Do you really need a hysterectomy for heavy bleeding?

Almost one in four women, experience heavy periods at some stage in life, but only half of them decide to visit a doctor for medical help.  It is possible that this may be because they are concerned about being offered a possible hysterectomy instead of other treatment.

Excessive menstrual bleeding can be caused by many different gynaecological conditions including endometriosis, fibroids and a hormonal imbalance.  However, for many women there is no known or identified cause even when anaemia is the result.  There are though, many alternative treatments available to women who are concerned about heavy bleeding and we have loads of information on the following sections and pages of the website:


  1. I am 52. I start off w/ my age since I presumed that as women got older they started to prepare for menopause. Last summer I had a period that lasted two months long. I had a biopsy and blood work and discovered I had hyperplasia and hormone imbalance. I learned I had polyps so I had the polys removed as well as the hyperplasia via a D&C. Now it is all starting all over again. This time surgery, a full hysterectomy is required. I think doctors take the D&C route first if it is poss., and if the bleeding continues then further surgery is required.

  2. i have heavy bleeding for over a year over the christmas period it came really badi had a scan were they found a mass on my overies and fibroid im waiting to see the consultant im really worried ,any one eles had this and what outcome will i have

  3. It is highly likely that it was the stress that caused your premature bleed and also your age, as you will be heading into the peri-menopause where you will find that things fluctuate far more frequently than before. If it continues I’d suggest talking with your GP before deciding how to deal with it.

  4. Hi
    I am really worried as my period has started about 2 wks early. I have been through a lot of stress lately and embarked on some exercise (only the once in the last 2 weeks). I have also been drinking several cups of green tea (decaf) in a day for the last week to try and reduce my caffeine intake and generally not consuming many calories.
    I am 40 and have never really experienced irregular periods. This one has been very heavy and I have had quite a bit of period pain but I do get pain from time to time anyway with my periods. I have an 8 yr old child.
    I am hoping it is a hormonal imbalance. Someone has suggested I use a progesterone cream. Would you agree ?

  5. ive been diagnosed with multiply fibroids and was adviced to have a hysterectomy but im also diabetic on insulin i would really appreciated some advise becaused i really dont want to have the op done thanks.
    your input will be highly appreciated

    kind regards

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