Eczema; Are You Itching for a Cure?

Covance is currently appealing for patients with mild, moderate and severe eczema to take part in studying a new, non-steroidal cream. There’s more information about eczema trials here, , but if you’d like to know more about how this study effects you, read on…

It is well documented that atopic dermatitis (eczema) can flare up in response to external factors such as diet and weather. However, medical experts are now beginning to understand the connection between stress and eczema flares. Just as stress can make you feel physically sick, it can lead to less obvious physical changes in the skin. In an attempt to defend your body from stressors, the skin becomes inflamed, exacerbating conditions like eczema. The irony is, eczema flares often cause more stress, which worsens the eczema… and on and on the vicious cycle goes! It’s barely surprising that women often experience severe eczema symptoms in the time around hysterectomy surgery.

What’s more, the menopause can have a very drying effect on the skin. Oestrogen, which helps the skin to produce natural oils and collagen, is reduced, leaving every woman prone to skin dryness and irritation. Add to this a pre-existing condition like eczema and post-operative stress and you have dermatological dynamite!

So – now we’ve established why your eczema is flaring, what can we do about it?

The sad fact is there’s currently no cure for eczema. All of the means of controlling the condition have their drawbacks and limitations. Topical steroids can be very effective at soothing eczema, but they can also cause side effects during usage and withdrawal symptoms afterwards. Searching for an over-the-counter moisturising lotion which hits the spot can be a seemingly endless quest, both frustrating and expensive. Cutting out certain foods can also help – although avoiding allergens like dairy, eggs, wheat or sugar can mean making some drastic lifestyle changes.

In this early stage of testing, there are no guarantees that this new drug will significantly improve the way we treat eczema – but the need to find a new course of action is clear, if we’re to look forward to an itch-free future.

To register for this study, or to find out more about clinical trials in general, call Covance on 01133 945 200.

(Image courtesty James Heilman, MD, Wikipedia)

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