check who will be able to confirm this is the case and give you an idea about how long it might be to completely dissolve.

  85. It may be that the infection is still present and a visit to your GP would be a good idea to get things checked.

  86. Hi I had a vaginal hysterectomy on the 19th June 2015 due to prolapse. I am worried as I have pains on both sides and back, as well as underneath. I have got a infection which I was on antibiotics but they have finished. I am still getting these pains and sometimes it feels as if the stitches are tight. what does this mean. I have been doing some house wirk like folding clothing whilst sitting or the dishes. Also I have been feeling dizzy, tired and sickly for the last few days .

  87. I had a total hysterectomy 10 weeks as I had a 3rd degree prolapse, with a 2nd degree front and back wall prolapse. I had a check up at 6 weeks which was fine and she said that the internal stitches would dissolve. My partner and I had intercourse for the first time last night and he seems to think that there is still a stitch inside right at the top. How long does it take for them to dissolve please?

  88. Hi I had a total hysterectomy on the 10th June I still have tenderness in parts of my stomach but I have still got some bleeding it’s a pinkish red colour and not a lot this only started on the 19th June as the bleeding stopped after a few days of my operation does anyone know if this is normal. Thanks in advance

  89. Hi linda
    im 3 weeks post op this coming monday after a TAH and removel of ovaries and tubes (not sure on cervix) and had a c section cut for removel which is healing nicely. I am getting full rest at most times,just seeing to own personal care needs and making a hot drink occasionly useing a push button flask.no housework or lifting involved but one day I feel great and the next im floored keep feeling a little light headed at times even when sat or lay down is this normal to experience light headed ? Also I have a 6 week sick note but my job involves platative care out in the community doing 9 hr shifts and can be quite demanding on weight and mobility and im also getting married in september and im afraid on suffering a prolapse if I return to work to early.any advice on this would be most appreciated
    many thanks

  90. I had DaVinci total hysterectomy 4/24/15. Only post op instructions regarding physical activity I received were to not lift anything that used my stomach muscles for 8 weeks. I am a full time housewife and stay busy with housework. At 7 weeks post op I went 2 days with no pain or discomfort and decided to try the elliptical machine; immediately I could feel it wasn’t OK and stopped. Within a few hours I had excruciating pain and pressure in my pelvic bones, hips, back, and low abdomen. After resting a few days the pain decreased some but the pressure and soreness remained with occasional sharp jabs of pain in my pelvis and also in pubic bone. I called the Surgeons office and they said I probably strained/pulled a muscle. Its been 10 days of taking it extremely easy and I’m still very uncomfortable, sore, and constant feeling of pressure and crampy. Is it normal to take so long?

  91. I am plus size (225 pounds 5ft 2 inches) and have a lot of over hang or a shelf like pouch at the bottom of my belly. I had a SAH exactly three weeks ago, today on 6/4/15. My vertical incision has healed really nicely except for the area right under my belly. The only way any air can get to this area is if I hold up my belly overhang. What can I do to help this area heal?

  92. If you are healed fully externally and internally then you may be able to try some swimming – just see how you get on as you’ll use your abdominal muscles much more than you think πŸ™‚

  93. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy on the 11th May also removal of a 7 pound cyst . I’M 6 WEEKS today and feel wonderful. The Consultant said to take 3 months off work as I work in a busy nursery. I’m also due to go away for 3 weeks abroard for summer . Do you think I will be ok to start back my weekly swimming now.? Many thanks Debs

  94. I had a robotic hysterectomy about three and half weeks ago I had sex two weeks afterwords with no bleeding or anything but now I’m spotting there’s no smell or anything, no pain. I had my cervix and uterus removed but I have one ovary. should I go to the doctor?

  95. hello,had my full hysterectomy, uterus and ovaries taken out as had large fibroids. It has been 5 weeks since my op and every now and then I have this stiff hardness on the diaphragm area just below the breast bones.Sometimes it gives me a pain feeling like a stitch pain and hard to do in breath. Is this normal as I have not mention it to my GP.

  96. I had TAH 1 month ago and it’s been a good support community. My Dr. is not very communicative, and the question I have is this: I was catheterized at least 3 times and Dr. used a camera in my bladder during surgery. One month post op my urethra still hurts all the time. Any idea when this might subside?

    Donna, you might try hystersisters – lots of love and support there – it is not for ‘medical’ advice.

  97. I had a vaginal hysterectomy 10 days ago. It was “complicated” because of scar tissue and my Dr couldn’t get my Fallopian tubes. When can I mop and do more stuff? Yesterday I did the dishes and I went to the bathroom and had a lot of reddish maroon blood where I’ve only had a very light pink discharge before. I rested but continue with the “discharge”. My family is no help at all and I’m angry so I keep trying to do stuff. I have a lot of right lower quadrant pain also. Any suggestions would be so helpful.
    Thank you!!!

  98. You may be menopausal or still suffering from the shock of surgery.

  99. You need to see your GP as you may have an infection πŸ™‚

  100. You do need to see your doctor for a check up just to check what’s going on. You may have some granulation that is being rubbed internally and coming away. This needs treating with silver nitrate.

  101. Hi. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy on 30 May due to an enormous fibroid. I didn’t have much notice from my consultant as the fibroid was causing a lot of internal pressure. Subsequently I didn’t have a great deal of time to read up or prepare for my op. 10 days later, I am sore but feel so much better than when I went in. I drink aloe Vera juice daily and swear by it for settling your stomach and helping with trapped wind. Switching to soya milk too has so far warded off the dreaded sweats! I do try and have a walk each day, and have been gradually increasing the amount I do. I genuinely believe that fresh air is an important part of the healing process, as it clears the mind as well as strengthens the body. That together with a supportive family, fingers crossed, things are ok so far!

  102. It’s been 30 day since my laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy .my husband and I had some mild sex , I started bleeding . Did I hurt my self I don’t have insurance so what should I do ?

  103. Hi can u help i had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy on 18th of may they left my ovaries in scince then ive been resting foing bits n bobs i have been very teary and my legs are sore when hoing walks and my belly button is in agony can u help me to understand why im like this linda thanks annmarie

  104. Hi,
    I am 2 weeks recovering from a divinci hysterectomy…..everything removed but ovaries. I had to go grocery shopping and didn’t even realize the whole not pushing anything…also lifting until after exhausted, I got home. I am now afraid that I might have caused damage by breaking restrictions….but I have no pain…just do not want prolapse..

  105. I jus removed fibroids, cyst and complete of ovaries, tubes, cervix, 5days ago.
    I suffer from snoring, heart beat faster and sleepless nites with crazy dreams. What are the things I shouldn’t eat?

  106. I think you probably need to speak to your GP who can do an examination and check for you.

  107. Hi I had a tab on 22nd may 2015 (6days ago)
    I had a terrible time in hospital I had surgery on the Friday lunch time an woke up 3hours later in recovery
    Recovery nurses were amazing as was anethatist and surgeon
    When I was moved to the ward I was comfy
    The night shift came on shift an from the off set my nurse who was to care for me was awful,
    Complained that she had to empty my catheter was angry that I couldn’t sleep although I was not being of any trouble I was just laying there thinking about the fact at 37 I could no longer have another baby should I wanted to
    She constantly attacked me verbally I was so upset that by half past 8
    On sunday morning I discharged myself although I knew I needed to stay as I felt awful.
    They allowed me home with no medication or discharge notes
    I have been using paracetamol as pain relief and have relied on the internet for dos and donts
    I expected to be feeding normal by now but I’m still very sore and am having pain in bowel and when I start to urinate
    I do plan to see my own gp tomorrow
    I have the continuous stitch when should this be removed
    Thank you for reading this post I feel better to have told you of my experience as I cried and cried because of my poor treatment in the hospital.

  108. Hi, I had a vaginal hysterectomy 10 days ago. I had a viginal stich put in to prevent prolapse. I have a one and three year old and my husband took two weeks off work. I have been having trouble not picking up my children and did tonight. I had major cramping (but I have been having shooting pains in my bowel and cramping anyway) but I had fresh blood when I went pee. I haven’t had post op bleeding since day 3. Could I have torn the stich or something. Feeling worried.

  109. Hi right now I’m having trouble passing gas and that’s my only issue. Any suggestion please?

  110. You can’t drive anyway for six weeks and a heavy job like that probably requires 3-4 months of leave before returning to it.

  111. You probably need to get a team of supporters involved as you won’t be driving for at least six weeks and probably not doing much else for up to 3 months.

  112. If it doesn’t subside then you probably need to get it checked out Em.

  113. You might need to see your GP to check it’s not infected.

  114. I have crohne’s disease. I have just been diagnosed with a massive cyst on my ovary the size of a small watermelon. The gynocologist says it is the size of a 5 month pregnancy, even though menopause was 25 years ago. To remove it, he is going to do a total hysterectomy, from the belly button down. The ctscan also showed blockage at the ilium, so when I have this done in a few weeks time, a second surgeon will remove the constricted part of the small intestine and attatch it to the large intestine. He explained that he will also check all of my intestines for any other issues before the surgery is completed. And yes, I am scared. However, I am also looking forward to feeling good again. My question is this. How long will it be till I will be feeling ok? I realize it could take some time to feel great, but I am the caregiver to a wonderful daughter with down’s syndrome, who is counting on me to take her places and do things with her like we used to do.

  115. Hi Linda
    I had a vaginal hysterectomy just 2 weeks ago I have a heavy stinging feeling on my stitches in my vagina I don’t feel any pain in my tummy but this soreness on the stitches is a burning feeling . 4days ago my gyn.removed a stitch that had a large knot on it . This lift me that I could sit a little bit better. But still have this stinging feeling . Is this normal ……..

  116. Stella please drink plenty cranberry juice that’s what I do. My surgery was on the same day like yours. I have lightly pain sometimes. Be good to yourself and youwwill come back great.

  117. Hi I had my vaginal hysterectomy 14 days ago, so far I have been doing well and rested only a few tasks like doing dishes and preparing something for myself to eat but from last night I developed a very severe pain from my belly button down this doesnt allow me to sit straight up and the pain killers dont work, can there be an underlying problem that needs medical attention?

  118. hi, I had a vaginal hysterectomy 3 days ago. I was discharged from hospital yesterday. Today I had to move my large heavy fridge freezer as my cat got stuck. I was wandering if I have done any damage. Or is it just this worse stomach pain that I have had since.

  119. Hi am 3 weeks old from having a tah and my question is that am a long distance truck driver i drive for six hours before i can rest so after this op can i be driving for such long hours ? And how long can it take before i go back for work

  120. Discharges that have a smell can indicate a minor urinary tract infection, I think you should see your GP again.

  121. Hi Linda. I had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy 27 Mar. The bleeding has stopped but I have a slight discharge which has a slight odour which I only notice when wiping after urninating – is this usual? Also, since the Op, I have lost complete sensation when bladder is full and empty. When full, I begin to feel irritated rather than ‘I need the loo’ and after emptying bladder, I get no sensation (just as well I am not deaf!). I have a 6 week checkup at the hospital 12 May. Will sensation return naturally? Many thanks.

  122. It’s usually an indicator that you’re stretching, bending or lifting too far – it might be worth stopping for a couple of days to see if it settles down.

  123. TAH 16 days ago, stopped taking pain meds days 4 after surgery. Have a bikini cut, only doing light cooking no heavy lifting. Now beginning to have a pulling sensation near incision. Is this my way of continually to heal. Have seen MD and told all is well and I can go back to normal activities

  124. Hi Luella, you’d be best advised to go to bed to sleep, if the stomach is uncomfortable – which is normal, try using a pillow underneath it when you sleep on your side. You shouldn’t be straining as this can encourage a prolapse.

  125. Hello,
    wonder if you can help. I had my womb removed nearly 5 years ago now and my job involves a lot of standing on a stall and stretching above my head now. Yesterday i was getting strong pain in my lower stomach/ or where my womb was. Can you advise me as i have never experienced this before, should i be going to the doctor if this persists?

  126. Hi Linda I am 4 weeks into TAH ovaries are still there I sleep in a chair as when I try to lay down on my bed I seem to get stomach pains is it bad to sleep in a chair as my hubby says that my stomach muscles might heal funny is this true? Also I am doing light duties but I do have IBS as well I find going to the bathroom a strain is this bad to? can u help me?

  127. It depends on why you had the surgery. If it was for prolapse then you may be advised to refrain in the future from this type of heavy work. You’d need to see your GP and perhaps a physio for more guidance on what you will or won’t be able to do.

  128. I had a total vaginal hysterectomy within this last week. I am still sore, but to be expected. My question is this: In time, after the recovery period, will I eventually be able to lift very heavy objects as I did prior to this surgery? I frequently move furniture and other quite heavy objects and am hoping that I will be able to do so again…….in time that is. I am concerned that doing so could result in damaging the vaginal stitching site or ripping the vaulting procedure that my DR. performed.

  129. I had a laparoscopy vaginal assist hysterectomy on the 12th of Feb, leaving one ovary due to endometriosis, 6 days later i spiked a fever an abcess was between my bladder and rectum went back into surgery on the 20th of Feb to repair the abscess, come home and got sick again thought it was dehydration ,returned to the hospital only to find out another abcess had formed in another spot so on March 6th I was back in the operating room for the third time when I came too my doctor told me I had the abcesses because my only ovary I had left was infected so he removed it and my appendix were removed also because they were inflammed.. so to my point it has been 2 weeks since my last surgery and when I get up and move around I get weak and tired very fast taking a shower causes shortness of breath and shaking like I ran a 5k race is this normal, have had numerous ct scans and chest xrays all normal for the shortness of breath but shouldn’t I be able to do more without getting so tired and weak…

  130. Hi I had TAH overies left in on the 10th feb 2015 so nearly 6 weeks, recovery has been good, but occasionally I have this heavy burning feeling at the bottom of my vagina, sometime it can feel like my insides are falling out, could you please tell me if this is a common feeling, thank you Katrina

  131. I’ve been back to Gyna & nothing more they can do for me. I’ve to live with this severe pain. 2 long painful lumps appeared up on either side of my wound 10 wks after op. My left hip is frozen a bit & tight. I’ve now had a thickish sticky yellow discharge come out of my vagina when I walked down the hall – is this normal 2.5 year after my hysterectomy…? Thank you…

  132. I have a total laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy about 3 weeks ago tomorrow, still having quite a bit of pain can’t really move well, been short of breath,I’m not having any bleeding but I keep feeling these tearing poppy bubble pains not quite sure what’s going on?any advice welcome oh and by the way I’m only 28 years old and he took everything cervix uterus tubes and ovaries… also slight pain in my legs up by my vaginal area and my stomach area expands a lot when I eat or drink is this normal?

  133. Hi Linda, thank you very much for so many great information and advice given to us women.

    I wrote to you with my concern about my Surgery and the doctor Taking me off all medication five days after my surgery, my concern now is on the 9th February 2015, my stitches was removed, three days after am getting burning tingle on my right side where the stitches was remove, I did call my doctor and he told me there is nothing to worry about, but what I don’t understand why is it burning so bad. Am following all the does and dont. My next visit to doctor is three weeks.

  134. Had a total abdominal hysterectomy on the 25th February 2015, am in no pain, but my concern is my GP took me off from all medication on the 5th day, such as pain killers and antibiotics, should I be concerned? Have to remove the stitches on 9th March 2015.

  135. There is no one size fits all Annette – you can only do what you can do. Although the average time to return to work after an abdominal hysterectomy is between 9 and 13 weeks, more if you do a heavy manual job ….

  136. Hi i had full hysterectomy almost five weeks ago now,im due back at work in two weeks time,im worried as im not sure if im able to go back yet,i still have a stinging pain where my cut is and also sharp pain every so often going down from my stomach to the cut,i work as a chef so there is alot of heavy lifting,i work with one other chef but it does mean two days a week i have to work on my own to cover the other chefs days off so lifting is going to be unavoidable,how long will i need to be off to be able to go back to work without risk of doing damage by lifting things

  137. I’m assuming this in under investigation Gail as it’s certainly not normal. Perhaps a physiotherapist might be able to advise whether the abdominal ligaments have been overstretched or are mis-aligned with your pelvis and back.

  138. I had TAH (womb, ovaries, tubes, cervix) removed via abdominal incision. I was told I could do everything bar hoovering. So I kept trying. In severe pain still – I think all stitches ripped. I had weak back before op and now few steps and I’m in severe pain – sometimes break out in sweat from it. 2 year later still severe pain and housebound. Any advice..?

  139. I am now 11 days post op. I had a Total hysterectomy with everything removed. Uterus, cervix, tubes and ovaries. I’m 39 yrs and I’ve been getting by pretty good. I feel extremely worn out and have been off narcotics for 3 days now. Last night i went over to a friends house and had some beers for the first time since surgery. I woke up a few times last night feeling a lot more sore and have been on the couch most of the day listening to my stomach talk and feeling extremely sore, like I backtracked a week. Would drinking beers cause me to backtrack this drastically?

  140. I had aTAH 3 weeks ago. It went well and apart from the usual pain, constipation and sleepiness I have recovered very well. I was able to go back to work in week 2 as I have a desk job. It is important to walk around and keep your mind focused on the healing aspect of all this. Bend your knees when bending and if you’re forced to lift something use your arms. I have 2 small babies and used my legs or a chair to disperse their weight on the few occasions I had to lift them. Every now and then if I’ve done too much I need to lie down and take it easy. Listen to your body. Eat plenty veggies and drink enough water. Take less pain meds if possible. Be strong and keep telling yourself, “I am getting bettter every day!”

  141. It is a common feeling to be trapped on the hamster wheel but the reality is you are improving, it’s just slow and takes time. It can be up to 12 months before you feel completely over it. If the menopause has kicked in then that will be complicating matters so doing something about it is important. It can take 3 months to know if a type of HRT suits you or not and the best thing to do is try it, if this one doesn’t work or causes problem you can ask your GP to try another.

  142. Hi linda, i had ath and one ovary removed 17 weeks ago. My recovery has been slow, got an internal infection post op, two weeks after. Back in to hospital and had antibiotics, got all clear from hospital week 11. However, was extremely nervous doing things, tensed up a lot if i had to bend because back muscles were slightly playing up, which some days would limit my walking. Also menopause seems to have kicked in (which i am finding that hard to deal with). I am off pay from work so have added pressure to recover and return. However, i was starting to feel my flexibity was improving, the last week or two but yesterday tried to cut my toe nails for the first time myself. Was very tense and back was sore and slight stinging at scar. Today, when i tried to put my shoes on, the stinging in scar area came back but worse. Now i am not in excrutiating pain or anything but just worrying could i have done any damage to the scar or muscle tissue. Most of my twinges/pains were almost gone at this stage and i just feel am i ever going to be normal again. Also the last week my energy levels have gone very low, although i am also experiencing memopause symptoms the past week. I have been offered hrt but when i got the prescription i was afraid to take it 1. Because i have bad circulation in left leg and 2. It states if you suffer from migraine it may not be suitable to take. I got a lot of migraines years ago but saw a specialist and was put on treatmemt for months. I occasionally would get migraine but nit very often thank god but at time doc recond my migraines were hormonally linked hence my hesitation to try hrt. Finally would reflexology or accupuncture be any help to aid my recovery and deal with menopause symptoms. I feel like a hamster trapped on a wheel unable to get off. I know i have improved a lot but i also suffer frm anxiety and these little set backs are bringing me down. Any advice at all would be appreciated. Sorry for long winded e mail, thanks again caroline

  143. A&E is Accident and Emergency here in the UK. It’s the same thing as the Emergency Room in the United States. You’ve not been home long and it can take several days for bowels to settle down because the anaesthetic disrupts them. It’s important to remember that in addition to eating you need to be exercising too as this helps normalise things. Several short walks every day increasing the distance by just a few steps daily will help to get you moving again.

  144. At Linda Parkinson-Hardmn….What’s A & E?
    I had partial abdominal hysterectomy, done on 12/31/2014… I been home two days and I think am doing well. After reading some on the blogs I have an idea what to do and NOT TO DO.
    I haven’t had a normal BM and I am taking milk of magnesia. I eat my regular breakfast, lunch and dinner and am concern by when should it all be normal?
    Thank you

  145. Hi, Azarine and l had a abdomen hysterectomy, with everything beening removed, 7weeks ago, but I had to strain using the bathroom, after that, so much pain on my left back and my incision, on the inside, did I do damage

  146. Hi Tonya. Good practice is always to bend from the knees, whether or not you’ve had surgery because it supports the back. But, there is nothing to say you can’t bend after surgery, just that it might be more difficult and you ‘might’ cause a problem. If you feel no ill-effects, aren’t in any pain and aren’t bleeding, the chances are there is nothing wrong. Don’t worry about it. Just remember next time to bend from the knees πŸ™‚

  147. Hi my name is Tonya I had a had laparoscopy hysterectomy everything removed but my ovaries. On September 15th 2014 just 4 days ago. I had 4 cuts in my abdomen and my understanding everything was removed vaginally. Ok my question is this,… I bent over to pick up things off the floor a few times nothing heavy a piece of paper, a book, the remote. Etc I also dropped the soap while showering and I bent over to pick it up. I did not use my knees. I wasn’t told not to bend. And I had a woman tell me if I did in fact bend that early. I have damaged NY insides and I and I am so worried now. Do you please have any advice for me and thank you so very much.

  148. I had TAH 3 weeks ago tomorrow, this morning I felt really good full of energy, did light house work, not lifted anything heavy but moved about alot today, haven’t bent tummy, but leant over, I’m now in complete agony and my cut is very swollen, plse tell me I can’t do internal damage

  149. Some light bleeding is perfectly normal. But if you’ve been doing housework then you may well be overdoing the bending and stretching and pulling on the wounds. It might be worth to get a quick check-up with your GP to make sure all is OK.

  150. Hi I’m 2 1/2 weeks post hysterectomy I had full vaginal hysterectomy removal of ovaries tubes womb n cervix . I have 4 small incision as was done keyhole n one through belly button , however around these and internally I’m getting stinging pain and pain in my right leg around pelvic bone I’m able to bend etc n been doing housework , I’m worried that I am doing too much too soon and as I’ve got internal stitching on my ligaments I’m worried I will have pulled adominal muscle or wall n ripped stitches open . Bleeding very light just a discharge of yellow brown is this normal belly still swollen n alot lower back pain , can anyone help please of advise

  151. 7/21/14 had total hysterectomy plus removal of 17cm tumor sitting on my bladder. I have to say the first 3 days were hard. BUT I did sleep and rest a lot. I purchased 5 over sized sleep shirts and a big package of ‘granny panties’ to avoid any pressure on my belly. I was very lucky that the surgeon was able to use the di vinci procedure to remove the tumor and reproductive system.
    My eldest daughter and family took my youngest daughter on vacation with them to give me rest. My sister & spouse cleaned my house the morning of my surgery & purchased quick fix meals for me for the first week. A call at lunch from work friends to check on me and sisters & aunts rotated calling me each evening to check on me. (I refused to let someone come sit with me at any time and only one visitor a day after first week) ALL I wanted and needed was to take it easy. I left my car at a friends to avoid the temptation to drive anywhere for 10 days.
    Had my recheck on 8/7 with the Dr. from the cancer care center who did my surgery. He has cleared me for full return to work with no heavy lifting for 4 more weeks, I can do that.
    I am truly blessed and amazed with my recovery, but I had a loving family and friends to help out. I hope you all the best of luck with your recoveries!!! Blessed, Judy

  152. Hi I had a total hysterectomy 11 weeks ago but at week 8 I developed a burning and tearing pain in the stitches across my belly button ( i have a 20 cm cut from top to bottom, going through my belly button). I have been to 3 doctors who keep telling me there is nothing wrong but I am in so much pain I cant even stand, please help any advice is welcomed

  153. Hi!

    It’s been a month since my mom had an operation and she’s feeling a slight pain in her left leg, slight pain urinating, and sometimes she can’t sleep. Is this normal? What vegetables does she need to avoid?
    Please advise…

  154. One of the problems with some types of food is that they are naturally gaseous and if you aren’t normally used to eating them they can make your digestive a little unsettled. You probably weren’t set back as such, but it must have been painful. I’d say that it’s always better to eat healthy as that is better for you in the long run.

  155. I had a TAH a week ago and I ate string beans and asparagus for dinner yesterday with Salmon. I was in dire pain with gas. I feel I got set back from my progress. I drank peppermint tea and water to help with the gas.
    Are these healthy choices too soon to eat?

  156. It’s been a year since I have had a TVH and I am feeling some discomfort. I think it is food related but am not certain as I have never had a problem with eating nor drinking (non-alcoholic) anything before. For about a week, I have been craving to have Barq’s root beer. I can probably drink a two liter once every six months. Other than that, I am diluting juice everyday – 75% water, 25% juice. Two days ago I purchased the root beer, drank it and, I was fine, woke up, no problems at all. Two hours later, I had the worst cramps ever and was doubled over in pain. I’ve never been a drinker of alcoholic beverages nor a smoker. I am fit and healthy in every way. I have gained a few pounds after this surgery and I have to work extra hard to keep the pounds down. This pain came out of nowhere and the root beer is the only thing I can attribute it to. I don’t have craving often. All junk foods and snacks that I used to eat moderately are now non-existent. Are there things to avoid after having this surgery?

  157. I had a hysterectomy about 3 weeks ago had total hysterectomy my stomach at the bottom is still real num no feeling when will the feeling come back and down by the line where my incision was cut it’s a little swollen a little puffy is that normalI have been doing a lot of driving and a lot of walking my mother is also sick so I’ve been having to help her out have I put a strain on my incisionbecause I feel little knots in my stomach when I rub it but I’m now resting and I go back to work in about 3 weeks thanks for the help

  158. Hi, I had vaginal hysterectomy 8 1/2 weeks ago. I haven’t returned to work yet as my job involves ladders/ climbing/ heavy lifting and carrying. I feel that having had problems with hrt for the last 6 weeks I am not yet quite ready to return and need another week off. The hospital make it seem like the sooner I return the better but I fear I will end up hurt and I have to work alone so will have nobody to help me. Does 9 1/2 weeks really seem unreasonable after this op considering the job I do? I am feeling quite upset by this

  159. Had TAH 3 weeks ago feel absolutely fab. Follow hospital advice and rest. housework always there. ask family members for help. Had fabulous hospital care. Listen to your body if you push things you may end up with prolapse which may result in long term complications.

  160. I had my surgery, 13 days ago. I have had very little pain, but I am sore and tired. I own a furniture consignment shop and don’t know when I can expect to go back to work. I know lifting is a no-no, but for how long? I find I can get up and go until about noon, then I hit a wall. I am exhausted. How hong can I expect that to last. When will I know I can return to work?

  161. I had my full hysterecty Dec 27,2013. It has been 2 wks now, and I still have a lot of pain in and around my belly button? I can’t say its from lifting, cause I have a wonderful man that helps a lot! But I don’t understand why after two weeks I still have that much pain, any info would be helpful, I am just tired of being in pain πŸ™

  162. thanks for the prompt reply – anything long term to worry about, or just a reminder to pace myself?

  163. Hi – I had a TAH 5 weeks ago – feel great, all things considered. I am just wondering about using a backpack when out shopping to avoid carrying heavy bags. I was out yesterday with a moderately heavy back pack which caused no pain whatsoever, but now my stomach feels a bit sore. Can I have hurt myself at all? Thanks.

  164. How long it takes to recover is different for everyone and dependent on lots of different factors, such as the type of op you had, why you had it, levels of fitness etc …. The swelling is reasonably normal and will take many months to go down completely. Soreness is less so and it might be worth getting it checked out with your GP.

  165. I had a total abdominal Hysterectomy , with tubes, ovaries, cervix and tummy tuck, large fibroid removed on October 22,2013. I had Bladder infection and Urinary Tract Infection. My stomach is still swollen on the left side and sore. Is that Normal. How long does it take to recover?

  166. I had a total Nov 6,2013, also. I had little pain. I went back to work Monday, I have a desk job so it was easy to go back. I think it’s normal not to feel much pain. Everyone is body is different.

  167. Hi CJ, yes those are both normal – if they get heavy or smelly then you’ll need to see your GP πŸ™‚

  168. I had a total TAH 11-12-13 it will be exactly 3 weeks tomorrow. Recovery has been slower than expected. I’m still very sore and the last few days i’ve been cramping a lot. My stomach is still swollen but the incision seem to be healing. Also experiencing some lite bleeding and discharge. Is this normal?

  169. I just had a total hysterectomy on Wednesday November 6th, 2013 and had no pain after surgery even days later? I just want to know if that is normal or not. My sister is having something similar , but her doctor is going to burn her inner lining ? Is this normal? Will she be in pain after or will there be no pain.

    I had a D & C in September or October that did not work. Why didn’t it work?

  170. i had my tah post op last aug.26.after 1and a half wks. there is vaginal discharge,light pink then spots of blood is this normal coz when i went to my doc and chked she told me its healing inside.she gave anti biotics for 1wk.until when is the discharged stops?

  171. Is this a serous mattr or can I just use pain killers I really battel after this OP.Do I need to see my Gp or the doc who had done my OP I do have an apointment in 4weks time??

  172. I had a hystorectomy done 2weeks ago I want to go back to work in the next few days I am in terrible pain sleep bad at night I also got a pain full left leg can you maby tell me why is that so after op?

  173. You could have strained the muscles, a bit like a strained ankle or you could have torn something, however the latter is probably not what has happened as you would be in a lot of very intense pain that would be like breaking a bone.

  174. I had a TAH on Aug 13, 2012. I have had several appointsment with my gp and was told everything has been healing properly. I was even given the ok to have sex at ten weeks. The few times my partner and I have had sexually intercourse I have spotted after. I do have an appointment coming up, but I wanted to know if that is normal.

  175. I have had a total hysterectomy, cut down from belly button. This was first week in September. Two weeks ago a co worker had a heart attack and I had to lift her with another person off a chair onto the floor (she did pass away). This has caused strain on my stomach and I am in a lot of pain. GP prescribed anti inflammatory and pain killers, but still in pain. She has requested an emergency scan (last Monday) no appointment yet at hospital. What damage could I have done.

  176. I had an abdominal hysterectomy 4wks ago its been tough as I had no help from my husband and daughter when I got home after 4 days after my op I started vacuuming cooking and doing washing I still have pain and have this huge belly wich I never had I also get tired often or my left leg would pain I’m living off on painkillers to ease the pain I also noticed my appetite has increased greatly. I never had a tummy or a craving for food what can I do about it?and also what strain or injury did I put on my wound?the right side of my wound still pains a lot as I find it strange coz the left side feels fine plz advise thanx

  177. You can bend but you need to use your knees rather than bending from the waist – it puts too great a strain on your back and abdomen otherwise. There is probably not much you can’t try – but if your body tells you it’s not ready with a twinge of pain then it’s probably worth waiting a few days before trying again.

  178. I had a total abdominal Hysterectomy, with tubes, ovaries, cervix and large fibroid removed on the 23rd October, exactly 5 weeks ago. I had infection 3 days after Op called Cellulitus, very painful, was put On Antibiotics for 17 days. A week later got Urinary Tract Infection which resulted in another 5 days of antibiotics. Its now 5 weeks since had op, stomach still swollen and sore, but trying to get on with things, was extremely tired but thats now improving. They say dont bend down to the floor or washing Machine, but when can you do these things? Not sleeping well at night and go to toilet at least 3 times in the night. Would be grateful to hear from anybody who is 5 weeks on or more.

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