Can you help us decide future information needs?

The Hysterectomy Association began life as a piece of research for a Masters degree back in 1995.  The research was looking at the information needs of women undergoing a hysterectomy and whether these needs were being met.  As a result of that research the first website was produced and our original booklet was created.

However, over the years much of our anecdotal evidence from your emails and phone calls suggests that possibly not much has changed, that the need is still there and it’s still not being met in the ways you would like it to be.  Therefore, we decided that we would re-do the original research to see whether what (if anything) has changed.

We would be very grateful if you would consider completing our online questionnaire IF YOU HAVE ALREADY HAD A HYSTERECTOMY to tell us about your experience.

You can find the questionnaire at: please-help-us-with-our-survey-into-the-information-needs-of-hysterectomy-patients/

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