Clinical Trials – An Opportunity To Make A Difference

There are not many activities that provide the chance for you to make a positive difference to the lives of millions of people and to receive compensation for doing so. Volunteering to take part in a clinical trial is the exception. Covance are presently looking for post menopausal or surgically sterile women to participate in our latest clinical study.

Volunteering in a clinical trial is not for everyone and it is important for that Covance are honest with you about the benefits and risks involved. The data they gain from their clinical studies provides regulatory bodies with the crucial information they need to approve new drugs that can be used to help treat sufferers all over the world. You will not only have the reward of knowing you are doing a great service for medical science, they will also compensate you for your time and the discomfort and inconvenience caused by agreeing to participate in the trial.

Covance consider safety as their utmost priority in all clinical studies. As medical testing in the UK is heavily regulated, considerable measures are in place to ensure a volunteer’s safety. Health authority approval is needed before they start any clinical trial, and if there is any significant risk to human participants, the trial will not take place.

They aren’t saying there is no risk involved in a trial. You will be participating in valuable research, the regular monitoring and first rate support they give you will help spot any side effects as quickly as possible. When carrying out the first stage of human trials Covance always begin using a low-level dose, so any adverse side effects can be highly controlled and minimised.

Participating in a clinical trial is a great way to make new friends and meet like-minded people. They often find the friendships amongst their volunteers continue well after the studies are over. Volunteers are glad they had the opportunity to take part in the trials. It is also a way to earn some extra money.

During the days you are on the trial you will find yourself with some free time. Volunteers often find it a welcome break from the stress of their everyday lives. During the trial, they do not just leave you with nothing to do, the comfortable facilities are equipped with books, magazines, movies and internet access, giving you a variety of options depending how you like to spend your day.

With the help of volunteers, Covance are making real changes to medical science and helping people across the world to access more effective drugs and treatments. They would love you to be a part of their journey, so if you are a post menopausal or surgically sterile women please get in touch to participate in the latest trial.


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Covance Inc.


  1. Hi Linda
    Will they take you on clinical trials if you are already on medication?

  2. I live in edinburgh would i be able to participate or is it peole local to leeds?

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