Endometriosis and adhesions – Louise’s story and fund raising request

On the 23rd June I will be raising money for the Hysterectomy Association by taking part in the open water swimming event, the Great East Swim, at Alton Water in Sussex. If you would like to sponsor me please visit my just giving site www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/louise-richardson-3; and remember, every £1 really does makes such a difference.

My name is Louise Richardson and on 28th Feb 2018 I had a LAVH & BSO at 37 years old. It was the end of a long suffering issue with Endometriosis, PCOS and a bulky uterus, which I’d battled with for nearly 20 years. I’d undergone numerous laparoscopic treatments to remove the endometriosis and adhesion’s which had stuck my womb to my bowels and abdominal wall but it kept coming back.

My periods were so heavy I feared leaving the house for flooding and the pain of passing golf ball sized blood clots made me go cold, dizzy and sick. There were many other complications along the way too, I was mentally and physically drained. I think over the years I’d tried every tablet, injection, implant and surgery there was and still I suffered. in the summer of 2017 I had more complications and the only option to put an end to this was a full hysterectomy.

The Hysterectomy Association helped me to prepare for surgery with their helpful free booklet and during recovery with helpful supportive emails but recovery was harder than I thought, I faced pain like I’d never known, infections, emotional heartache, depression and of course the start of the menopause. It’s still only the start of my recovery journey as I have more tests to face, but I’m on the mend.

Gradually as I started to feel better I needed something to re focus my mind, help improve my fitness and aid recovery and give me a reason to push through the rough days and carry on. I used to be a keen swimmer but because of the problems with endometriosis and it’s side effects had to give it up.

So it leads me to the reason for my blog, I decided to make a positive out of a bad situation and what better way to do it, than to help raise money for an association that helped me through the most horrendous time of my life by doing something I loved and missed for so long.

louise richardsonSo, on Saturday 23rd June 2018 at 11am, only 16 weeks post op, I will be taking part in a 1 mile open water swim at Alton Waters, Suffolk as part of the Great Swim Series. I know I’m not going to get any personal bests, I’ll just be thrilled to pass the finish line. I am doing this for me and for other ladies like me so that the Hysterectomy Association can keep as much of their helpful information and support free to those who need it.

To my fantastic family and friends, thank you for your awesome support in getting me through it, I couldn’t have done it without your steadfast love and help. And finally to all my hyster sisters out there…..the sense of loss, the hurt, the heartache and the scars fade … you can finally be free from the things that held you back, stay strong, rest, listen to your body …. you are amazing!

Thank you for taking the time to  read my blog,  I hope you are able to support me by making a donation to this great cause.

If you would like to sponsor me please visit my just giving site www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/louise-richardson-3; and remember, every £1 really does makes such a difference.

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