Hysterectomy and weight gain

Many women complain about gaining weight after a hysterectomy and they often put it down to the surgery itself. However, it is entirely possible that weight put on after a hysterectomy is simply down to not modifying the amount eaten to take account of the hugely reduced amount of exercise being taken and comfort eating.

It is unfortunate as well, that the majority of hysterectomies take place when women are entering a phase of life where it is more difficult to shed the extra pounds due to changes in the metabolism.

If a woman has an abdominal hysterectomy, she may also appear to gain weight simply because of where the scar is situated, which can seem to create a sort of ‘pouch’ effect. The swelling in this area does go down in time, but the abdomen will never be completely flat again.


  1. I had a hysterectomy 5 weeks ago but I still getting pain usually in one side . I am doing house work as well not every thing but little little may be that’s why I get pain . I am scared about a hernia as well. Everything alright ?

  2. I had total hysterectomy and oopherectomy when I was 34 for painful periods and cysts in my ovaries. I was given HRT. I am now 63. My health was great after the op being pain free took 10 years off my age. I initially put in weight and also developed hypothyroid. I then increased my exercise back to my usual levels, swimming walking gym and playing sport and went back to normal weight. Maintained that until last five years when I developed knee problems and reduced my excercise. Went on slimming world last year and lost my weight but am heavier than in my 20’s. My sex life has been if anything been better. I had a marriage break up and basically went through a few different partners following this with no problems. I am complemented on looking at least 10 yrs younger than my age. I think any surgery will put in weight initially due to inactivity but there is a mental attitude needed to get over hysterectomy specially when you are young you need to grieve for what is lost. However I can say the same for having my knee operations. Life is about change and adaptation. For me personally I have no regrets but I do think you should ask lots of questions of your surgeon I think communication is poor to patients. They see a successful cure we see a massive adjustment and things are different from before. I felt I was at risk from cancer of the ovaries so a result for me as I am now enjoying 4 grandchildren grow up and yes I still have a very active and fulfilled sex life my partner is 13 years younger than me, oh and I still wear a bikini. I hope this helps in your decision.

  3. Hi Kyndra, did you have the op? How did it go and how do you feel?
    My consultant has advised me to get a partial laparoscopic hysterectomy (keep both ovaries and cervix ). I am really worried about weight gain and hormonal imbalance post op, although my doctor keeps saying there are absolutely no post op side effects! Which I’m finding hard to believe….

  4. Hi
    I am post op had TAH had everything taken away 6 days ago had severe endo and fibroids excessive bleeding an was in pain 3weeks of every month feel great in myself still tender but only taking ibuprofen so glad I had it done was terrified prior as it was my 1st operation ever (49yr) had very little symptoms of menopause but I guess it’s early days just happy to be period endo fibroid pain free

  5. I’m due to have an abdominal hysterectomy 16th Dec as I have 3 large fibroids pressing on my uterus plus prolapsed bowel so they need to take out fibroids,uterus,cervix and ovaries the have a vaginal repair cant say I’m looking forward to it but if it gets rid of my main pain then I’m all for it, plus as far as the sex goes my hubby could do with a break lmao, was glad of the info on here at least I know what I’m heading for thanks x

  6. I had an hysterectomy 2 years ago, the first week after the operation was very uncomfortable and tiring but with plenty of rest you will be fine, I was off work for 6 weeks and took things slow, started walking short distances to slowly build up your strength, yes there is a little weight gain, but eating sensibly will help that, and you can’t have sex for a while, I think was six weeks – but everything in that area is fine, in fact probably better than fine as you don’t get periods anymore – which makes it fantastic – gook luck

  7. I had a total hysterectomy at stoke mandeville six months ago I have put on some weight although I’m not eating any more than I used to, I can’t believe there is no check up afterwards apart from a phone call at 8.30pm on a Sunday evening, their are things I would like to have talked over, the operation was done for pre cancerous cell but once done there was’nt any cancer cells but there was some hyperplasia. If I had had longer to talk to someone about this at the hospital I wouldn’t of had my ovaries or cervix taken out I think the surgeon thought that this was the easiest course of action, I’m now having trouble with having intercourse, no point in talking with my doctor there’s not a pill for a shorter vagina, I’m only In my early 50’s. So think carefully about having this done and ask a lot of questions, make sure this is absolutely necessary before you go ahead with the operation

  8. Had abdo hyst 6 weeks ago for large fibroid causing me lots of discomfort, whilst it still feels a little bruised around scar line I totally feel it was the best decision I made as no pain. As for
    weight gain it is fair to say have put on few pounds but that due to inactivity and belly still swollen. Just getting back into Sex slowly and all feels ok. Hope some of this helps and you make the right decision for you.

  9. I am at my wits end , doctors have told me that hysterectomy is now my only option, I’m worried about Wright gain, no sex, cancer , and a heap of other things , but I can’t cope with the pain anymore have four large fybroids for the third time , help any advice before I take the leap

  10. There IS a scientific reason why women put on weight after hysterectomy, if their ovaries are taken. The thinking is that the body seeks to boost sources of oestrogen from elsewhere to compensate. As well as the adrenal glands, fat cells produce oestrogen and so the body piles on more of these. This could also be the reason post menopausal women with no hysterectomy put on weight. I’ll look for the link to the article I read this in and post it

  11. Did any of you had robotic surgery? I did and although I am in my 70s recovered quickly. Have kept my weight down through regular exercise.

  12. Yes this is so normal the same thing happen to me it’s a side effect but not eating a lot is really gud cause it makes u loose weight. I did mines 2 months ago and in the first I lost 13 pounds which made me really happy some days u feel like eating a lot and then other days u feel full all day off of one meal. I kinda like it like that cause a lot of ppl complain about weight gain and I’m so lucky I don’t have that problem right now

  13. I don’t think I have put on weight as a result of the vaginal hysterectomy ( not ovaries), but I seem to have changed shape. My stomach sticks out more even though I kept active, gradually building strength with short walks, day 3, building to 3-5 miles 3 times a week, after 12 weeks; swimming from 1 month, and Pilates from 12 weeks to strengthen my core.

    When I am walking I practice pelvic floor pull-ups. I still look 5 months pregnant at night!

    I had the op 4 moths ago at 66yrs. Very glad I had the op. Post op I had urine retention , followed a week later by an infection, but quickly resolved. Very thankful I had the op ( for prolapse) as my histology revealed precancerous cells and no further treatment because I had the hysterectomy. I feel very well 4mths on.

  14. I had a abdominal hysterctomy 2 weeks ago had a bad time they disturbed my bladder and bowel and was in longer I have lost all my appetite and don’t know what I want to eat am OK in myself and having little walks my tummy still swollen is this normal

  15. Thanks for posting this. I’m 48, suffer from heavy bleeding and am seeing the specialist next week to discuss having a full hysterectomy. It’s reassuring to know you would recommend it xx

  16. All I want to know is, will I gain weight after having a laproscopc partial hysterectomy? My doctor will leave both ovaries, which are healthy.
    Please help…. surgery scheduled for September 9th.

  17. I too had severe PMS, had total hysterectomy and BSO on 15th July, by davinci robot. Amazing recovery, was driving after 2 weeks, now 6 weeks post op and feeling great. My only ‘moan’ at mo is the tummy swelling which tells me when I’ve done too much. I already feel so much better than I did when I was suffering with PMS, am using HRT to very good effect – got my love of life back xxx

  18. I had a hysterectomy 3 weeks ago and am in my early 40s with 3 preschoolers. Am amazed at how pain free the procedure was although it does come with some challenges due to the ages of my kids but already I am feeling so much better. I had a few issues and then discovered I also had quite bad undiagnosed endometriosis so I am confident life will be better. I have had quite bad food intolerances over the last ten years or so and since my surgery have had no issues …. It may be a coincidence but I am loving the difference. I am a little nervous re the weight gain thing however I do believe it will mostly be from lack of activity and I am already doing some basic cycling and swimming. Based on my recent experience (and I appreciate I still have some healing ahead of me) I know it has been the best decision for my family and me. I am full of a head cold and don’t have to worry about crossing my legs every time I sneeze or cough. I believe I will be able to get back to all my pre child birth fitness activities. And finally I have had one c-section and 2 x VBAC’s and this recovery is much easier than post c-section …..

  19. I had a massive weight gain just after the hysterectomy on Tuesday, it is slowly coming down but it worries me

  20. I had a total laprascopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy 4 weeks ago and it was the best decision I made. Prior to the op I had started to get urine incontinent and had put this down to other reasons, but the reason I opted to have a hysterectomy was the fibroids and the fact all the women in my family had suffered previously and all ended up having a hysterectomy after several (what were then known as) D&C’s, I think they now call it myomectomy or ablation. I recovered extraordinarily well, yes I think I may have gained an inch around the waist but I’ve never felt better!! I have full bladder control again which I never thought I would have, no more bleeding for weeks on end and no more need for cervical smears (which I always dreaded after a nasty colposcopy several years earlier). I still have my overies as there was nothing wrong with them and this will hopefully keep my hormones level and delay menopause. I’m 47 and it was the best decision of my life!! I’d had my 3 daughters and was now a grandmother, what point was there in keeping what was becoming a major inconvenience!!

  21. Hi Barbra,
    My name is Chrissy, I’m 53 years old, and
    I had my lap- hyst December 3rd 2015. I was pretty fit going in, and have been eating extremely “clean” since my op. For me, the swelly belly has been the worst part of my experience. I’m eight months out, and my tummy is pretty flat in the morning. As the day goes on, and the more active I am, the more swollen I will be at the end of the day. No matter what, I get my workouts in for each day. But eating right is the real key to keeping the weight off. If you eat junk food, you will have a undesirable weight gain, with or without the hysterectomy. Most people don’t want to hear that.. But eating unhealthy really is at the root of ALL weight gain. My waist line is coming back slowly… But it IS coming back.. Hot flashes are a small irritation. Now the good stuff!! No more horrible pains in my stomach!! No periods or PMS is great!! Sex is better than ever before!! Yes, you heard me correct!!! If you are in pain, and the doctor’s believe this is the right surgery to get you out of pain, it’s a no brainer..
    Good luck!

  22. Hi I had a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (full hysterectomy) 20 years ago at the age of 48, after many years of total misery excruciating pain and heavy bleeding, from the day after the operation I knew I had done the right thing I felt like a new person, yes I had a slight weight gain and sometimes a bit of pain and discomfort, but on the whole it was a life changer, I did go into the operation with a very positive attitude that it was going to be the best thing that could happen to me, now 20 years on I am a healthy 68 year old with no weight problem and fell younger than I did at 48.

  23. I have really bad PMT and i am seriously considering a full Hysterectomy but i am worried about the time off work and the weight gain…any advice??

  24. I had a hysterectomy on 18 April 16, I can honestly say the trapped wind pain was the worst, but thanks to medication and peppermint cordial this was soon relieved. I did put on weight through not being able to exercise, as my job involved me being on my feet for a good 6.5 to 7.5 hrs a day. My diet stayed pretty much ch the same, so know it was more down to the lack of exercise.
    I am doing great, not quite back on full time hours yet, but certainly don’t regret having surgery. I had fibroids and had irregular bleeding for months leading up to this decision, I had already had an eblation which worked for awhile, but was not completely successful.
    Make sure you talk through all concerns before having surgery I’m glad I did.

  25. I had a full hysterectomy 5 months ago due to a large cyst and fibroids. My recovery was painful and frustrating for the first few weeks – the wind and constipation caused no end of pain. The bikini-line scar is fantastic however, and I’m glad I had dissolving stitches. I returned to work full-time after 8 weeks on reduced duties, and am now almost completely recovered. I have a large pouch at my tummy which despite healthy eating and exercise is refusing to budge, but I’ve been told this will never completely go and will take a while longer to reduce. I’m 42, and have never felt better. My surgeon kept 1 ovary in to prolong menopause due to historical family medical issues, which has helped, and I have no regrets at all. My mood, personality, sex drive etc have not been affected, if anything I’m easier to live with as I’m not constantly worrying due to previous cervical cancer and scares, and the pain has gone.

  26. l had hysterectomy 20 year go + since put weight every time l eat puke up l am 69 year old

  27. Hi Its been two weeks since I have had a total abdominal hysterectomy due to fibroid and endometriosis . I’m doing okay and I’m not so sore were the scar is but am getting a few odd twinges here and there but ibuprofen help.First week was really tough but feeling a lot better so hopefully it will be well worth it.

  28. I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy when I was 29 (it was an emergency basis) Ovaries weren’t removed due to my age.

    I’m 37 now. I’ve tried everything. I’m currently going to Get in Shape for Women 2 nights a week and to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure if that’s working. Everyone says that I’m not doing my job. I’ve finally stopped eating the “unhealthy” foods and drinking soda but I’m still not seeing any results.

  29. Hi , I just had my hysterectomy on the 12th April and yes, its not for the faint hearted and its a big thing to have to go through. I have to say though, I already don’t regret it. My problem was multiple fibroids on of which was a broad ligament fibroid crushing my bladder, as a result I couldn’t even make a cuppa tea without being caught out cross legged in the middle of the kitchen floor not being able to move for fear of wetting myself. All of that is now gone. The worst was the wind pain of course but with the aid of laxatives and small regular meals that also seems to be settling down. Maybe I am having it easy but I think (hope) I’m doing quite well although my husband tells me I’m being inpatient. A tough thing to go through but I’m glad I’ve had it done, for me, I think its going to be the best thing I will ever have to do to my body. I certainly hope I never have to do anything close to this again though. Good luck to anyone else who has to go through this procedure. x

  30. I had a full hysterectomy 9 weeks ago& honestly the pain is nothing compared to what it was, I’m still a little more after the surgery but can already manage to do everything I couldn’t with the pain before the op

  31. Hi I have had a full hysterectomy just like yours,has your weight changed afterwards

  32. Hi Ebon510,

    I may be a good idea to discuss all of your concerns with your Dr. I can’t tell you whether to have a hysterectomy or not but if you’ve already had a myomectomy then it would probably be worthwhile having the hysterectomy.
    As for your concerns about the after effects from the surgery; surgery will not change your personality (unless it is brain surgery and something goes wrong!). The other things you mention will not happen as a result of surgery either.
    A hysterectomy only removes the uterus, you may or may not have you ovaries and fallopian tubes removed, called “bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy”, this will be something to discuss with your Dr. If you have your ovaries removed, you will go through menopause. This may cause some mood changes as your hormones will change but this can be managed with hormone replacement therapy and may only be short-lived.
    Urinary incontinence will only happen if there is a major problem during surgery causing damage to your bladder. This is very rare.

    I had a hysterectomy in my 30’s and it was the best decision of my life. After suffering from fibroids for years, I finally had my life back. The only change to my personality was a positive one. After being ill for years, I was myself again and could enjoy life again. My waistline is better than it was, for some weeks after the surgery my belly was swollen and sore, but as soon as I recovered I could exercise and my wasitline improved to better than it was before the surgery. I’ve had no urinary problems at all. My sex drive is better πŸ™‚ I no longer have to worry about contraception, periods, fibroids or pain so I can just enjoy myself.

    The only bad thing about my hysterectomy is the scar but that really isn’t that bad at all. If you have a vaginal hysterectomy you won’t even have a scar.

    Chat to your Dr about your concerns. I hope it all works out well for you.

  33. I have been doing research and listening to women comments on the complications after having a hysterectomy. My GYN doctor suggested I have a hysterectomy. I have a uterus full of fibroids. I went to the Dr. in Nov, 15. I was having lower lateral abdominal pain in the area of my left ovary. I had been taking Ibuprofen daily and multiple times during the day. When my Dr. said she recommended a hysterectomy. My thoughts were I don’t want to have surgery. I thought of all the negative things I have heard along the way. I was very concerned with weight gain after surgery. Also the change in your personality, never having a waistline again, urine incontinence, zero sex drive and list goes on and on. In 1988 I had a Myomectomy a procedure to remove fibroids. I never wanted to have a hysterectomy. I think it is how I was socialized or how I was raised to think. This doctor is the first to tell me I needed to have a hysterectomy. I know with my situation and family history it is probably necessary. Maybe, I needed to post this to help me with my decision to have the surgery. You know Dr.’s will tell you some things. But most times they leave out some important truths. Your comment posts have enlightened me.
    #praying for direction

  34. Help, I had a total hysterectomy in 2005. I had cervical cancer. I feel old, sad to say, I be notices weight gain abdominal area, feels more like I’m bloated. I look 7 months pregnant. I eat health I work out cardio and free weights and still I have this bloated abdominal area. My surgery was laparoscopic. I had difficulties in surgery, my surgery was 3 hours instead of 45 minutes. I went home the next day and ended up back at the hospital the next day with a temp of 104.5 I had a pelvic abscess and contracted CDIFF and ECOLi infections, almost died. I’m concerned because all though this surgery had to be done I still suffer. I’m a size 18 now I never thought that would happen I was a size 7/8 pre surgery. Please if anyone can guide me or tell me what I should do it would be greatly appreciated. I’m only 50 years and still want to feel sexy and attractive like I did pre surgery.

  35. I’ve had my histerectomy in 1998. They only took out my womb. I was fine back then. But April 2015 they removed 1 ovary and both my tubes together with a cyst and a hugo tumor and growths. Since then i have gained 14kg’s and I am still gaining. I still have swollen feet every month and i weigh 2-3kgs more for a couple of days every month. My breasts are also very tender. Is this normal?

  36. Hello. I am 52 years old and have had my period since I was 11. My history has been that of extremely heavy periods (8+ days), cramps so painful that I could not work for 2-3 days during menstruation, painful, troublesome PMS, painful breasts, recurrent abdominal pain. I read on the Internet that 99% of women go through menopause when their mother did, or at least other women in their family. That has not been my case, at all. I have had cysts on my ovaries, endometriosis on some of my other organs, and most recently, flooding and clots of blood, and adenomyosis. I have suffered long and hard, and at many times, have been beyond reproach. Mothers and doctors do not discuss these problems to the women they know, or treat. The gynecologist told me that I should stop my periods soon, and that was when I was 48! That was 4 and 1/2 years ago. When I went to my first appointment with a specialist, she said that she wished I would have seen her 10 years ago, because if I had, she would have considered a hysterectomy. She said, since I am “so close” to going through menopause, it would be “silly” to do it at this point. What the doc’s don’t tell you is this: That they have NO IDEA when you, or anyone else will actually stop their period. They may tell you that it will be “any time,” but that may mean that it could be next month, or 10 years from now. They may also avoid telling you that even when you do stop bleeding, and have a year under your belt of being period-free, it doesn’t mean that you won’t start bleeding again after menopause. As long as a woman has a uterus, bleeding is ALWAYS a possibility. And try to get a hysterectomy from one of these UCLA doc’s when you no longer have period!. They will probably say that I should have come in 20 years ago and that its too late now! My most recent appointment with the specialist included arguing with her on my behalf in order to advocate for myself on this situation, and not once did she tell me what BENEFITS I could expect if I did have a hysterectomy. Now it stands that she has told me that if I “WANT” a hysterectomy, that she will perform one. She has already sent me to a vaginal rehabilitation person for pain and pelvic floor disease, an acupuncturist, offered me birth control pills (when I was young they said NEVER to take these after the age of 35), shots to stop ovulation, a DNC, and a uterine “ablation.” Some I’ve tried, and some I haven’t. What a farce! Now she has left the decision up to me, and I am doubting my own feelings about it, thinking, “what if I do it, and there are other things that come up from the surgery?” Also, “was she right all along?” “Will it affect my sex life, give me problems with prolapsed bladder/bowel, not being able to hold urine, and the dreaded of ALL THINGS TO ME: WEIGHT GAIN?” I have to say that I do not put much faith in physicians at all. I used to trust them implicitly, now I think that many of them aren’t sure what they are talking about…that’s why they call it a “PRACTICE.” This website scares me, if only for the fact that Linda Parkinson-Hardman keeps telling the people who write in that there isn’t any reason that they should gain weight after a hysterectomy, and if they do, it will strictly be due to over consumption of food, and lack of exercise after the procedure. Those are NOT the only reasons that there could be unwanted weight gain. There are many women out there who are militant about what they eat, how much they exercise, etc. As some of these women have said, “I exercise the same and eat really healthy.” Personally, I do not believe that they are all liars. I also do not like the attitude, “don’t worry about the weight gain. Everything will be ok.” Or, “eventually, some of the weight might come off.” I know from experience that that for me, none of those work. I remember gaining weight from several anti-depressants such as Paxil, Celexa, Seroquil, oh, and my personal “favorite,” Remeron. I can tell you that if you were a little depressed before you took any of these, you will be five times as depressed after you look at the scale and see that you have gained 30 pounds. The doc’s will say the same thing: “The percentages are low for weight gain,” or, “It’s all because the meds stimulate the appetite and you are eating more.” I am a former anorectic, and I do have body-dysmorphic disorder. I know what goes into my mouth and how many calories I can eat in order to stay at a certain weight. When I was taking those meds, I promise you that I was restricting like heck, exercising regularly, and still the weight did not come off. More recently, I had to stop taking a steroid nose spray because I gained 10 pounds in 6 months. Of course the doc said, “people don’t gain weight from a steroid in nose spray form.” Hogwash. That’s what it is! I saw an endocrinologist today and she told me that people do, indeed gain weight from this. The doc’s wonder why our body-fat percentage goes up after we gain a ton of weight on a medication, and they don’t seem to be too concerned that our weight is not a reflection of what we eat. They don’t even say anything about inexplainable weight gain, contributing to high blood sugar, or diabetes. Another doc once told me that there is no reason my feet should be a larger size after I deliver a baby. After my second child, I swear that my shoe size went up 1-1 and 1/2 sizes, and it wasn’t just the width! Another lie from a doctor. I do realize that my comments can seem somewhat severe, but all of this is what actually happened. I am not sure where the other people who wrote on this site live, but I think they may live in Europe, but if not Europe, somewhere other than the United States. I live in California, and I had to look up the meaning of gaining “a stone.” Apparently that means 14 pounds, according to my computer. I am 5 feet, almost 2 inches, and when I became an adult I weighed 95 pounds. That was probably not enough. But most of my adult years (other than during weight-gaining medication times equaling about 3 years, or pregnancies), my regular weight was from 108-113 pounds. I would allow myself to get up to 115 at times, but anything higher than that, it was restricting and exercising until it came off. On meds, this didn’t work. I am wondering if it will work after menopause or a hysterectomy. I have no problem with anyone being obese, or overweight, or gaining a few pounds, etc. But it’s not for me. My dad eats like a horse and never gains weight. I have known women who died at the same weight as they were when they were young. I do not accept that women have to become overweight or fat because of meds, menopause, or surgeries. Being a depressive, if given the choice of living the remainder of my life as a fat person, or death, I choose death. I just don’t feel like myself, or a human being when I have gained a bunch of weight, and cannot move around like I have been able to in the past. My physicians and hospital are through UCLA. It’s supposed to be 5th in the nation. Apparently not as good as other countries, such as places where the people live who write into this site. I know this because many have had surgeries for similar problems that I have, or for less. Unbelievable. Enough said.

  37. Hi all, i’m 9wks after having a full hysterectomy,I had my ovaries and everything taken away,I’d like to share my story as I know other woman who have gone through this will understand,I suffered many years with pmts bad monthly etc,I had a hysterectomy to cure the problem,for the first 3 weeks I wasn’t suffering any anxiety etc,after the 5th week I started with anxiety hot and cold sweats feeling nervous not feeling myself at all,I took tibilone for 2 weeks but felt much worse so I stopped them,I started to feel better but now I’m on the 9th week and now I’ve started to feel anxious hot and cold sweats,I really don’t want to go back on hrt if i can help it,I know this may sound silly but is the change like pmts where these feelings come at certain times because a few wks I’m ok and then bam the feeling gs come back ??any information would be very much appreciated πŸ™‚ x

  38. Hi ladies, I’m so pleased that I found this site! I had a full abdominal hysterectomy on 30.9.15 and am due to return to work tomorrow after 6 weeks off. I’ve not had any post op advice and no sign of my follow up appointment with my consultant. I was discharged from hospital after a one night stay with paracetamol and ibuprofen. They didn’t mention HRT. I’ve had to see my GP twice recently and I’m trying HRT gel as the Estradiol tablets made me feel very sick with awful headaches. I’ve put 10lbs on so far and my pouch is sore and very swollen. I’ve asked for an extra week off work as although I’m walking each day, my job involves running around a huge office block which I don’t feel ready to do yet! I’m tired all the time from very disrupted sleep due to horrendous night sweats. BUT although I hate looking at my body, I’m sooooo pleased not to have the horrendously heavy periods and am saving a fortune in sanitary items! Good luck to you all with your recoveries! X

  39. i had a full hysterectomy on 7/9/15, it’s now 2 weeks on and each day is s great improvement
    The worst pain of all, which nobody warns you about, is the trapped wind and constipation! In hospital I excepted all pain relief available but 2 days worth of medication caused irritation to my stomach( ibuprofen didn’t agree) . I came home after 2 nights in hospital and immediately stopped any pain relief.
    Drink plenty of kiwi crush, eat kiwi fruit, drink peppermint tea and massage your stomach!
    From the first day home I’ve walked down the street, increasing the distance each day
    My stomach is still swollen and I seemed to have gained an overhang where my stitches are. This is really depressing and I hope in time this goes down

    Looking forward to a new lease of life once fully recovered
    If anyone else has any advise on the ‘overhang’ I’d be interested to hear how long before it goes down ( hoping it does)
    I was put into HRT immediately and so far so good
    Onwards and upwards

  40. Hi
    Went in hospital for hysterectomy on the 9th September 2015
    Day by day I’m getting stronger and feeling good in myself .
    A lot of this weight gain is what you eat and exercise not the operation.
    I’ve come home and maniged on my own with little help apart from odd hour hear and there .
    Strong mind strong body .
    Rest , eat greens , fish , fruite , and little moves around the home a little more day by day.
    Posative thoughts no negative ladies

  41. I am having a partial hysterectomy in a few months. I am trying to lose about 20lbs before then. I had 2 C-sections and a tubeligation, and I would like to have a vaginal hysterectomy. My C-Section and tubeligation was done at the same time, 3yrs ago. Will this prevent me from having a vaginal hysterectomy? Also, my mom had a vaginal hysterectomy about 20yrs ago, she lost about 15lbs and has not gained any of it back. I’m hoping I will be just like that.

  42. Hi Michelle. It may seem drastic but you are very much less active for several weeks post op than you are before – even if you don’t feel you are that active beforehand. As you recover though and get back into your normal routine your eating habits should return to normal.

  43. Hi all you lovely ladies
    I am so frightened of gaining weight after my hysterectomy and my stomach being lose and flabby what should I do .
    I was told to get to about 7.7 stone ( I am 4.11 ft ) and do loads of stomach exercise to really tighten up my stomach.
    After op I was just told to drink water and 2 to 4 teas/coffees and lower my calories to 850 a day please help me this seems very drastic

  44. You might be menopausal or you might have problems with other hormone levels – it would be worth asking your GP to do a full health screening to see if that could be contributing to the problem.

  45. I had a full hysterectomy at 22 years old, and now 10 years later I gained over 100lbs and exercise daily eat healthy and the weight just keeps coming I’ve tried everything and nothing works , help !!!

  46. I don’t know an answer to this question so it would be a good idea to see your GP.

  47. hi all, I was wondering if I can get an answer why my breast is very heavy at the moment. I had a surgery due to an ovarian cancer In 2012 which brings quickly into premature menopause. Now my breast is so heavy and really affecting me badly. Please can someone help me? Roo

  48. It seems that the fear of weight gain…..not just do i look good in this, i am in a wheelchair and eat very very little as it is as my body cannot take an overweight body to cope with and it seems if at the hospital on the 15th June they are going to be talking hysterectomy.I feel that all these sad ladies with no help other than eat less maybe if gentlemen were going through this we might see more help other than eat less…..So it is with a very heavy heart that I will not be having my hysterectomy . sorry if this is a bit of a mess so am I . You are doing a wonderful job. yours debi.

  49. Hi Denise, I had my Hysterectomy in March 2007 because of Ovarian Cancer, over the years since i have gained 2stone, .i cannot lose it, i also think i look pregnant, i am grateful and thankful that i am now in good health and my husband is very supportive and tells me not to worry about it, but i do and i wish i could just lose some of the weight. I am 66 years old, and love to walk between 1 and 2 hours a day. that is all the exercise i do.,

  50. Hi Dawn, just replying on off chance that I’ll get you. Wondering how your weight is now? I gave 3 stone on..full ab hyster 2 years ago …at my wits end as have tried diets/gyms etc and nothing coming off!!

  51. As you lost your ovaries then you may be adding weight just because of being menopausal – it naturally starts to sit around the middle as we age. Also, the lack of a normal routine post op can interfere with weight so doing more exercise may help a little too. I’m not sure which link you followed so it would be great to know where you found it so I can correct it. You might find Marilyn Glenville’s book, ‘Fat Around the Middle’ helpful.You can find it on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1r8LMtz

  52. I would love some ideas for weight loss around the tummy. I am 54 and had uterine cancer, I had a total hysterectomy 3 months ago with both ovaries removed. I was a little overweight before but now cannot get into an clothes that go around the tummy area and have “bags” hanging in the hip area. I had keyhole surgery, so cannot be because of a huge scar.
    My weight is going up, maybe due to 12 weeks recovery, I developed a chest infection after surgery and was quite unwell. The “flushes” are terrible, I was already post menopause and these are worse than before the OP, even the slightest exertion leaves me feeling like I have had a shower. I am not on HRT, and do not wish to be.
    How do I get rid of this weight around my middle, I feel like a barrel and am getting very depressed about my appearance. Your link to weight loss ideas does not work, Page not found.
    Any suggestions, I am living on Salad, fruit, chicken, fish etc no fat or sugar, but still look about 7 months pregnant.

  53. I’m 63 years young and was diagnosed Dec 2013 with uterine serous cancer, I had a routine annual pap smear and they found irregular cells, but it took several retests to discover the final diagnosis. I had no bleeding or prior pain no symptoms. I had a full Laparoscopic hysterectomy removing ovaries and all including lip glands. I was in hospital overnight and was up walking the next am. no pain at all and did not take any meds after going home that day. I rested for a week, getting out of bed and walking around the house often. Within a week I sat at my computer and worked a 7 hour day. After a week I received the great news that they had got all of my cancer – all self contained and I required no further treatment chemo or radiation. My surgeon game the OK to go on holiday to Playa del Carmen, Mexico and after only 2 weeks after surgery I was on the plane. My trip was relaxing while I drew comfort from walking the beach and lots of resting, nothing wild or crazy…but did enjoy some cocktails too….. I’m grateful that I was so lucky.

  54. If you have an abdominal scar then there is often a small amount of overhang – this will go down as well but it won’t go completely. The best analogy I can give you is that it’s the same as what happens if you try to sew a duvet together – the muscle is pulled in at the stitches but is free either side.

  55. Please Help !! It’s been 3 months of having a total Hysterectomy. My stomach before this had some belly fat, but never did I have fat on the sides of my belly that hung down on each side. Is this normal? If so, how can I get this fat off my sides? Is anyone else having the same problem ?

  56. Just found out i have 6 fibroids and the largest is about 16cm. I do have problems un llosing weight especially in my stomach.i have to see the Doctor to consider my options for treatment. Im 41 yrs dont have children and dont want any.i just want peace of mind and quality of life restored.i have serious pain, bladder problems, constipation, painful sex, and heavy painful periods.always bloated and depressed with a huge stomach..i exercise 6 days a week, drink lots of water and eat 95% healthy, but to no avail this helps..im not over weight grossly im 5″7 and weight just about 11 stones but my tummy is just way out of control.infact i look pregnant..i need help!!!!!

  57. I do know how you feeling… I had a full hysterectomy back in 2006 at 38 years of age. I gained almost 2 stones, got depressed, lost hair. 3 years ago I decided to stop hrt because of the side effects. I feel much better, with occasional hot flushes and the same weight. I look at myself on the mirror and don’t recognise myself. Completely lost control of my body which leads me to some depression but I’m not going back that way again. The Drs I spoke to about my weight don’t seam to worry about the way I feel…

  58. I too have noticed I have this same issue with my tummy but mine is just at random times no matter the day or the climate. Usually 6 out of 7 days for several hours. I swell so extremely that it is discomforting. My belly feels tight and tender to touch. Sitting down makes it worse as if I’m suddenly stacked on myself making it somewhat difficult to breath. I do get winded when this happens just walking across the room or even rolling over in bed. I have even tried changing my diet but this did not have any affect on the swelling. Its been almost 7 years I’ve been dealing with this…there has to be some way to fix this??

  59. I have had a hysterectomy, and then my left ovary removed 9 months later, and still have my right ovary. I have been having problems after the last surgery, of which I have had 7! Recently, I have been having weight gain issues and am now getting resolution with the “pouch’ issue. The way I am doing this, is my chiropractor suggested my issues were due to scar tissue, which can be healed by using laser treatment. I have noticed that the pouch is slowly starting to go away with the laser treatment. This may be helpful for you as well, good luck!

  60. hi alexandra im having mine on jan 22 2014 and i am alittle scared myself because all the reviews about the pain although i am hoping for the weight gain it would not be an issue with me i am 5-6 and about 115 and to me i would like some more thickness to my body because me having 4 boys didnt help me gain any and i also have been dealing with bad periods all my life they say i have a condition called menorrhagia

  61. HI……Pls guide ,
    Had TVH with Ovary removal One year ago and now observing Weight gain inspite of diet Control…..Pls share any remedy

  62. As I’ve been struggling to exercise after my surgery (although I can do a lot of low level walking, my consultant advised me not to go hill-walking, not easy considering where I live!), I was also a bit dismayed to see that the area above my scar has become a bit puffed out. I’ve just read this article about the ‘pouch’, and thought to myself “oh well, will have to exercise a lot more once I’m back on my feet!” Saves me having to ask the consultant about it tomorrow! I’m having to have physio too, as I feel I’m struggling getting my muscles to do the pelvic muscle exercises I used to do before having surgery!

  63. Hi Linda, I just wanted to comment on your thoughts about weight gain being simply due to diet and lack of exercise post hysterectomy… I disagree. I have been the same weight give or take a few kilos all my life. Even when hugely affected by severe endometriosis, which ‘grew’ my ovaries onto my uterus and bowel, causing severe pain and resulting in me wearing morphine patches prior to my hysterectomy and oopendectomy, I kept reasonable weight gain low. Then after the operation, over the past year, the weight has gone up. And up. And up. Nothing I do changes that. I am on oestrogen which I am guessing is contributing, but hot flushes are even worse so I stick with the hrt.
    My boobs are growing their own postcode and for the first time in my life, I have lost control over my own body.
    I made the decision to remove both ovaries whilst on morphine, maybe there were alternatives, my dr was all too happy to take them out. Overall, I am pain free for the first time since my periods began.. So no regrets. Only the weight gain. If anyone has found something other than exercise /food ideas, I would love to hear from you!

  64. Hi ladies

    I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy (robotically) on the 24th November 2012. I am 52 – 5 foot and 50 kilo. For the past 2 to 3 years I had been getting abdominal pain which progressively got worse as the day wore on. By about 3pm I would be walking crouched over like an 80 year old, I would be in bed by 8pm. Over this time my periods became longer and heavier. I would bleed heavily for 3 weeks (flooding at work, sleeping with a towel wrapped around me cause getting up 4 times a night to change tampons and pads didnt help) have a week off and then it would all start again.
    I saw my wonderful gyno who discovered I had a very large fibroid (13cm) plus multiple clusters of fibroids. He suggested a hysterectomy but leaving my ovaries. So in I went. The operation took longer than expected, the fibroid was difficult to remove due to its position. I ended up with 6 wounds but not the major “c” style which I was lucky. Unfortunately I was an unusual case, I went into shock coming out of the anaesthetic, my body temp dropped dramatically, I vomited for 3 days and nights. I began to bruise badly around my abdomin. my doctor came to see me and said the bruising was due to him nicking a blood vessel. it would heal. then i noticed the fluid build up in my hand, it spread to my legs (they blew up like sausages trying to burst out of their skin) then it spread to the rest of my body. Prior to going into hospital my weight had dropped to 47 kilo ( norm weight 50) No one could explain the fluid build up ( it even went to places that I didn’t think would fill with fluid – I did accuse my gyno of giving me testicles lol – he had never seen anything like it) when I left the hospital 5 days later I had put on 7.6 kilo – all fluid…….over the next 2 weeks this slowly dissipated and I ended up at 48 kilo. It was the worst weeks 3 weeks of my life…..infected wounds in there too…..But…….every day I got a little better and a little stronger and a little bit brighter. I am sorry for the huge post but I had to tell you my “horror story” SO THAT you would understand that even having a crap time recovering and yes I have been having the kilos creep on, now 52.3 kilo if I was asked if I would do it again my answer would be YES, YES YES. I have quality of life back. To all You ladies out there – yes it’s scary, yes the weight gains not fun, but you and your specialist need to come to the decision that’s right for you….. We are strong….we get through things…….and you save a heap in tampons…. Good luck to you all and again I was an unusual case apparently so I did not mean to scare anyone but I had to explain. Ps I would be interested to know if anyone else has had the fluid issue

  65. hi, I realy hate this feeling im having,im 5 weeks post op and on my hormone tablets for a week and im realy in a bad mood all the time,all i want to do is sleep,and the thing is im obese,and ever since i started on the hormone tablets my bad mood started,i cant take it anymore,maybe i must start to take a vitamin with the hormone tablet then it will help

  66. I had an emergency hysterectomy and bowel resection just over two years ago, when the docs found a tumour on my ovary that had “compromised” by bowel. Two years on I have got over the side effects of sudden menopause, no more night sweats but my tummy aches a lot whenever the air pressure changes (ie 3 days out of five) and whenever the humidity is high. Not helped by the fact that my job as a teacher means I am on my feet for 7-8 hours a day. The pain is not extreme, mostly uncomfortable. Also I seem to have gained weight mostly around my tummy. Any ideas how I can make my life more comfortable?

  67. Hi, I had my keyhole hysterectomy Friday 15th feb, 2013 and its a week later, I’ve got to say I’m just starting to feel a little more like me, although still trying to cope with the exhaustion of it, the whole experience was horrible, I don’t take to any of the drugs, including all the anaesthetic drugs and painkillers they make me very sick, as you can imagine abdominal surgery and being sick is not a good combination. My issue was not weight gain but weight loss, I already struggle with what I can eat and hospitals didn’t cater for me, although there was plenty of choices for halal and vegetarian, and continental foods, I’m crap with diary, wheat and eggs, literally, nothing on the menu was suitable for me. I’ve also got to say although the staff were very caring and nice, every department was different in respect of nurse did the caring and medicine management, the cleaners did the cleaning and the kitchen staff did the food, all seemed strange to me, not many from the consultant down to the cleaners were good enough with their English to express what was needed so I could understand them ( I’m also a little deaf which didn’t help). In between the pre op appointment and the surgery I lost nearly a stone and am still losing weight, the upset stomachs not helping, but I’m looking forward to gaining weight and feeling better. I found your site the most informative and helpful, not all horror stories and enjoyed reading your stories, feel better ladies, I’m hoping too soon xxx Clare

  68. The reason people put on weight is because of the imabalance between the calories consumed and the amount of activity undertaken, however this balance changes as we get older and we need fewer calories. The trick to avoiding putting on weight after a hysterectomy is to realise that your activity is seriously curtailed and to eat fewer calories. However the type of calories you eat are crucial and this article explains more about it: https://healthyhappywoman.co.uk/alternative-health/weight-loss-do-calories-count-guest-blog-post-from-jennie-bayliss/

  69. hi, ive just seen your entry on the website and was wondering how it all went? you see ive had pcos for about 15 years, suffered terrible periods since i was 11 years old, had a mirena fitted which embedded itself into my womb lining. i complained of abdo pain for 2 years before my gp sent me for tests and an ultrasound showed the problem with my mirena. Also he found ive large fibroids in my uterus! ive been overweight my whole life, but once the mirena was removed under anesthetic, my periods became so heavy i was given a course of stomach injections which caused me to gain 2.5 stone in 6 months! now im fatter than ever. My gp says my fibroids are large so i need an abdo hysterectomy. Ive cancelled the op twice as im so scared of gaining more weight, and recently started a new job so will find it difficult to take time off work. recently joined a gym, but aware i cant exercise after the op, my periods are so heavy now, i have to change my tampons and night time sanitary towels every 45 minutes throughout the day! so tired of dreading my period each month, it always lasts 8 days, dont know what to do??

  70. It’s not the case that you can’t have HRT for 12 months after hyst for endometriosis. You can have Livial, which doed not contain natural oestrogen, immediately.
    I had total hyst & uretal reimplantation in 2003 (aged 34) after 3 years of debilitating illness & progressive renal failure from endomtriosis. The hot flushes started within 2 days and I was put on Livial (which I’d have before alongside Zoladex). The hot flushes stopped immediately on starting the Livial.
    In the last couple of years, I’ve been taken off the Livial and no longer have any side effects. However, weight gain has been continual over the last 10 years, despite increased activity on returning to work in 2008 (total gain of about 3 stone).
    I was not at a stage in life when my metabolism was naturally slowing down – it seemed more like the illness itself shut down my metabolism.
    I feel I’ve coped well with the emotional issues around having my chance of children taken away, but the weight is the one outcome I can’t tolerate and it’s had a huge impact of my self-esteem and emotional wellbeing. I’m planning to visit the GP again to push for full thyroid testing, as my weight does not reflect my calorie intake. I don’t get much exercise, because I feel so drained all the time, but I’m eating well below my calorie allowance. I’ve had two really concerted efforts to lose weight, and lost 7-14 lbs each time, then plateaued and couldn’t lose any more, despite prolonged perseverance. When I return to normal eating, it makes little or no difference (except the plateau weight just seems to gradually increase as the years go by).
    I agree about the lack of emotional support, especially in the case of young, childless women facing hysterectomy (yet a man having elective vasectomy HAS to have counselling). It was also torturous to have to endure ultrasound scans in the same clinic as the pre-natal patients and sharing gynae wards with women having abortions (not that I had any objection to their right of choice, it just seemed really insensitive throwing us all in together).

  71. The breast pain could be a sign of the menopause, as could the eyesight and memory – it might be worth chatting with your GP about the type of HRT you are taking as one might be more effective for you.

  72. Thank you Tracy for your kind words and interesting thoughts, altho I havent experanced the procdure yet its Inice to read the words of others who have, I will be taking this step of surgery on December 21st 2012, just two days away, I am nervous but no other paths are available. Other than the process that is going to happen, I am concerened about weight gain after the fact. Altho I am not over weight at my lovely age of 46 , I am worried about gaining weight, after no walking and even house work is out of the question ,Im wondering if any can enlighten me on this concern, God Bless each and every one of you ladies having to face this whole issue. Thank you Tamela ( Tammie ).

  73. Its been a year since i had my hysterectomy, everything had to go due to really really bad periods lasting 19 days and then the discovery of 2 grapefruit sized tumours which turned out to be non cancerous, thank god. The plus side is no more pain or bleeding, however the down side is the weight gain, a stone and a half and my tummy still hurts to touch if i am on my feet for too long, however i have no choice with my job unfortunately!!. I also suffer from bad stabbing pains in my left breast nearly all the time which is so uncomfortable, but nothing in the right one! My eye sight has deteriorated a great deal in a year as well as my memory, I now find i am talking out loud to myself just so i remember things.I want to come off my HRT (my doctor said i could try it) but have to admit that i am scared as i dont know what will happen if i do or if my body is actually ready to come off it. I would just like to say thank you for this web site. Its great to get this off my chest to someone who actually knows what i am going through. I wish i had found it sooner. Also to anyone who reads this, i can honestly say that my life has changed for the better even with the above symptoms.

  74. hi everyone,
    i had a sub total hysterectomy, ovaries out and bowel/bladder lift/repair 1 week ago. it was done by keyhole and although i was in surgery for 31/2 hours i now feel really good. the pain i have is like period aches but no dragging,i am also a bit tired but i am under strict instructions from my consultant to rest and No lifting. the keyhole type surgery is really good as i left hospital after 2 days. i would really recommend it!
    that said i am worried about gaining weight.. i am already overweight by about a stone and really dont want to gain any more so im going to follow the advice on here and eat less, move more and see how it goes..
    thank you for this site it really is great to pass on my experiences and read other peoples advice.

  75. hi Liz,
    ive just had my op and am feeling fine. it was done keyhole and this cuts down post op pain etc. a possitive attitude will help you get through the first few days, then eat smaller amounts and move as much as you can… surely all will be better than you have at the moment?
    good luck x

  76. It’s a sad fact that hysterectomy often occurs at the time of life when our metabolism is changing anyway – as we age we tend to be more prone to putting on weight, especially around the middle and therefore it’s easy to feel that it’s the hysterectomy that has caused it. However as you are so young there is no reason why your weight should change significantly if you maintain a sensible diet given that your activity levels will be much lower during recovery.

  77. I have a hysterectomy in 2 weeks. I am just getting a partial hysterectomy. I am 24 years old and will be getting a vaginal hysterectomy due to heavy periods and excruciating cramps. I have adenomyosis.
    I am currently 120 lbs and 5’7. I am freaking out because of all the stories that I have read on the internet about excessive weight gain. Does having a partical hysterectomy affect your metabolism?

  78. Hopefully, by now you will have been able to make your decision Isabel, unfortunately no one would have been able to give you a definitive answer anyway – only you can decide what’s right for you.

  79. Hi Laura,

    Go for gold with the hysterectomy. Doctors do them so well, because its such a common operation.

    I hope you have people to really help you out, because that is very necessary. Worry about weight gain when you are feeling completely well again, in three months time say. You can always lose weight, but you have to get the recovery right because if you aren’t kind to yourself then, it could extend the recovery time.

    Its a different kind of recovery to anything I have experienced. I would advise people to lower their expectations on how quickly they will recover. I heard it was uncomfortable to sit even three weeks in, but I couldn’t really understand it. I do now. It is a shock to the body, particularly if you are having the bikini cut across your abdomen, as I did.

    Just take it easy and listen to your body. Its time to relax, sleep as much as you want, go easy on yourself.

    I eased through those 5 weeks since the op playing computer games such as “Myst” – complete time wasters I would not give up my time for normally, but I have saved them until I would be laid up one day and very glad I did. Guilt free gaming!

    Then there are all the Jane Austen style films, chick flicks and dramas galore, “Game of Thrones” on DVD. Ah great joy at doing nothing, as there is nothing to do but wait to get better (and become very good at delegating whilst at it).

  80. Ladies, I had a Hysterectomy at 37 years old, I had my ovaries removed and everything with them! I was a keep fit instuctor who weighed 10 stone (5ft 5.5) and 6 months after my surgery I weighed 11 stone. 6 years on, I have gone from a size 12 to a size 16 but I feel so much better not having the heavy periods and pms symptoms. Since my surgery I developed high blood pressure and now have to take 25mg of Losartan. If I could turn back the clocks, would I have had the surgery? yes I would, because my life was awful 2 weeks out of each month and my blood loss was just dreadful. I used to sleep with a super tampon and a thick sanitary towel only to find I was covered in blood the next morning. So, my message is this, If you want to end the misery of painful periods and pms (painful breasts not able to lie on them) then go for the op. My gyno said if you left behind the ovaries you may have problems with them later in life so I agreed with him, that I had the lot removed, now I may be a little heavier, but I never have a period again, no smear tests, no painful pms!! I take menopace night and calcium supplements, I run 3 times a week and try to keep a fit as much as I can. My family is complete and if I listened to the horror stories of ‘you loose 10 years off your life after a hysterectomy’ would I still have the op? yes I would, because I lost so much of my life on the sofa, unable to go out, unable to do anything, unable to even lie on my front in bed…make up your own minds, but dont let the weight gain put you off!! I tried HRT for 3 years and I just turned into a angry ‘MONSTER’ so I stopped that last year!:)

  81. I have just been told today I go in for a full hystorectomy in 2 weeks and feeling somewhat nervous…….I am 37, 5ft 1 and a little overweight already, is there anything I can do in 2 weeks that will make an ounce of difference as I really want to loose weight not put more on. I am already planning healthy meals and shopping lists for my helpers. Nice to know you are there for support as I have a feeling I am going to need it x

  82. Hi ladies,
    It was great learning about all your experiences and your life before and after surgery. I am 40 yrs young and due for a total hysterectomy in 2 weeks. What I learn from reading all your comments is that you were either in a lot of pain or suffered heavy bleeding prior to your surgery. My problem is that I have none of these problems or any other symptoms that I would want to get rid of. The reason that my doctor wants me to do it is because of the one fibroid that I have as it is too big, almost 15 cms. Do you think I should go ahead with this surgery even if I suffer from no pain or bleeding at all? Your answer would really help me make my decision.

  83. Aww Cyn thank you so much for your kind words.
    I hope you are now fully recovered from your Hysterectomy operation in May and once again fit and healthy. You are very blessed to have a caring partner, family and friends. I just wanted you to no that 1yr down the line, i managed to get through my ordeal. The only problem i have now is not being able to lose the three stone i have gained since the hysterectomy even though i take regular exercise and eat healthy. If you have had your event concerning hysterectomy and menopause, i hope it went well and contributed to helping womens awareness. Thank you for the big hug, it meant a lot. I wish you good health and happiness. Take care. Max.xxxx

  84. Hi Ani,
    We all experience different things after a hysterectomy,
    Yes there is weight gain & bloating, but i see you only had the opp in April, it takes time to heal love, a lot of people who have experienced weight gain have had hysterectomies within under a year, so they will feel bloated & some may put on weight, it takes time & you need to give time for your body to adjust to the Major opp you had 6mnts ago, & with sensible eating & regular exercise you will get there in the end, but whatever you do don’t give up on yourself & please don’t starve to regain your figure, that’s definitely not the answer!!! stay positive πŸ˜‰ lisa x

  85. Hi Annette, I’d have thought you’d have been up and about by now and at least walking short distances around the local area too. Some of the problems you may be experiencing could be because you are resting too much. That doens’t mean to say it’s all back to normal, but a healthy balance between rest and activity will usually help women to recover quickly. The feeling about your stomach moving will go in time πŸ™‚

  86. Hi everyone, I was reading through some of your articles. I’m 39 1/2 yrs old, mother of 4 beautiful kids (21,17,15 and 8 yrs old). I’m going on 5 wks from my total hysterecomy. I’ve been eating and taking naps every 3 hrs and still with alot of discomfort. I can’t sleep because my back hurts from laying flat and I can’t lay on my side because my stomach goes to the side (like after you give birth) and that causes pain also. I’m so lost, I hate laying in bed all day and I don’t know the meaning of rest so I’ve been trying to do the cooking, house keeping and laundry but I’m afraid I haven’t helped the situation. I have a little OCD and I can’t stay resting if the house is not the way I want it. I just don’t want to gain so much weight that I’m not going to be able to lose later. I just feel so overwhelmed, I can’t even cry because that will cause my stomach to hurt.

  87. Thanks so much for your response! I think this website it really wonderful πŸ™‚ Warmly, Marla

  88. You are welcome Di and I’m so glad that you are finally happy with YOU, in the long run the only people we can be is ourselves and trying to be something else is incredibily stressful and it’s great when someone decides that actually, they are perfect just as they are. Go Di Go!

  89. Hi Lovely Brave Ladies, pre and post op,
    I have suffered heavy, almost month long periods, for the last 5 and a half years. I couldn’t relax and enjoy my wedding day 5 years ago because of the obvious worries – sanitary towels, toilet location, spoiling my ivory dress etc! After years of pills, 2 mirena coils, fibroid removals and too many packets of sanitary towels, I once again went back to my consultant in january and came to the conclusion that “IT” had to go – the lot! My ovaries had a cyst and with 2 children of 19 and 22 years old, I definitely did not want anymore children.
    The speed and efficiency of my hospital was fantastic, I was very worried about recovery as I am very sick after anaesthetic and I was worried about pulling my stitches. But to my relief I was given 2 ‘recovery’ sachets to drink the night and morning before my op and then given an anti- sickness cocktail before surgery.
    I am now 5 weeks post op, the wind was the most painful, but I have had no side effects. I was put on Climaval (HRT) in hospital, and my GP is monitoring this on a monthly basis.
    I was terrified about going through with my op, but I could no longer go swimming, cycling or long walks without strategic planning. Post op, I am tired on and off, but I make myself little goals to achieve everyday and I have visitors 2 or 3 times a week so I have a focus and something to look forward to. I find this has helped with my depression as well.
    I have read the comments about weight loss, and I have battled with my weight all my life, frustrating as that is and always striving to be something I am never going to be, I have decided to be happy with just me and my shape because life is just too short to waste time worrying about it, no one else worries about your weight! Good luck with your ops and post recoveries, I have really found this website inspirational – thank you Linda xx

  90. Hi I am waiting for my Hysterectomy including ovaries removed. I am relatively well pre-op and was offered hysterectomy along with removal of ovarian cyst because I am post menopause and have had abnormal cells previously. I have friends who have had hysterectomies and none of them have had problems and are back to normal. But since joining this site and hearing all the things that have gone wrong and weight gain etc, etc, I am slowly getting wary and frightened of going ahead with the op. I am taking care of myself pre-op and hope post-op that I will be ok like my friends who have had the op. I am hoping Linda that you will reply to my post. I am wondering now , do I need the op. I am 55 fit and well for my age and have no pain, but I thought I should have the op now because of this, and not wait until I may have no choice in having the op, but then being older and not as fit and well.

  91. i have had a hysterectomy two weeks ago i still have slight backache but the wound is dry, then i fell the abdomen slight heavy but not swollen and able to open bowls but i had an oral thrush then iwent for an HIV TEST whch came out non reactive my HB 9 , but iam feeling much better. i would like to ge more information from friends who also underwent the same.
    with regards
    naomi from zambia, chipata

  92. Hi There,
    I had a laparoscopic total hysterectomy in May and am still experiencing abdominal swelling. I was told by my MD that my belly should return to normal in time. Is this entirely true? Will my abdomen return to it’s pre op state? It was pretty flat before- Thanks so much!


  93. Hi Max
    Reading your words brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry that you had to go through your recovery period on your own. Having a major operation like we had requires a lot of support to help with the recovery. I do hope you are feeling fine now and have gained support and love from this fantastic site.
    I had a full hysterectomy in May of this year and I am 6/1/2 weeks in to my recovery period and I am fortunate to have a loving, caring partner and a network of good friends and family to help me through my recovery. Although you sound very positive and strong it was sad to read that you were alone because no woman deserves to go through this trauma alone and I want to send you a BIG hug.
    I organise and plan events surrounding health awareness issues and I am planning to have an event concerning hysterectomy and the menopause – hopefully one day everyone on this site can get together in person to talk about their personal life journey. Maybe we could hire out a Beautiful Hotel and have a good ole knees up.

    Take care everyone and warmth and blessings.
    Cyn (aka Slim)

  94. Hi ladies.
    Just looked on this site as I have gained over a stone in weight since my hysterectomy a year ago and wondered if there was a connection or if I just have to work harder as I approach 50. Hope you have all recovered well. I was back to work after 8 weeks…. big mistake as I was driving approx 1000 miles per week at that time and that is definitely not to be recommended….. rest and recuperate properly is my advice… don’t try to be superwoman for once in your life. Hugs D X

  95. Ah, your poor partner – although you can let him know he’s not alone as most men I come across feel the same fright too πŸ™‚

  96. Sorry forgot to mention I am supposed to have HRT for 10 years as I was only 40 when I had it done, but had to come of it as I suffer from Miagrains and the doc was worried in case I ended up having a stroke. I had key hole surgury which all together was 4 small cuts, so I can’t say its because of the scaring cos I have no scars.

  97. Hi to all. I had a Hysterctomy 4 years ago and had everything removed. I have always been very slim and no matter what I ate I could never gain wieght, I know alot of ppl wud say to me what are u moaning about u have a lovely slim figure, well sadly I was not happy as I was only a size 8 weighing 7 stone. I have found that ever since I have had the Hysterectomy I have gained weight and now weighing at 8st 9 which I am now happy about about as it looks more healthy, but most of that weight I have gained is around the belly and it looks like I am 6 months pregnant, but I am still slimish every where else πŸ™ Any Ideas on how to loose this around the belly with out loosing it anywhere else?. Thanks for listening.

  98. hi i had a total hysterectomy and bso last friday 25 may 2012. i have a teenage son but met a new partner and decided to try for a baby. 5 miscarriages later it was not to be and i have always had excrutiating periods and very heavy bleeding for 21 days of the month. after receiving a lot of advice from my excellent consultant it was decided to take everything away to give me my quality of life back. i had a terrible time in surgery due to adhesions everywhere,lost 2 pints of blood and the operation and time in recovery room was over 7 hours. last friday night i was in agony but the nurses were amazing and by saturday morning being the most stubborn woman on the planet i was out of bed sitting in my chair. i went home sunday evening with pain relief, anti inflammatories and hell of a lot of iron tablets. the wind pains were probably the worst and some days i still get them but find a gentle walk around the house and having a lot of time in the bathroom helps! i do cry some days, i am getting hot sweats and feel about 80 at the moment but on the positive side although i would say i am uncomfortable and i am not in anywhere near the pain i was in pre op! my doctor has phoned me a couple of times to check in and the hospital also called today. i guess i am lucky as my gp is a gynae specialist. i have to take hrt due to age etc which i am a little nervous about and have my appointment booked in 2 weeks time to begin. i just wanted to say to anyone waiting for a tah and bso yes it hurts but what is the alternative?? i am really hoping to get my life back but know it will take time. i will keep you posted on my progress but to anyone out there who is suffering and in pain and worse is alone, take it easy, take each day at a time and use your friends and family as your support network. i would not be without mine. just to let you know i am crying as i type this and my partner looks scared stiff of me at the moment lol hormones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. i had total hysterectomy i had it all taken i madly went back to work in seven weeks i was a carer in the community not saying it was easy within 6 months i changed careers and went to work in my local hospital as a HCA on a stroke ward this was extremely hard heavy work but i perservered its now been a year and half and i do still get discomfort but can cope the weight gain has been hard to cope with i now feel like a weebil and what with it being summer i know longer can use the excuse its winter warmth ive gone up two dress sizes so i can at least say that marquees are faishonable in the summer all jokin aside im still waitin for the weight to go sadly its not i work 12 half hour shifts and am constantly on the go im learning to cope with my size and tobe honest i dont care if im a size 10 again even a 12 i make jokes about tucking it in along with other things going south that could be tucked in my legs could attract a wood cutter lol but my family love me and i am proud of my battle scar and you could use the cliche you should love yourself the way you are. do i love myself like this na but i do like myself so thats a start. its a battle and its bravely fought many of you will fight and win this battle some wont my only advice is dont make it a issue what will be will be you have all come through so much already and all at different stages you all have this site and each other to support you through each stage there is a light at the end of the tunnel and many good friends to be made along the way. jenny 44

  100. I had a full hysterectomy a year ago and was nervous as you can imagine!! After leaving the hospital and being off work for 8 weeks, I was thinner from going thru such a procedure. I did eat a lot less and healthier right away because you just cannot eat what you used to. After a year, I am about 10 pounds more than I was initially. But I have to admit cause I was thinner, I ate worse!! I did the drive thru a lot. I was 38 when I had the hysterectomy.
    Just stay on track, do not worry about the weight gain!! Think of how better you will feel!! I feel better than I ever have physically and mentally. No more worrying about that awful pain and when it will show up!!

  101. On average it is 13 weeks to recover and that would be for a younger and fitter woman. I’d also go to see your GP for some advice re: the constipation.

  102. It doesn’t by any means and is dependent on what you eat and how much exercise you do.

  103. I am due to go in for a full hysterectomy in June and feel very nervous after reading about the weight gain. I have a mass of tumours I have an enlarged womb. I put my weight gain down to this? I don’t eat very much but what I do eat is very healthy. Does weight gain happen to every woman who has a hysterectomy? Thank you for this wonderful site as it may ease my apprehension of having this operation. I will keep you all posted about my recovery to help other readers. Heather

  104. I had a radical total hysterectomy on Feb 21st 2012 I want to know how long it will take to heal. I am very weak in my legs, Ihave restless leg syndrone and am wondering if that is the problem. What do you suggest I take for constipation? It ahs ben 12 weeks since post opt should I be getting over that soon. I am 78 years old and as I ststed I am weak in my legs/ Any suggestions? Thank You Connie

  105. You’d have known fairly quickly if you had caused yourself a problem Rachel πŸ™‚

  106. Hello ladies! This is such a good website, and so reassuring to know other women are feeling fed up with weight gain post hysterectomy. I had my op 8 weeks ago ( retained my ovaries and cervix so not needing HRT – I haven’t started the menopause yet although I’m 54) I’ve recovered very well, very little pain, just a lot of tiredness the first 5 or 6 wks but just about back to normal now, and beginning to help with my 4 little grandchildren again, all 2 and under. Trying to avoid carrying the 2 yr old but was absolutely stuck yesterday as he refused point blank to walk and I was on my own with him.. Please tell me I won’t have done any damage! I probably carried him 300 yds or so, and so far haven’t felt any pain. I think it’s very important to really stick with the exercises, although it takes half an hour morning and evening and they definitely strengthen the pelvic floor. I have done Pilates for ten years, so feel that has helped my recovery. I just wish I wasn’t putting on weight. I am heavier than I’ve ever been, I’m 5′ 1” and now weigh 11 stones, half a stone heavier than before my op. I am hoping that weight plus some more will come off as I get more active, but after reading other ladies’ weight comments, I’m not so sure. Very best wishes to everyone, especially anyone about to have a hysterectomy. Despite the weight gain, I do feel very well and pleased I had it done.

  107. I’m 51 and post-menopausal with 5 mt uterus from fibroids. I’m afraid of having surgery. Would you recommend ute or non- surgical procedures since mt fibroids may be shrinking soon? Also doc says my kidneys may be compromised if I don’t do something about the 11 fibroids plus, causing my uterus to be about 28 cm.

  108. Your body is still in recovery Tam and it’s no wonder you will feel tired.

  109. I am 37yrs old and i am 12weeks post opp. I had a full Hysterectomy due to endometriosis, i had it in my tubes and cervix and a cyst in each of my ovaries. I can say now that it’s the best thing iv’e ever done, but at the time not so much! Apart from the weight gain, i have done slimming world and even tried Atkins but to no avail. I just don’t know what els to do now i’m starting to feel really down about it. I started to do some power walking but to no avail and i get very tired. I’m wondering what to do now???

  110. Yes, it is normal and it takes time to recover from such major surgery. You will get your vigour back, but need to be kind to yourself in the meantime πŸ™‚

  111. I wish I had read this website before my hysterectomy.

    I am week 8 after total abdominal hysterectomy. I eas in hospital for 6 days, The op was complicated such that I was in surgery for 6 djoys. Due to a history of endometriosis my bowel was stuck to my womb which meant the consultant having to tear both apart to do the operation. What pain! I am still o very sore, have a huge belly which I thought was me over eating. Prior to the op I swam 3 times per week and was healthy size 12. I now feel ironically 8 months pregnant and waddle when I walk. I am so frustrated at the slowness of my recovery. I drove the car two days ago for the first time and cried when I got home. I feel so weak. I am due to see mt gp and consultant next two weeks yet feel such a geek! Is all this normal? I used to be a prof person working full time with two teenagers and now I sleep a lot and feel grt if I walk to the local shop……I am more mobile but feel two steps forward and one stp back…….Is this normal??

  112. There will be some bloating which will last a few weeks and depending on whether you have an abdominal cut, you may notice that you acquire a small ‘pouch’ where the top and bottom are stitched together – this eases with time πŸ™‚

  113. I’m due to have a total abdominal hysterectomy in a month’s time. I’m fairly slim but stomach looks very distended (told womb is equivalent to 24 weeks gestation). Will I notice an improvement in this distension once I’ve had the operation, or is the area likely to remain very bloated due to the operation itself.

  114. It is unfortunate that a hysterectomy often occurs at the time of life when the body is more inclined to store fat and this increases as we get older. We no longer metabolise food in the same way and therefore the extra weight gained during recovery can be much harder to shift later on. I believe, although I’m not certain that we actually need fewer calories as we get older so what used to be normal is probably too much two years on. I know that doesn’t help much but it is true that the only way to shift weight is to consume less than we are using in energy πŸ™

  115. Hello everyone,
    I had a partial hysterectomy (uterus and cervix) 2 years ago – then I was 36yrs and weighed about 9.5st (I’m 5ft 4″) and I now weigh nearly 12st , I do know my 8wk recovery there was alot of eating through boardness, but I have gone back to my normal eating and routines now I have 4 kids 18yrs, 12yrs, 8yrs and 6yrs, and I do alot of walking (school runs, park, shops etc,) (as my dad always says if your legs work you might aswell use them LOL).

    is there any way to control the weight and maybe lose a bit?

    hope you all recover quickly and thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  116. I had a laprascopic Hysto (uterus, tubes and overies) on 2nd April – just over a week ago and I’m extremely tired and in pain. I was advised to start HRT immediately which I have done Premarin .625mg daily. As with all things the internet is the normal place for me to go to find out information!

    I’ve read all the posts above and am now really worried. I’m not overally overweight but have always been concerned about weight gain and from what I’ve read it sounds like I don’t stand a chance and am beginning to wish I’d never had it done. I’m being so careful what I eat to the point that I’ll end up eating nothing if I’m not careful. Is there anyone out there who can say that they have managed to maintain their weight just to give me a bit of hope.

  117. Hi Mand,
    Hope you are ok. I had a total hysterectomy 2 years ago via being cut open down my stomach so I know what it’s like. I think as long as you maintain your healthy eating and try to keep active until your op it will be harder for the weight to creep on. I did put on weight and it is difficult for it to shift though I have lost some and lost two and a half inches from my stomach, as this is where it tends to go after a hysterectomy. It may be a good idea to take some peppermint into hospital with you as you get trapped wind in your stomach from the anasthetic and peppermint helps to get rid of it. Also, maybe stock yourself up with vitamins so you are healthy beforehand to reduce the risk of any infections. Hope it all goes well, keep us posted, hope this helped,
    Sarah. πŸ™‚

  118. Hi all,
    I’ve just been put on the waiting list for a total hysterectomy (cervix, uterus, tubes and ovaries) which should be within the next 8weeks. My consultant said it would be 50/50 whether I will have it done using the laporoscopy or the open abdominal method. As I have had previous surgery to remove fibroids and other fertility treatments he said it could be more complicated due to the adhesions left from my previous operations. I have just been to the nurse for what I am hoping will be my last Deprovera injection (used fairly successfully to control my pain symptoms up to now) and she mentioned that it was good that I had managed to lose 4st before the surgery as I would find it more difficult afterwards. I am now worried about gaining all the weight back as I am also on Thyroxine for an underactive thyroid. I am still at least 6st overweight and I would be gutted if I could not continue to lose weight as I have been very focused for over 9mths now.
    Any advice would be greatly welcomed.

  119. Hi Mand,
    Hope you are ok now. It does get better I had a hysterectomy nearly 2 yrs ago and know exactly how you feel. I’ve put on 3 stone, though I was ill for sometime and couldn’t exercise and it is a nightmare for it to shift, but now I’m just starting to lose it as I think HRT is helping. Are you taking HRT at the moment? It would probably help with your mood swings, if your still having trouble. Also, if I had 3 teenagers I would be snappy too! Lol. Hope you are coping better now. Take care, Sarah. πŸ™‚

  120. Had a hyst everything removed 3wks ago today,the last wk I’ve had like period pain and lower back pain,take tabs and its fine..is this normal? Love reading everyones comments,jst let’s u no your not alone..thanks and take care xx

  121. Had a total hysterectomy 3wks ago had an ovarian cyst the size of a melon,cudnt believe it. The last wk I’ve had abdominal pain like period pain and lower back pain,shud I go and c the doc?..really enjoying this site and seeing what other women r going through,thanks and take care all xx

  122. Hi Ladies

    I had my total hysterectomy on the 7th sept 2011. I was in hospital just ONE DAY! talk about like a fastfood driveby lol. but after a weeks full rest I was starting to feel great and actually started loosing weight. Now however I am starting to put weight on even though I eat less and exercise more. Im so depressed about my weight im actually avoiding food completely ( which I know is not good ) but if I put on any more weight I will never leave my bedroom. Also im a single parent of 3 teenagers and im finding that my patience is not like it used to be, im getting very snappy over the silliest of things, and all my dr wants to try and give me is prozac!!!! please tell me this will get better and not worse,? im 39 in april and already thinking about my 40th next year as my family throws big parties, but if im big I will defo not be going even if it is my party πŸ™ this is a great site by the way πŸ™‚ good luck to all who are waiting for their ops………apart from the weight gain and stroppy mood swings it IS actually still the best thing I ever done, I have no more pain….:)

  123. Hi Sam
    Hope you are feeling better about things. I also had a awful time after having full hysterectomy in August 2011. I was in hospital for 14days and sent home with no help and had to do my housework and cooking even though i was in lots of pain and totaly exhausted. I have put on 3stone since my op and i eat healthy and exercise daily. My GP dosent want to know. Its also effected my blood pressure and i have to monitor it 3 times a day as its out of control even though im on medication. I feel if i had to go through this again i wouldnt unless i had lots of support. I think more information should be given regarding hysterectomies to people living on their own as its far from easy on return home when you have no one to help you. The staff on the ward i was on were the most un sympathetic bunch i have ever come across. My op was a mess up from day one. But hey oh apart from the weight gain we get through it. I feel any women that has ever had or will be having a full hysterectomy are the bravest women walking, and i wish you all good health.lol. Max

  124. Hi, I’m 31 yrs old and had a radical hysterectomy inc cervix, but I kept my overaries, due to cervical cancer 3.5yrs ago. Since my op, although the physical side healed fairly fast, pain subsided and my wound healed nicely, the problems I suffer daily seem to be never ending!
    Often my mood is like a roller Coaster. I used to be very outgoing, always up for a laugh. I’m 5ft 6″ and pre op I was 11.5stone. I’ve steadily gained weight over the last 3.5yrs and now weigh just under 15 stone. I’m really depressed over my weight to the point where I will lie to friends and family so I don’t have to be seen out at parties. My hubby is amazing and says encouraging things, but I go to the gym, eat nothing but salads and soups/healthy meals and walk to work, 3 miles a day but yet I still gain approx 1-2lbs every few weeks.
    I don’t know if my GP would or even could help me…..I don’t want to waster their time, any help or suggestions will be really helpful.
    I’m desperate to get back to the old me! Xx

  125. The bruising and the swelling will go down Grace – fear not, but it will take several months to do so. I’m not sure about the egg retrieval and it might be worth chatting with your surgeon about what this might involve.

  126. Hi Ladies,
    I’ve found it really interesting reading all of your stories.
    I’m grace, im 22 and I have just had a radical hysterectomy because I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I was fortunate enough to be able to keep my ovaries (which were relocated to my abdomen) so I won’t be going through the menopause. I was only diagnosed 3 weeks before I had my operation so it all happened very quickly. I had my operation 2 weeks ago and have a scar from my belly button down. My surgeon was fantastic so my scar is very neat and is healing nicely. I’ve been given the all clear from cancer so that’s a huge weight off my shoulders and the operation was a success. There’s just so many questions now! My tummy looks very bloated, will this just be swelling an will it go down? Will I ever get a flat tummy back or will the scar stop that? I’ve seen a lot of people talking on here about weight gain – I didn’t realise that was a side effect? I feel a numb feeling around my pubic area, is this normal? It’s very bruised so I’m assuming it’s just swelling and numbness from the trauma of the op? When I want to have children, how will they go about retrieving my eggs? If anyone could enlighten me I’d really appreciate it. It’s so hard because I’m only 22 and I’ve always wanted a family, now in the space of 4 weeks I have to come to terms with everything thats happened, so any questions you can answer to help me out, I’d really appreciate. Many thanks, Grace x

  127. Hi Sarah, I thought the same thing about the pain am recovering from total hysterectomy. It is 5 weeks now and am still feeling pain not so severe but walking causes alot of backpain and exhaustion. I have had breast cancer previousouly so I know my body is taking longer to reocver but it does get easier. I can’t take HRT so I have to deal with menopause naturally.

  128. I had a total hysterectomy, ovaries, tubes as i had an enlarged uterus and fibroid that had calcified the size of a grapefruit on the 6th June 2011. The recovery was slow but now i am back at work, which i find hard as i stand up all day and my job is very physical. I eat healthily and exercise 3 times a week and am always on the go at work and at home but i have had problems with my weight since my op. I thought my tummy would go down in time but it is now nearly 5 months post op and my tummy is huge, i swim 3 times a week in my lunch break approx 40 – 50 lengths each time but have put on a stone and cannot get rid of it in fact every time i weigh myself i have gained weight, i am 58 years old and have been a comfortable size 12 for years but now am struggling to get a 14 to fit, feel depressed and have somehow lost my confidence, i am uncomfortable taking my clothes off in front of anyone and will not let my husband see me without clothes, which was not a problem for me before. Why when i eat so healthily and exercise regularly cannot lose weight, nothing fits me anymore help!!!!!!!

  129. Actually, it’s just one of many aspects. There is a lot of research that demonstrates that having sex helps to reduce vaginal dryness, but there are many other factors that are involved too. πŸ™‚

  130. Hello girls. Four weeks ago, on the 19th August I had a total abdominal hysterectomy and BSO, (endometrial cancer). I was in hospital for just 3 nights, I was expecting a little longer. However I was fortunate to be able to stay with my cousin and his wife for 10 days after being discharged and they would not let me do anything.
    During that time I took my prescribed painkillers, tramadol and paracetamol and was able to potter about quite well, even went on short drives, walking, shopping (no lifting etc) or dining out.
    I then went home to get ready for the Ullswater Lake 70th birthday party, 3rd/4th Sept, some four hours travel away. I had wondered if I would be able to make it, but did and had a wonderful if steady weekend, the lure of endless champaigne was a very good incentive!
    Now after four weeks I am cooking, ironing, shopping (still no heavy lifting) and doing light housework, drove 3 weeks post op with Drs okay, but, and this is important, I do listen to my body. I know if I have over done things I need to rest a while and very occasionally have a couple of paracetamol. I am 65 years old and lost my darling husband to cancer in January this year so it has been a difficult time.
    The post op tests were clear and I am now feeling more positive and growing in strength each day. If you will permit me ladies, two pieces of advice, one be sensible in those first couple of weeks and two, place a pillow under your knees when resting, I gained more confort from this than any painkillers. Good luck, and my best wishes to you all.

  131. waiting for my appointment to have an abdominal hysterectomy. Just debating whether I should have my ovaries removed at the same time (I’m 47) as I do get PMS. Reading all your comments has been really interesting and will ensure I have a good discussion with my consultant. Hope to let you all know how it goes once its been done. thanks for sharing your experiences and I hope you are all improving now.

  132. Hi Pixie. In reply to your question, you will only need to take HRT if you have your ovaries removed, this isn’t necessarily a standard part of the op if you are having the hysterectomy just for fibroids. Most surgeons these days will conserve them where they can.

  133. Hi ladies – I am 43 and was diagnosed with fibroids some 2 years ago now. My consultant advised me to have a total hysterectomy and booked me in! After constant bleeding for several years on some level it was a relief, however I simply did not feel ready to have everything removed even though I don’t want children. I went back to my doctor and he put me on the pill which to be fair is controlling my bleeding, however, I feel that my fibroids are growing as my stomach is more swollen, I work out several times a week and follow weight watchers, but simply cannot get rid of this tummy. My question is, should I decide on this procedure, must I take HRT? I have found this website (which is indeed very helpful) and have read that some of the ladies have not taken it. I took it for granted that this was a must, please would you give me advice on firstly if I have to take it, and what happens if I don’t. Thanks

  134. Hi Jodie. Only you know if this is the right operation for you, no one else can tell you unfortunately. Whilst the operation will probably solve the endometriosis problems, you wouldn’t be able to use HRT for at least 12 months afterwards and that will impact on your health. I had a hysterectomy at 32 for the same reason, yet I was ready for it mainly because I had never wanted to have a family and so never expected to have children. You might want to seek a second opinion because of how you feel.

  135. Hi, I’m 27 and was diagnosed with endometriosis almost 8 years ago. Since then, I’ve had 4 laproscopy’s but have now been advised a hysterectomy is my best option (50% chance of no further pain) I’ve been given a date for next week, I feel totally shocked by this and do not feel mentally ready?
    I’ve not got children, had no support/counselling and have heard many horror stories, is this operation right for me?

  136. Hi ladies, I feel so proud of you all because you have been so brave to have undergone this surgery just like myself. I have just turned 48yrs old in May and had a sub-total done – my ovaries, tubes and cervix are in tact. I had my surgery on June the 10th ’11 and i was very apprehensive about having this op but deep down knew that i desperately needed to have it. I was experiencing alot of pain, excrutiating pain and heavy,heavy blood loss every month due to extremely large fibroids. When i thought i’d finished my monthly, there would be a large amount of blood loss say, if i was at work, and then by the time i get home, it would be as if nothing had happened – so i knew i needed to have the op. And ladies i can honestly say “hand on heart” that im glad that i had. I was in hospital for three days before being discharged home, but the worst of the pain wasn’t from the wound, it was from the wind pain that you get after the op, that i cured with wind ease tablets whilst i was in there. I was let home after three days and within that very week, the wound pain started to ease quickly with the pain killers and i started pottering around from the fifth day! I didn’t do anything at all as they instruct you not to. I allowed everything to take its own course and my wound has healed beautifully (i had a ceasarian procedure) i do have the twinges and sudden sharp pains but i was told to expect those. I’m still not carrying any shopping or gardening and i’ve just started back to work slowly and part-time – a couple hours or so in the day for 2 days a week. The only thing i’m experiencing is a slight weight gain which i’m trying to keep under control because i’m 5′ 5′ and a size 12 and i still have a pouch but smaller than what it was now that i’ve had the op and the tiredness but all in all i’m very happy with the outcome, i feel as though i’ve got my life back and that i’m in control. I’m not on HRT or experiencing hot flushes etc. So girls, i really hope that you all have speedy recoveries and i do believe it will all turn out good for you all as it did with mysef!!!! Be positive

  137. It may help to some degree but how much will depend very much on how your hormones react to the surgery.

  138. hi im 25 and due to go in 4 my op on 6 oct 11, im havin just my womb removed! but i suffer really bad with pmt, will the removel of my womb help with this? can any 1 tell/help me how to control this
    plz help me

  139. Hi Sam, I’m so sorry to hear that your hysterectomy has affected you so adversely as its not the usual reaction that most women have. The majority feel liberated from their problems but occasionally I do hear of ladies who have had similar problems to yourself.

  140. Hello to all the ladies that have had this operation done.
    I had a total adominal hysterectomy and a BSO in April 2010. I have never felt the same since. I had 6 operations for Endometriosis and then they decided to do this op. Someone once said to me its like having a evasive castration. You go into the operation feeling like a women then you get violated and evrything is gone i feel that that is so true.
    The thing that i have hated most is the weight gain and feeling less of a women. I have lost my marriage due to all this mess so i am bringing up my kids on my own. Yes you do need the rest after the operation but because i was on my own i only gave myself a week before i was back doing the housework as there was no one else to do it.
    I hate myself more than i did before and my depression is worse. I feel like i am a let down and a faiure to everyone and i can not remember the last time i smiled or had a laugh.
    Reading all the stories that you great ladies have done is inspiring and i commend you all for being brave through your individual situations, and i wish all the ladies a very speedy recovery and a long, happy, healthy life.
    I apologise if i have deppressed anyone.
    This site is also a god send as i found that the doctors and hospitals do not give ladies enough information regarding this issue.
    Keep up the great work ladies

  141. I have no idea how long it should last Sarah as it’s certainly not a usual experience at all. I’m not sure what suggestions to make other than rest and drink plenty of water. You could try taking Aloe Vera juice as well to try to help your body deal with the infection from within.

  142. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy on July 19th, left hospital after 4 days all seemed well. 3 weeks after the operation the wound started to bleed in two places. Its been bleeding now constantly for almost 4 weeks and i have had infection after infection πŸ™
    Another swab was taken again Monday just gone and i was told yesterday that i had yet another infection so have been put on another course of antibiotitics. The bleeding doesn’t seem to have lessened any, and it now smells. I have my dressings changed every other day by the Nurse led clinic at the hospital and in between those visits my partner redresses the wound.
    I find all of this exhausting not only in the hospital every other day, but the blood loss causes problems, in that i cant go far as i tend to bleed over clothing and feel uncomfortable.
    How long should this last? Any advice would be great, many thanks.

  143. Hi, sarah, I had the total surgery 3 weeks age, although i still have the pain, I feel better each day,I started to take the HRT 2 weeks after the operation, the symptoms reduced now. I am very happy i found this site and can share stories with all of you.

    take care of yourself


  144. The advice to carry on as normal seems a little crazy and over-optimistic. Although the surgery is not as invasive as an abdominal hysterectomy you have still had a major muscle removed therefore you will need to rest and ignore advice to be superwoman πŸ™‚

  145. I had a laporoscopic/vaginal hysterectomy 9 days ago and the surgeon said I could go home and carry on as normal. I get horrific pain under my naval if I do much apart from ironing is OK. I have had no other advice at all. Please help

  146. It takes time for your hormones to settle down so it’s not unusual for HRT to take a while to take effect and you may have to try more than one brand, method of delivery or dosage before you get the right combination for you.

  147. I had a hysterectomy with ovaries and tubes taken out , two weeks ago. I’ve been doing quite well until yesterday. I have been reducing my pain relief to 2 paracetamol and 2 ibuprofen. But yesterday I had period type pain and low backache all day. Also I have been given premarin 0.3mg but have still got some climaval that the hospital gave me, I have been taking everyday and seemed to help, but yesterday from about6.00pm, I seemed to get one hot flush after another, is this normal? I was standing outside in my p.j’s at 11.00pm last night! I am 44

  148. Hi,
    I had total hysterctomy (large fibroids x 3) everything removed including cervix in June, after worrying about the op I am pleased to say that I suffered very little, not many wind pains, off the pain killers before I left hospital, have not had any pain apart from the odd pull and twinge after over doing it. Consultant advised me that he could not see me encountering any problems as I was quite active and the op had gone very well. I was called to an appointment (which I wasn’t expecting) and was informed that the Lab Tests had come back, the fibroids tested ok but the Tests showed I had an endometrioid tumour amounting to a grade 1 endometriod adenocarcinoma on my left ovary, which I was glad had not spread to anywhere else. This not just shook me but also my consultant gyn/oncol too as neither of us were expecting it. I don’t have to have any treatment as the cancer was caught at the earliest stage (can only be seen under the microscope), I have had CA125 and CEA tests as these weren’t done before the op as no one was aware I had the problem, to keep an eye on the cancer rearing its head at a later date. I still have had no problems, and have not been hit by hot flushes, mood swings, weight gain (lost about 4lb after the op) tiredness etc. I had an HRT inplant done whilst having the op which will need to be repeated every 6 months. I have not returned back to work yet as I have a job where I am on my feet all day, bending and stretching and long hours. I intend to go back the end of Sept.
    After reading other peoples experiences I think I have been very lucky having had no problems after the Op.
    Good luck to all those waiting to have the Op and all those that have had the Op have a speedy recovery.

  149. Your frustration is not unusual as most women feel the same thing – but persevere with the doing not very much at all, it will help your long term recovery no end πŸ™‚

  150. Hi one week ago today I had a full hysterectomy including the removal of both tubes and both ovaries. I am very bruised and feel quite sore, especially when i’ve been sat for a while. I am pottering about a little but get really frustrated at the little I can do without it making me feel exhausted! My husband is having a week off work to look after me and the kids (school holidays) and he is being an absolute angel πŸ™‚ xx

  151. There is no reason why that should be the case – you are more likely to experience dryness which could be uncomfortable if you don’t have sex regularly though! but then lubricants can help too πŸ™‚

  152. In reply to your info on the website I wondered if you could perhaps help me at all with my decision regarding HRT.
    I am 46 and had a total hysterctomy + ovaries removed on the 22nd July, I have started to have menopausal symptoms which do seem quite managable, and I am reluctant to start HRT, however my one big worry (a personal one I’m afraid) is whether by not taking HRT my relationship in the bedroom department with my husband may change or even be too uncomfortable?

  153. I had a radical hystorectomy on the 1st of July 5 weeks yesterday, at the same time I had adhesions removed, adhesions had attached my liver to my bowel and my womb attached to my bowel, a bit of a mess my surgeon had said the operation was very difficult. I have gained at least 5 lbs since my operation, my stomach is still very swollen, I haven’t had a full nights sleep since the operation, most nights I get up around 2am I do go back to bed around 8am for a couple of hours. I have managed to walk a mile with quite a few stops in-between , mentally I feel great when I have done exercise however pay the price the rest of the day, when will I start to gain some energy again, I don’t recognize myself anymore I have went from being so active dealing with many people daily to suddenly being on my own every day, like others I find it hard to concentrate, quite tearful at times although I had gone through most of the menopause before my surgery, think my hormones are all over the place. I don’t believe all the pain I have is due to the hysterectomy, I know from previous operations the adhesions being cut causes it’s own pain. I would love to hear from anybody else who has gone through similar to my operation, I just need to know when it will get better as write now it feels a long way off.

  154. There a few things you can do to help with the pain of wind. Try drinking peppermint tea or cordial and a VERY gentle rub in a clockwise direction may help to move things along. Walking regularly will be beneficial and when you sit on the loo try rocking gently back and forewards – other than that, it’s just time.

  155. Hi,

    Had my operation on 19 June 2011 and left hospital within 5 days. The wind in my stomach is so painful and the wound is not healing well on the left. Is there anything I can do to elevate the pain.

  156. It’s always great when we have a fabulous story to share – too many women recover well and move on before having a chance to tell us how they are doing and how much they are enjoying life again.

  157. Hi, had a total hysterectomy feb 2010,aged 47, after cancer scare, walked daily before op to lose a bit of weight and exersised to build up muscles, especially pelvic floor. after recovered well no painkillers after 3rd day, very tired but that does inprove, offered hrt but deceided against as already had hot flushes and night sweats and can cope well most of the time, although coffee and alcohol do trigger them of . Gradually built up the walking again and now can walk 4 to 5 miles in just over an hour and a half , sex with hubby resumed after 5 weeks, very gentle first time, but great again now. Felt really well about 9 months after the op the only downside for me has been the weight gain that seems to do its own thing , i eat healthily and walk 5 times a week but it doesnt seem to help, just have to hang in there as one day it will settle down( i hope). I went back to work after 5months but only part time as my job was phisical, however decided to stay part time as this reduced my stress levels, i now help my husband run his business from home.Good luck everyone still waiting ,it will come right , it just takes time and posative thought.

  158. It’s fine to lift a kettle but you can’t drive until you can do an emergency stop – it’s harder than you think with an abdominal wound! it is normally six weeks until full driving can be resumed.

  159. I had a Vaginal hysterectomy removing all but the Overies and tubes due to pressure on my lower spine and bleeding for 19 days of each month 4 years ago my problem is I have a prolapse of the Bowel and Bladder now and I cant stand myself my partner has not been near me as I wont let him. I went back to the hospital and they first stated I can live with it and now have to send an official to my doctors to change my hospital I am not happy with all of this at all my feelings have not been considered at all. Also since my op I have pilled so much weight on I cant cope with it can someone help me get over this or atleast help me get back to my old self the happy go luck smiling person I was PLEASE. xxx

  160. i had an abdominal hysterectomy on 16th june 2011. went well but i had severe constipation which is now cleared up but now still bloated. my scar is healing nicely but a bit of it is weeping some times, is this normal. when can i drive, and is it ok to lift a kettle. i like this website and has helped me. thankyou very much

  161. The most obvious one is that you are going to be severely reducing your activity levels – spending more time resting and generally recuperating, therefore you need to reduce the amount of calories you would normally eat whilst maintaining a healthy diet – this would be the perfect time to put into action plans to eat more fruit and veg and fewer high calories foods πŸ™‚

  162. I’m gong for a hysterectomy on monday. I attend weightwatchers and am 1lb under my goal hope I dont put on any weight! any tips ?

  163. I guess that depends on how much you manage your eating habits after your hysterectomy to take account of your reduced activity levels – there is no reason why you should gain any weight at all if you are sensible πŸ™‚

  164. Hi, just found this website, its great! Going in for an abdominal hysterectomy 6/24. I am nervous about gaining weight, I am 55 and gained weight during menopause, but have hit a plateau since I staretd excersing. How much weight does the average person gain?

  165. Had hysterectomy 6 weeks ago now and have to say have recovered brilliantly. Few niggles etc. but surprised how quick my recovery has been (stopped taking pain killers 3 days post op). Complete relief from such heavy bleeding and excrutiating pain is an absolute joy – wish I had had it done years ago.

  166. i was given this web site by a friend i had a hysterctomy on friday 20 may 2011 i am okay very sore and tearfull today very good site xx thanks

  167. Hi Michelle, yes it is normal and will be the case for a few more weeks to come, although things will get better the further along you get. Just remember to take things easy and don’t over do it. Linda

  168. Hi Ladies

    I had my op March 24th, put on about half a stone, which I know will be a nightmare to lose! I still feel bloated and my tummy feels sore and I get VERY tired quickly! Is this all normal?
    Take care everyone and a speedy recovery to you all xxxx

    p.s this website is fab and it is great to have you all to talk to x

  169. hi i had a Hysterectomy 7 weeks ago i was not cut i come through the op very well i am now back at work i joined slimming world 18 months ago and so far lost 7 stone since the op i have put on 7 pounds i hope to loose it soon i would go to slimming world it helped me and it will continue to help i hope

  170. Hi ladies.

    I had my total abdominal hyst on 17th Feb. Wound has been fine, healing nicely, energy levels very low and get tired really quickly.
    Been eating lots of rubbish though so can not helping myself and I’ve put weight on which is a bit upsetting.
    So now it’s a toss up Weight Watchers or Slimming World.
    Need to sort myself out and get rid of some of this post op weight,

    Sorry to hear other ladies are in the same boat as me but somewhat relieved I’m not on my own.

    Hope everyone is healing well and recovering quickly.

  171. I’m due to have a laparoscopic sub-total hysterectomy on 31st March. I’m 34 and never had children (and never wanted them). Have suffered from never ending periods – tried the Mirena but it did not work. Currently suffering from huge amounts of pain and taking 9 Norethisterone tablets a day. Was originally booked to have an ablation but on the day of the surgery when they did the hysteroscopy, they found unusual growths on my uterus so did not complete the ablation. Went for results yesterday – no cancerous cells, but the resolution is to have a hysterectomy. I’m very overweight although it has been a gradual weight gain over the years, partly due to PCOS… I’m worried about the recovery time of my op, and the complications due to my weight. I’ve been given a surgery date of next week so it’s not like I can suddenly lose my excess weight in a week! Any advice would be much appreciated – thanks πŸ™

  172. I am due to have hysterectomy on 28th march. I have had a major body image issue for most of my life and regularly do at least 7 hours of exercise a week, eat healthily and generally take care of myself. I am mortified to find that I may put on weight and no longer have a flat stomach after the op. I’m 41, 5ft 1″ and weigh approx 8 stone which I am happy with. I take medication for depression and I am worried that the operations after affects may cause anxiety. Will there be anyone that I can voice my concerns to? I know this probably sounds rather pathetic and I should probably be thankful that the mass being removed is benign, but this is a massive issue and I think I am going to find it extremely difficult to deal with if I gain weight. I can see I’m not on my own in relation to this particular side effect of the operation. It doesn’t seem
    very fair, in fact I feel miserable already.

  173. Hi Marian, you probably aren’t doing anything wrong. It’s unfortunate that often hysterectomies happen at a time of life when we find it harder to maintain weight and because we have a period of enforced inactivity to recover it is easier to gain weight which is then harder to lose.

  174. I had a radical hysterectomy in June of last year due to having Cancer of the Uterus.
    Now, thankfully I am in remission and feel ok apart from having terrible hot flushes and can not have HRT because of cancer.
    One thing I have a problem with is my weight.
    Although I attend the gym 4 times a week and eat a very low fat low calorie diet and I am unable to lose it, infact it seems to be going up rather than down. Very depressing. I am not quite 5ft and weigh just over 11st.

  175. Had total hysterectomy 5-8-10, Everything went fine, after ok from DR. went back to work, was able to return to normal activity, walking, biking in July, Aug. Now for the past 3 months have been struggling with weight gain. Am Weight Watcher, jounal count points. Belong to a gym, go there 3-5 times a week. Not on HRT. What am I doing wrong. HELP!!!!!!!!!

  176. What an interesting question and not one I’ve ever thought about really. I’d have though probably whichever is the least major surgery as the most major will take more out of your body. A chat with your GP is probably in order.

  177. Im going to be having a hysterectomy in about 5 weeks. I also am having bunion surgery on
    both of my feet. Which is better to have first the hysterectomy or the feet. And how
    will this have an effect on my recovery

  178. Ah, it sounds like you are doing just fine Ruth and your body is just adjusting to having undergone a major trauma – also you may never cry, some of us do, some of us don’t and whichever is perfectly fine. Many of the overwhelming emotions are more due to the physical impacts of hormone going haywire than mental as well – so it’s worth bearing that in mind πŸ™‚

  179. Hi Girls.. this site is brilliant.
    I am 8 weeks post op now. I had a very large tumour removed along with my womb,cervix and uterus. I was cut across my bikini line and vertical too.
    I know what you mean about the wind i have never experienced pain like that before, just awful.
    I am 34, 5ft 2 and weigh about 11.5 stone.. I lost 4 stone before my surgery and had i not lost that i would not have found the tumour.
    I would probably put 1/2 a stone on since my op but baring in mind ive not excersised , it has been Christmas and my routine went out of the window.Its not too bad.
    I started to drive at 7 weeks it pulled a little but i just tried to drive locally to get used to it. My post op symptoms change daily now.. I suffer from rather uncomfortable pins and needles throughout my abnomen. I still take pain killers evryday and dont sleep.. i am constantly tired but cant seem to nod off without sleeping pills.
    Ive not lifted an iron yet or hoovered not sure when i can do this?
    I dont like loud noises or too many people talking at once.. my memory seems to have lapsed too .. any one else suffer any of these symtoms?
    For those of you still on early days.. it does get easier and i would say enjoy sitting doing nothing you kind of miss it when you get up and about haha
    Think im still waiting for the whole thing to sink in mentally and emotionally .. not cried a tear yet?
    Love to you all who has gone through what i just have.. it is not easy.

  180. Hello
    I had a total hysterectomy 5 weeks ago. For the past 3 weeks I have been getting a sense of weakness after standing for a while or walking for any distance. I actually blacked out whilst in the shower and this in turn caused my wound to start to leak!
    I just wanted to ask if it is normal to feel this level of weakness still? I have been to the GP and had my blood pressure checked and tested for anaemia etc but it came back with nothing.
    If it is just to do with being post surgery and I have just “over done” it then that is fine.
    Trying to speak to anyone ie GP is like trying to speak with the Pope!
    Can anyone advise me please?
    Many thanks

  181. Hi Liz. Losing your uterus won’t alter your metabolism the only thing that will cause you to put on weight will be if you continue to eat the same amount as before whilst you are recovering and not following your normal routine.

  182. I’m due to have a partial hysterectomy after Christmas and starting to get a bit bothered about the thought. I’ve several quite large fibroids which are causing pain throughout the month and a ‘bulky’ uterus and my consultant advised that I would feel much better without it. Although I agree with him, I’m starting to worry about possible side effects after the surgery. I’m 43, 5’5″ tall and weight 8 6lb so quite slim (apart from sticky-out tum from the size of my uterus). I’m REALLY concerned about putting on weight afterwards, as although I am slim, I do watch what I eat, and don’t over-indulge that much. I know that I won’t be that active for a while afterwards, but am more worried that by losing my uterus, it will somehow alter my metabolism???? I don’t want this to over-shadow my decision as I can’t go on feeling so rotten but it is causing me a bit of anxiety about the whole thing. I don’t know anyone my age who’s had this op to ask so would be grateful for any opinions.

  183. Hi Sarah. The pain will ease, it just takes time for your body to recover from the trauma. You’ll need to assess the need for HRT with your GP and it should only be necessary to think about it if you have had your ovaries removed or you are menopausal anyway.

  184. hi , had my total hysterectomy just over 2 weeks ago, can someone reassure me that this pain is going to get better, do i need to take HRT and do the side effects calm down, i feel totally usless as i cant do anything, even walking short distances causes me exhaustion, any hints or tips or help would be good.
    Many thanks, Sarah, age 40

  185. What a lovely thing to say Tracy, I rather like the idea of us being considered an ‘online coffee break’ and it’s great to hear that you are doing so well too. Keep up the good work, you’re obviously doing something right. πŸ™‚

  186. a lovely hello to all the brave women who’ve had to go through with a hysterectomy. my names tracy and i’m 38, it’s been 2 weeks and 4 days since i had an abdominal hysterectomy done . apart from being a complete baby when it came to having my staples removed, which did hurt like wasp stings because they’d bent through having to roll to get up, i’ve gotta say that bit by bit as each day passes, i get to feel better. most of my wind has gone THANK GOD! lol. i do feel a bit isolated and lost as the children are having to stay at the parents and my usual busy busy do this do that get this get that routine has just gone outta the window. i do potter about a bit , just gentle walking round the house. the only thing i’m worried about is putting on weight. at 5’3″ and 11 st, the last thing i want is to pile on another stone. i have opted for more fruit and steamed veg, but it’s just not being able to exercise or walk to the shops. although that will come in good time, i’d love it if someone could tell me when i can drive approximately again. just a final word before i go, this web site is fantastic! after looking on nhs sites and other medical things, i could never find the right info that i was looking for, until i came across this one. it’s lovely to hear from other women who’ve gone through the same and can share their experiences with each other. it’s like an online coffee break lol. briliant, bring it on. i look forward to hearing other stories and chats from other women, take care you girls and get well soon, hugs and flowers to all. tracy πŸ™‚ x

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