Exercise and menopausal symptoms

As hormones change for women in the menopause, many complain about hot flushes, irritability, and other symptoms. However, new research says something as simple as increasing your exercise may help.

A study conducted by the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) has shown that about 75% of older women experience hot flushing. Although the physiological causes are not known the NAMS study found that low physical exercise is one factor associated with how often they occur their severity.

One of the researchers (Barbara Bushman) commented “What we have seen in the research is that starting to exercise, or maintaining exercise from when we are younger, provides benefits.” She also went on to say that during the menopause women also lose bone density and muscle mass, so they should focus on flexibility, strength training, and cardio-respiratory work.

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  1. any information for women who have already been through menopause and experiencing terrible hot flashes after hysterectomy surgery with everything removed, all I read is about women who have not gone through menopause prior to surgery. thanks

  2. It might be worth making an appointment with a physiotherapist who might be able to advise on exercises, the alternative would be to book an appointment with a local fitness instructor at the gym as they will be able to help out too.

  3. I am now almost 13 weeks after my hysterectomy. At what stage could I start to do aerobics? I have put a lot of weight on since my operation but I believe its because I have been at home and eat when I watch tv. I have been going out but I find that my back is quiet sore sometimes just doing general housework or walking. I notice you mentioned any pain means Stop, but aerobics does cause you to aches and pain, so could I do some light aerobics and maybe start of with 15 mins and try and work my way up to the full class, what do you think?

  4. im gettig a hysterectomy this week because of a large fibroid, i also have a cyst in 1 overy which is to be removed also, should i keep the good overy? would it help with the menopause? im 52 and no sign of starting the menopause

  5. I had my ovaries and fallopian tubes removed 2 weeks ago via keyhole surgery. The last couple of days I have been going for gentle walks, is this ok? When can I start ‘upping’ the distance I walk and being a keen golfer when can I safely take up the game again?

  6. Any pain means ‘stop’ and as for being on a bike, I’d say a minimum of six weeks to two months.

  7. The general advise I received prior to my hysterectomy (uterus&ovaries) was: no activity in the first two weeks, after that time excercise is ok with caution. To my question as to when I could responsibly ride my bycicle, my surgeon said that I would feel when it was ok. I am wondering which pain is ‘ok’ and which pain means: ‘stop you are doing damage’ ?? Gently walking seems to be no problem, I am now two weeks post op and have felt great doing a few walks a day in the past two days. I am 54 kg and generally fit with a clean bill of health after surgery.

  8. Hi I had hysterectomy about 6 months ago. I just wondering if I can take Megafem tablets. My hysterectomy was due to a low placenta during my pregnancy. Me and my baby are both ok, but now I noticed that I am losing lots of hair recently. Do you think Megafem will help to re-balance my hormone levels?
    Thank you.

  9. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for that I’ll give some a try. I have been taking the dogs for a walk every day since last saturday and as they dont need to be on a lead where we live, its helped my need for exercise & being out in the fresh air and country for half hour or so has improved my general well being.
    Thanks Again

  10. Mmmm, you were probably a little early for something like yoga Beverley, although if you do want to do some then the movements often used for patients with bad backs can be enormously helpful and very gentle too.

  11. I am today 4 wks post op after a total L H and BSO,
    Prior to my op I was doing Yoga for about an hour a day and about half hr on the exercise bike.
    I tried doing a little Yoga last week (10mins)!! but I found that I was aching and it felt as though it was pulling a little on my left side so I gave up.
    I am desperate to start my exercises again but dont know when it will be safe to resume,
    Any ideas please??


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