Will I still have periods?

Question: I have been told that I need to have a subtotal hysterectomy for painful heavy periods. I am fine about this now but am worried that I read that you can still have periods which makes me wonder what’s the point? Can you help with any advice?

Our Answer: You won’t have periods as such, but there some women do experience a small amount of breakthrough bleeding from the cervix on a monthly basis, which certainly won’t be anything like a normal period.

You may also experience some bleeding if you have granulation at the site of the internal wounds.


  1. I just had a full hysterectomy removed ovaries, uterus and cervix will I still have my monthly period

  2. Last year I found out that my cervix is still en tact, my first surgery I had my uterus removed due to heavy bleeding but my oncologist advice me to go back to have a complete hysterectomy about three years later dues to the cancer runs in my family. My GYN scheduled me to have a ultra-sound this Thursday because of the bleeding. Is this something I should be worry about? I need to know if I should mention this finding to my Oncologist. Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I forgot to mention during second surgery I had endometriosis.

  3. It’s probably worth making an appointment with your GP to get it all checked out.

  4. I had laparoscopy hysterectomy everything removed but my ovaries. On September 29 2014 I had 4 cuts in my abdomen and my understanding everything was removed vaginally. Today I notice a small amount of blood when I used the bathroom. I never had any bleeding after my hysterectomy my question is it this normal? I also been having a little white discard. I never had anything like this since the Hysterectomy and it’s been 8 months.

  5. I had total hysterectomy in june 2011 i have been bleeding ever since is this normal i have to change my pad at least 3 times a day.

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