When can I fly after my hysterectomy?

It is often a good idea to have a holiday planned following your hysterectomy as this will help you think about relaxing rather than worrying about things you need to do around the house. However, you won’t be able to fly after a hysterectomy for several weeks.

This is because when you fly you increase your risk of deep vein thrombosis, as abdominal surgery increases this risk even more then you effectively double the risk of developing a DVT in flight. The change in air pressure can also cause problems with wounds.

As a result most airlines have policies in place which will tell you at what point they will accept you on a flight. It would also be worth checking with your travel insurer what their policies are as well.

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  1. I had an abdominal hysterectomy on 14th June, aged 65. I’m flying to Majorca on 19th July, 5 weeks post op, desperate for some sunshine!
    Everything is healing well, I feel much fitter than before the op, although I do get tired after walking.
    My GP has said it’s fine to fly that distance, so long as I wear my surgical socks during both flights. He did say he would have recommended I wait at least 6 weeks had the flight been longer haul. I shall rest when I’m there and enjoy every second!

  2. HI,
    I am due an hysterectomy on 06 June but go on holiday on 25th July. I have to have abdominal, do you think I will be ok for my holiday? i.e I am slways in the pool on holiday.

  3. Hi.im going to have a laparoscopic histerectomy and need to fly four weeks after that.the flight is nearly two hours.will the wounds inside be affected, the ligaments, etc?
    Thank you for reply

  4. I had a total hysterectomy last Wednesday 20/01/2016, I’m due to fly back to my place which is a 2 hours flight. I have my first review on the 1st of February 2016. Since the operation I have been able to walk and Sit here and there. The pain and discomfort is still there but I feel a whole lot better when I sit on raised chairs. The total hysterectomy is not what I planned when I went for the operation but due to the complications they found my Mom had to sign a consent form to save my life as I had made her promise my life first angels will come if it’s God’s will. Each comment I’ve read has been of great help. Thank you ever so much and be blessed.

  5. I am 41/2 weeks post op (very large scar which split after 10 days) and I’ve just come back from a weekend break to Krakow. I checked with my GP and travel insurance. GP said to take it easy and get taxi’s if I got tired. I had a fab time and it did me the world of good being with friends. It even helped me get my appetite back a little. I wore my DVT socks the whole time and my Hysterectomy Association `band’. It was only a 2.20hrs flight and I did get a bit of swelling of my tummy on the way out (I was very lucky to have empty seats in front of me so I could lay down). I had looked on this site before to see if I could travel – the airline said 10 days after abdominal surgery. I think you also have to go with how you are feeling – I’m lucky that I was feeling great and had people to carry everything for me and would stop for a rest whenever I needed it.

  6. It’s been 5 1/2 months since my surgery I had it on June 2 2015… we are going to Jamaica on Nov 28 2015 I should be ok right? Do you think I need to see my doctor? I haven’t had any issues since my surgery. I think I will be fine. Any suggestions?
    Thanks Susan

  7. It is always worth contacting the airline as well Karen. However you have paid an excess on the insurance and will be four months post op so it’s highly likely they will be fine about it.

  8. Hi, I have just booked to go to Turkey and it will be four months exactly sine my Hysterectomy. I had total abdominal. I have to pay a small amount on my insurance premium but that is all. I’m worried now I’ve booked as I haven’t cleared it with my GP but I haven’t had any problems since my surgery. Do I need to ring the airline then? Karen

  9. I went on holiday 3 months after my hysterectomy and flew to Turkey. I checked with my travel insurance and had to pay an additional premium because I had had an operation less than 6 months ago. It now covers me for a year for anything to do with my operation.

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