Endometriosis and Tight Clothing

Suggestions have been made that the difference in pressure between the abdomen and uterus may cause the retrograde menstruation that results in endometriosis.

Researchers have suggested that wearing tight clothing around the abdomen may exacerbate this tendency during womens periods as endometriosis is rarely reported in India and Central Africa where looser clothing is worn.


  1. Well said Andrea! That’s exactly what I thought. The research is ridiculous. For me, endometriosis is an autoimmune disease. I have eczema, asthma, fibromylgia and I’m waiting to find out if I have a mitral valve prolapse. (there is a significant link between the too). The sooner endo is recognised as an autoimmune disease, the sooner we will find a cure for all of us.

  2. I think there are always more factors to take into account than we can possibly imagine and tight clothing has been shown to play a role in many other health conditions. It will though, just be one of many possible reasons.

  3. I had painful periods due to endometriosis from the beginning. No chance of getting away with tight clothing with my school uniform policy, in later life I tended to wear stretchy dresses rather than clothes with constricting waistbands. Sounds like someone’s pet theory, as no evidence is cited other than on ethnic grounds,. Wouldn’t a more likely conclusion of that be that genetic or dietary factors protect women from endometriosis?

  4. Endometriosis is caused by oestrogen dominance. I cannot see a link to tight clothing. Who carried out the research? Where have the results been published? Has the publication been peer-reviewed? Women in Africa and India often have no access to specialist gynaecological care, not to mention that on both continents, there is still a taboo about women’s reproductive health. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that endometriosis is not widely reported in those parts of the world.

    Endometriosis also runs in families. Bearing in mind that my sister also has the condition, and that I was underweight until the age of 38 (tight jeans? in my dreams!), but was suffering from all the symptoms of endometriosis since my early twenties, tight clothing cannot account for my endometriosis. As I’m a PE teacher, I always wear loose fitting clothing.

    I’d love to hear who came up with this theory as it does not say in the article.

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