Getting the bowels working again after hysterectomy

Did you know that a general anaesthetic will actually stop your bowels from working too and it can take several days for them to be become fully functional once the anaesthetic is starting to leave the body. There are many things you can do to help nature take it’s course, because in some cases you won’t be allowed out of hospital until you have been to the loo completely. What about prune juice, extra fruit, drinking water and peppermint tea – all these have been shown to help the body move waste products out of it’s system a little quicker.


  1. Waiting time vary around the UK for different types of surgery and it would be worth asking your GP surgery if they know what the local times are for your area in gynaecology. The more physical the work you do, the longer you will need to take off so yes, there is every chance you’ll be off for 3 months.

  2. Hi I am awaiting a total hysterectomy due to a 23cm fibroid 🙁 how long did people wait for their operation,I have had my pre op but still waiting,I have received the letter to arrange physiotherapy. I work in a holiday camp do you think I will need the full 12 weeks off as its a very physical job walking about.pulling out cookers and fridges ect,i would appreciate any feedback 🙂

  3. It is a better option for people who are afraid of general anaesthetic as well as those that react badly to the drugs too, BUT, not all hospitals offer spinal anaesthesia so it’s always worth asking if you are considering this at all.

  4. Had spinal anaesthesia on Tuesday 2nd Nov for anterior pelvic floor repair (with possibility of hysterectomy). I didn’t need the hysterectomy in the end. I would recommend a spinal to anyone being offered this for a hysterectomy.I chatted to the Anaesthetist throughout the operation. Later on the same day I was able to open my bowels (having followed advice from this website about eating plenty of fibre beforehand). I felt great after the operation, if a little sore. I was able to come home the next day.The younger lady in the bed next to me had a general anaesthetic and she had alot of sickness, so didn’t feel like eating and so felt weak.My surgeon says that they routinely offer women spinal anaesthesia for hysterectomy now as people make a quicker recovery.

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