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In 1997 I founded the Hysterectomy Association. It closed after 22 years and all the content from the website moved here. You’ll find all the classic information here, as well as new thoughts and ideas.

You can also sign up for the free booklet and 6 weeks of handy recovery hints and tips, as well as share your own experiences of health and hysterectomy.

And don’t forget to participate in the research surveys too!

Latest health posts ..

Still experiencing post hysterectomy fatigue – Alison’s story

I am now 7 months 2 weeks after my hysterectomy and still experiencing debilitating post hysterectomy fatigue. I had an emergency procedure and was not well enough to have it having had such severe bleeding, anaemia and admissions for blood…


Shock diagnosis of uterine cancer – Vicki’s story

My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1999 aged 72 and died shortly afterwards as it had spread. I went to my doctor and asked if I could have some sort of screening. Despite the fact there was no…


Vaginal hysterectomy plus sacrospinus fixation for prolapse – Giselle’s story

I had a very difficult birth with my only child 24 years ago, so when I first suspected I had a prolapse problem some 7 years ago, I hoped and hoped that it would just “go away”, hence the reason…


Hysterectomy bladder hell – Vicki’s story

I had my total hysterectomy recently. As far as the hysterectomy is concerned all went really well. Op stayed keyhole as planned and I seemed to be doing well. That is until the morning after when they removed my catheter…


Healing fully after a hysterectomy

One of the most confusing things after a hysterectomy is how to handle strange or uncomfortable symptoms that persist – especially once you’ve been told you’re all healed up. Advertisements Like this:Like Loading…


Recovery from hysterectomy followed by post-op sepsis – Helen’s story

I have suffered from heavy periods all my life. A couple of years ago, as I reached 50, my periods became almost endless, flooding and very painful. After trying the pill, tranexamic acid, iron tablets and a host of other…

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