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In 1997 I founded the Hysterectomy Association. It closed after 22 years and all the content from the website moved here. You’ll find all the classic information here, as well as new thoughts and ideas.

You can also sign up for the free booklet and 6 weeks of handy recovery hints and tips, as well as share your own experiences of health and hysterectomy.

And don’t forget to participate in the research surveys too!

Life, the universe and medicine – part 1

Like everyone, I assume I’ll live forever. Although I often wonder whether anyone would come to my funeral and who would wear black, it never actually occurrs to me that there is an endpoint....

The hidden side of poverty

Poverty, alongside topics like coronavirus, Trump and climate change, is a pretty constant topic across the media these days. We endlessly debate the ethics of allowing children at home and abroad to go hungry...

Richa’s post surgery miracle drink

I was sent this recipe from Richa who says “I have had this drink throughout my recovery after having hysterectomy and It really has helped me so much especially with the initial constipation I...

I never thought I’d be awake during my hysterectomy – Jill’s story

Hi I’m 53 years old and have three children, here’s my hysterectomy story. After giving birth to my second and third children in 1999 and 2005, I had problems with my pelvic floor and...

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