The pen is indeed mightier than the sword – let’s all celebrate national stationery day

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s International Day of the Book and World Book Night comes National Stationery Day. April 24th is a day of celebration of the written word and of all things stationery. It has been launched to get more people putting pen to paper, and writing more often by hand. There’s more to life than email and texting!  Let’s face it, we all love to receive ‘proper post’, something with our name and address hand written on it sent to us personally and containing all sorts of things from a card to a letter from an old friend or a loved member of the family.

And let’s not forget that many of the best authors hand wrote all their novels despite the invention of the typewriter and computer; Roald Dahl springs to mind and he sat in an easy chair with a board across the arms and wrote, but hand and with proper pens and paper.

Ernest Hemingway is famous not only for his novels but also for making Moleskine notebooks the ‘must have’ writers accompaniment. So go on, what’s your favourite stationery item?

You can find out what’s going on on Twitter with the hashtag #NSD and on their Facebook page too. And .. they have a competition to win a hamper of stationery, all you need to do is tweet them with the hashtag #NSD or comment on their Facebook Page telling them your favourite stationery item/s.

By the way, the book I picked up yesterday at the World Book Night event I attended was Misery by Stephen King. I also bagged two other swaps as well and am looking forward to settling down for a good read this weekend.


  1. I must admit I find that my hand aches when I use it for any length of time to write notes when I’m with clients or in meetings and my handwriting, well it looks like a spider crawled across the page usually 🙂

  2. I honestly couldn’t imagine writing ye olde style. My handwriting was bad enough in school when I was doing it every day – I only ever do it to write the occasional IP address or printer name down now…

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