Researchers at Yale University (US) have demonstrated that newly menopausal women who use HRT for at least five years have firmer skin and fewer wrinkles.  After taking into account a range of factors such as health, sun exposure, age, race and smoking it was found that the skin of those women that used HRT, had greater elasticity than those that did not.



  1. Yes you are, all female cancers have a strong hereditary link and as a result that means that your risk will increase as you age. You won’t age more quickly if your ovaries are removed but you will go into the menopause immediately and you wouldn’t be able to take HRT for the symptoms. Dementia is caused by a number of different factors but there is no (known) link at present to the menopause.

  2. I am a forty three year old women who has suffered from bad periods and ovarian cysts. My mum had a hysterectomy as forty five but they left her ovaries in. Mum has been on HRT for 15yrs as nobody told her to stop taking it. My mum is now fighting stage3 ovarian cancer. Am i at a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer as i have alot of problems myself. Do you age quicker if they take your ovaries away. is there also a greater risk to dementia later on in life.

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