Well, what a weekend; if it could go wrong, it went wrong and at one point my friend Mary and I really felt as if we were being given a very strong message that we weren’t supposed to be in Marlborough for the crop circle conference. But we stuck it out, without hot water and with very little gas; and I’m sooooo glad we did because I wouldn’t have missed what I learnt for anything.

I still don’t have a really good feel for whether it is human hands, earth energies or ‘aliens’ that create the circles; and in many ways I don’t feel it is important as they seem to create an energy that is all their own. For instance we were in one at Milk Hill in Wiltshire on Monday and when I dowsed (yes, I do that too) the edge of the formation I found that the vast majority of it had a positive reading, but some parts had a negative reading – not so unexpected you might think! But the negative readings were all within the tips of the five pointed star at the top of the formation, which then switched back to a positive reading in the circles at the top.

I mentioned this to Mary later and she suggested that maybe it was picking up on the feminine (positive) and masculine (negative) aspects of the formation, this is because the formation is comprised of a star, two hearts and a ‘tail’ of much smaller circles.

Until later then, and our next cup of coffee!


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