Are Catheters Necessary for 24 Hours After Hysterectomy?

Researchers at the University of Colorado have conducted research to determine if there are any adverse effects related to the earlier removal of a catheter after hysterectomy.  They have found that there are no increased incidences of fever, urinary tract infections or a need for re-cathertarisation. (Am J Obstet Gynaecol; 2003; Aug; 189 (2): pp437-7)


  1. Hi Shirley, I think it might be worth a trip to the GP to check on your bowel and bladder as that doesn’t sound quite right. You can strenthen the muscles through exercises such as the kegel exercises or pilates and yoga, as these all work on the core abdominal muscles.

  2. I had a full H last October(suspected cancerous fibroids which turned out not to be TG) which went a little astray as I was very sick. The vomiting undid all my stitches so 48 hrs later I was back in theatre having it all stitched up again(12, across bikini line). My problem is that my bowel and bladder feel as though they are about to appear in the outer stratosphere as they fill up. Will this disappear as my muscles strengthen? I am 78 so my age is against me. I am limited as to what exercises I can do. Any suggestions? live alone so have to self-help.

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