Hysterectomy Q&A with consultant gynaecologist Mr David Griffiths

On the 21st January we had our first live hysterectomy Q&A session with consultant gynaecologist Mr David Griffiths to talk about some of the questions that had been sent us by the lovely ladies that use the website and our Facebook page.

You can see the recording below or watch it in our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/HysterectomyUK

We are planning to do more in the future, probably focusing on different topics and next time we’ll broadcast the live event more widely now that we know the technology works.


  1. Fantastic question and answer session Linda ,I found it very helpful I have severe endometriosis and fell reassured that a Hystrectomy is the best way forward Thankyou to you and consultant mr David griffiths


  2. I found the interview really informative, particularly the questions relating to ovary retention – thank you both!

  3. I had a hysterectomy in July 2013. My scar is still red, itchy and tender. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to reduce they symptoms, or should I contact my Doctor

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