Chances Of Getting Cancer May Be Reduced By Hysterectomy

Researchers have suggested that women may be able to create some protection for themselves from gynaecological cancers by having their ovaries and uterus removed, if they have been diagnosed with nonpolyposis colorectal cancer or Lynch syndrome.

Women who already have these diseases have a much higher chance of developing endometrial and ovarian cancer in the future, in fact the chance of developing either of these cancers can be as high as 40-60%.   It is known that women who don’t have the Lynch syndrome have only a 1% to 3% chance of developing either endometrial or ovarian cancer.

Hysterectomy as a prophylactic is already used in rare cases in the UK for women who have developed an oestrogen dependent breast cancer and where there is a fear that ovarian or endometrial cancer may be developed.


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