Is Menopause a Risk Factor for Developing Diabetes?

Levels of diabetes are increasing and so are levels of pre-diabetes/glucose intolerance. Some research has suggested that the menopause may be a factor, particularly the high levels of testosterone that some women can develop post menopause.  These high levels can occur post menopause because the other two female sex hormones reduce their production levels whilst testosterone remains roughly the same.

However, the researchers in this particular project showed that no association was found between normal menopause and an increased risk of diabetes and they also found that bilateral oophorectory (removal of both ovaries) which is common with a total hysterectomy may actually reduce the risk of diabetes in these women.

Edelstein KC, Crandall JP, et al. Menopause and risk of diabetes in the Diabetes Prevention Program. Menopause. 201;18(8):857-868.

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