Does your lifestyle cause a change in the effect of alcohol on bone density at menopause?

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen have been looking at the research about lifestyle choices around such factors as healthy eating, smoking and physical activity and considering whether this has an impact on the way that alcohol affects the bone density of women during the menopause.

3,218 women who were aged between 50 and 62 were examined who were part of the Aberdeen Prospective Osteoporosis Screening Study. They were grouped according to their lifestyle choices and then analysis was done to examine the effect of alcohol intake on bone mineral density. This was repeated for a variety of alcohol types including beer, liquor and wine.

The researchers found that women who consumed less than 1 drink per day of alcohol had a significantly greater femoral neck bone mineral density and lumbar spine bone mineral density than those who never consumed alcohol. They noted that only beer had a positive significant effect on lumbar spine bone mineral density after an adjustment was made for lifestyle.


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