Researchers at the Royal London Hospital have found that there appears to be a greater feeling of satisfaction levels following hysterectomy rather than endometrial ablation.  However satisfaction is also high following ablation and the procedure is less invasive and safer. Further research is required, however, to evaluate the long-term efficacy of ablation when compared to hysterectomy. (Nurs Stand. 2003 Sep 17-23;18 (1) pp 33-7)


  1. Unfortunately we can’t tell what type of surgery will be best for you as we aren’t your medical practitioners. Perhaps a chat through the various options with your GP or a nurse would be the ideal way to help you make a decision Jeanette.

  2. I have had heavy bleeding for the last 4 or 5 months and I have to decide wheather to do the ablasion or the hysterectomy. I have fibroids, which is the major cause of the heavy bleeding. I also have a small cyst too, which I am concerned with. So, with these issues, which option is better?

  3. You have not made a mistake. endometrial ablations are a straightforward easy procedure done in day surgery on the same day and you go home same day with very quick recovery. It will improve your bloodloss temporarily. Also you wont need to be off work for long only 1week. A hysterectomy is a major surgery which you will need to stay in hospital for at least 5days off work for 6weeks or 12weeks. If you are a workaholic like me it would make you insane to not work for that length of time, i would need to psychologically prepare myself for it. however this would solves the bleeding problem permanently. Ablations give you a temporary relief for up to 5yrs, then if the problem comes back a hystrectomy will be your only option left.

  4. I just had a ablation done last week and I didnt get the hysterectomy. Is one better than the other? Im concerned I made a bad choice.

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