Is there a link between hysterectomy and back pain?

Back pain is one of the most common medical problems, affecting 8 out of 10 people at some point during their lives. It can range from a constant ache to a sudden sharp pain. Back pain is considered ‘chronic’ if ย it persists for longer than about three months. In most cases, the cause of back pain is unknown, however there has long been a wildly held belief that that hysterectomy causes back pain.

We do know that hysterectomy can cause women to hunch over to protect their abdomen and if they do this for long enough do develop back pain because they have changed their centre of gravity. ย It is therefore important to walk up-right as soon as you are able to.

An easy way to alleviate this sort of back pain is by wearing the right sort of clothes, the ones that are designed to support your back during recovery in the same way that our abdominal support bands and light support panties do.


  1. I had vaginal hyst in sept 16 and last week started having severe back pain, it has not stopped pain killers every two hrs don’t help either and cannot get appointment yet with gp work excruciating pain as work in a big chain supermarket on feet all evening

  2. Love how they all deny the link of lower back pain to the hysterectomy. Do they worry they will all be out of a job somehow! I too am suffering with this still 9 weeks post op. This all started the moment I came round from op being violently sick and splitting my stitches. I am worried about losing my job now as I have still not returned to work!

  3. Hi, 50 years old . I had my cervix and uterus removed due to a fibroid that was 900cm.and my womb was the size of a 24 weeks pregnancy. I had no major bleeding from the fibroid I only was on my period for 3 or 4 days spotting. In the mist of this I became a anemic due to the fibroids were having a ball with eating all my blood up. Only to find out after several ultrasound for the last year. It seems that fibroids was laying on my bladder causing more problems and growing larger with several fibroids inside and out the uterus . So my doctor discuss this with my husband and I about hysterectomy. After a year of reading and searching I decided have it done on Dec 19, 2016..Right now I am only experience lower back pain and slight right side abdominal pain..I have a follow up on Dec 28 with my doctor who is great. I was told by friends that had the surgery it was only gas due to my surgery only been a few days. I pray this is all it is.

  4. Hi, I’m the same, it started around five weeks after the op and has continued five months later. Every night, chronic aching right around lower abdomen and lower back. Only relieved when I am up and about. Very difficult to sleep. :o(

  5. Hi, I had a full hysterectomy (inc cervix) in June this year 2016, and I also suffer back pain. Mine is chronic especially on a night and every night. I have intense aching right around my lower abdomen and back. It does seem to ease off a bit once I’m up and about but it isn’t easy to sleep at night because of the intense aching. I am beginning to think that it’s just part and parcel of the hyst aftermath based on what I have read online. ๐Ÿ™

  6. My lower back just nearly collapsed my knees . I have had back pain but this was something new . 9 xpilsnt stand up .I am 6 weeks and a day post op. My doctor never answers my questions I hate going to him. It just seems like like I am bothering him. I know he is busy and has other patients but I am lucky to have seen him for 5 minutes total in our 5 appointments ( not counting surgery) I am ready for this to be over .

  7. I have back pain everyday right after my hysterectomy swelling of my leggs and numbness what happen to me…????

  8. I to have severe lower back pain 4 months after hysterectomy went to see the surgeon that performed the hysterectomy today he said there was no Link. I didn’t have this pain before the surgery

  9. Its so bad i cant even sleep on my bk…. i have to take sleeping meds the pain is so bad

  10. Hi i had my womb removed 3 yeras now but my bk pain after that is u bearable… i feel the pulling in my legs… what may cause it …. take pains meds which help only for that time one then it hits bk so bad

  11. I am so sorry to hear of your back pain I myself have the same thing I am in so much discomfort I wish I had never had a hysterectomy i am trying to think positive to help me through This I have Heard that acupuncture helps

  12. Hi – I had my hysterectomy 14 weeks ago. I had a lot of back pain before the op due to endometriosis, this was mainly when I was ovulating and when mensturating – about 2 weeks out of month. Now I’ve had a full hysterectomy where my ovaries, cervix and womb have been removed, I am in constant back pain. It started about 5 weeks after surgery. I wake up at night with it in my lower back and feel really stiff and achy when I get up. I have found that walking helps a lot, you have to just walk through the pain.
    I was thinking of chiropractic therapy – does anyone know if this will help after the hysterectomy? I had it before it it worked wonders.

  13. Well it’s been 3 weeks since my hysterectomy and my back is killing me now. The ache in my back was not so bad at first which started a few days ago, however this morning I felt I couldn’t walk out of the door and had to rest my back and I hadn’t done any chores yet ?? This was early morning, 2 hours after I woke up. Any way I don’t know???? Weird and Freaky, will i always be like this??? It’s scarring me!! ๐Ÿ™

  14. Andee, 1 month after my hysterectomy I had the worst pain of my life in my back. I literally thought I was going to pass out. I went for my follow up with the surgeon, he sent me for a kidney ultrasound and I was in surgery tge next day. My ureter was so swollen and inflamed that my right kidney was in danger. Please check with your dr. Best wishes

  15. I had a hysterectomy about 5 months ago and have severe back pain to the point were I can barely walk could the surgery be the cause

  16. Ive bein suffering upper backache middle of shoulder blades alot lately had a tah in may 2015..due to ovarian cancer.. could it be connected to my hysterectomy any advice on whats best for this…

  17. In May 2015 I had full hysterectomy. Started out robotic but dr couldn’t finish robitic as she cut my bladder. Finished doing abdominal hysterectomy. 4 weeks later I start having severe back pain. Was sent to specialist and had epidural steroid shot which worked wonderfully for about 2 weeks. Pain came back on right side only. Pain goes all theway to foot. Actually foot is numb. Had another shot but it didn’t help. Trying physical therapy but really not helping at all. Don’t know what to do next. Please help!!!!

  18. I think you need to see your GP and perhaps a physiotherapist Anndee.

  19. I had a vaginal hysterectomy about 6 weeks ago a 4 1/2 hour surgery due to a fibroid. The first night with the normal pain my lower back also had pain. During my recovery I feel I have recovered well from the surgery, but have had mild lower back pain I feel due to sitting. Well on Sunday while standing I had a sharp lower back pain that felt like it was going to give out. I could not sit down, bend over or bind down. I took 800mg ibuprofen and 325mg acetaminophen which helped. I felt better that afternoon I have not continue the medicine on a regular schedule which I probably should. Monday evening I had a episode and Tuesday I had one 9 am and 3 pm then suffered during the night. Please advise what might help me without taking medicine. Thank you Anndee

  20. I started lower back pain about 3 ago after an MRI it was decided my back was 100% but due to the position of my fibroid lying close to the spine and forcing my uterus backward that a hysterectomy was necessary so a keyhole, vaginal hysterectomy was done removing the fibroid and uters.from the first week I still has lower back pain,now 4 weeks later nothing has changed since before the op I still cannot stand or walk for longer than 10 min and I have sever lower back pain,my calves burn terribly at night and I cannot sleep.Dr says its aggravated as its positional but my gut feel is nothing has changed at all except having gone for an operation that was not necessary? Please tell me why I cannot sleep for more than 5 hrs a day and besides the back ache why are my carves burning,I went for reflexology which helped for one night but since then It continue

  21. Hi I’m 6mths post op total hysterectomy everything was going good back training again I have developed severe back pain that seems to be all done the right side of me from shoulder blade spine and now my hip is hurting felt like spasms but GP thinks there was nerve pain as well is this normal I feel like I’m going out of my mind and becoming a complainer

  22. Hi.
    I had vaginal hysterectomy Jan 2013. Somehow when I woke up after my left side of my lower back was swollen and ached a lil. Was noted to nurse. Relised next day. Ones morphin was out pain started. Couldnt walk. Called doctor almost everyday same answer you just heeling. On first check up couldnt lay down on table pain was so bad. Still doc didnt do anything. Said Wait 3 month if not better then we have a problem. 3 weeks after that conversation I sneezed and my leg went numb. Pain was horrid. Went to Emergency Room then pain clinic Pain clinic did emergency MRI and there I go for emergency back surgery. So now 10 month later Im sceduled for 10 hour 360 fusion & removal of 2 discs because first back doctor underestimated the damage. Yep

  23. Hi Jane. Several things may be contributing. Our posture after surgery often means we hunch over the abdomen to protect it, this causes increased pressure on the back and the trick is to sit and stand upright as much as possible. You may be sitting for longer than you are used to or even lying down more and this may be causing an additional problem. There may be some damage to the pudendal nerve which might be helped -once you are fully recovered- by seeing a specialist women’s health physiotherapist. It may be constipation, it could also be gas – both should subside in time. Finally, your internal organs will have moved and the way the pelvis sits may have altered as well which could be contributing. You may not find out what it is until you’ve recovered further and those things that are related to that have subsided. In the meantime, a visit to your GP is a must.

  24. Two weeks ago I underwent a total hysterectomy–kept the ovaries, and prolapsed organs surgery. Prior to surgery I had moderate sciatic pain in my right buttock, radiating down my leg to my feet and toes. I have had a partial discectomy on my L5/S1 8 years ago and was virtually pain free for about 5 years. Disc ruptured even more since as seen in my MRI done a few years. ago and decided not to have an operation since I could control the pain with NSAIDs, acetametaphen, and wine (ha) . I also have an inflamed periformis muscle in the right buttock that spasams occassionally and is very sore when sitting down. Now after 1 week of surgery, I am experiencing horrible pain in my my right buttocks, leg cramps and tingling. I was hoping after surgery, the back pain would be lessened because of less pressure of the 4 small orange sized fibroids were removed during the hysterectomy and all my other prolapsed organs were reattached. I was on great pain meds the first week, but once I discontinued the Vicodin, The back pain reappeared times TEN! I was hoping for a little relief after surgery, not intensified back pain. So now a week has gone by after the start of severe pain and wondering why?? Am I still swollen inside and pressure is pushing on nerve?? Constipation causing some pain? I know I have a ruptured disc, but now the pain has really intensified and I’m hoping after a couple more weeks of recouperating will be all that is needed?? Want a life again!

  25. It’s a time thing Shirley – standing is actually quite a physical activity to do. You might also want to check your posture, if you are hunching forward slightly to protect your abdomen that will put additional pressure on your lower back, exacerbating any problems.

  26. Tiffany,
    I hope you will get this response even though it is a couple of months after yours. About 6 months after my hysterectomy (also had anterior/posterior repair at the same time), I developed major back pain. I endured it for 5 years during which time I had 2 MRI’s, physical therapy, 7 or 8 spinal blocks, and daily anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxers, etc. I finally had a lumbar fusion of L4 and L5 about a month ago because I began to have searing pins and needles pain in my foot and leg from spinal stenosis. I have no doubt that my hysterectomy is partly responsible. My advice is to do physical therapy for your core – abdomen, back, and hips – and NEVER stop. A strong core is the only protection you can give your lower back.

  27. I had a hysterectomy 5 weeks ago plus a repair. All is well but if I stand for some time I get lower back pain, I then need to sit down for a while. I am hoping with exercise this will in time go away. Any more advise?

  28. I’ve never come across anyone being given bed rest after a hysterectomy, especially for three months. The usual advice is to be up and about and walking. It’s not much at first just around the room, house etc… It might be worth speaking with her GP about why the bed rest has been advised.

  29. Hi. My mom is 49 years old. It’s been 1 month, due to Fibroids she had a hysterectomy surgery including removal of ovaries. She’s on bed rest for 3 months. Still she feel have back & leg pain. Is it normal? Will it be cure in some time?

  30. Hi Tiffany. Actually it may well be worth visiting a physiotherapist who specialises in pain because there are many issues which GP’s in particular aren’t really aware of. Often it’s caused by problems with the pudendal nerve. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Hi I know that this post is a few years old but I just had my full complete hysterectomy, ovaries and all at 30 yrs due to severe endometreosis and ademyosis on my uteres and ovaries. As if this wasn’t tramatizing enough I finally after 6 months started feeling emotionally good enough to start working out and all the sudden I have horrible lower back pain on the same side that my ovarie were affected with the endo. It hurts so bad now that I see a neurologist tomorrow because I’m limping so bad so I don’t have to put pressure on that side and now its causing worse problems. I was told by my gp that the sciatica could have been damaged either during hyster or after while recovering. Its been 14 months since surgery and although I feel great being endo free I have a feeeling I’m going to be put back on meds and that’s part of the reasoni gave up so young was cause the pain meds are horrible. Does anyone have any advice with issue or advice on what to expect in the coming years with me being so young. This is getting ridiculous:(

  32. Had vaginal hyst 4 weeks again. about 2 weeks after op had hip pain, it now hurts from hip, down my thigh, behind my knee and sometimes my toes get tingly. also my hip and upper thigh is slightly swollen(no redness or heat). The pain is excruciating, almost as bad as the surgery its self. anyone else have this happen. I’m a mom of 2 little boys and tired of not beinng able to be a mommy to my best abilities. thank you in advance!

  33. Hi Michelle. It could be caused by something as simple as your posture, as I talk about in the post which is the most common reason and a good way to find out is to try correcting your posture for a few days to see if it eases. Another common cause is spending too long in one position such as lying in bed or on a sofa. Alternatively t could be something more than that such as damage to the nerves in your back. If it’s the latter then you’ll need to see your GP.

  34. I had LAVH 3 weeks ago yesterday for fibroids. I have had no regular (recurring) back pain prior to surgery. No complications during or after surgery. Suddenly yesterday my right buttocks began to hurt like I had a sore muscle. It has progressed since then until now the center back of my right thigh is also hurting pretty bad, along with some lesser pain on the left side. It seems to be radiating from my lower back. This fits the description for sciatica and I’m pretty sure that is what it is.
    I’m trying laying on a heating pad now to see if that helps. It does seem to be better.
    I’m going to call the dr. tomorrow and see if they want me to come in. If not, I’ll keep treating it with whatever helps. I really hope this is temporary.

  35. hi , i had mild back pain if stood for a long time before my full abdominal hysterectomy this was due to a very large fibroid pressing on my kidney . my operation took place March 18th this year , and i recovered as expected with the usual aches and pains . i am now walking normal , still a slight swelling with a few twinges occasionally , and like you i had more complications on my left side . i was informed by the surgeon that this was due to the fact that they tend to gather things more to one side when stitching , hence i have a more pronounced lip on one side which i presume will remain with me now .Other than than i feel really good , except i too have noticed that since the operation i have had back ache whilst in bed to the point it has woken me on several occasions , and getting out of bed in the morning is not a pleasant experience

  36. I had a total keyhole hysterectomy (endometrial cancer) in August & had no pain or discomfort. However, some weeks later have developed severe back pain& am unable to confirm a link. Also, have had disk trouble on & off for years.

  37. I had a lap assisted vaginal hyst took out my uterus cervix and one fallo tube. I am a couple days shy of 3 weeks post op and for about 5 days have had bad lower back on right side pain. Just decided to break down and call Dr today. I hope in time it goes away can’t imagine this forever. I am 46 , 5’4 and small build and 130 pounds. I do not exercise but I am very active in life! What is best solution for this pain?! My prayers go out to all who are suffering!

  38. Hello

    I am from Latin America. I had a total hysterectomy on feb 17th, 2012, that is 14 days ago. Since the very first moment I opened my eyes I felt a terrible lower back pain. And here it is, with me all the time. I had everything removed except my ovaries, the doctor said I have endometriosis, he said he cleaned everything really well but that he did not remove the ovaries since they were in good shape and since I am still 43 years old. The thing is: this back pain, does it have to do with the endometriosis maybe? Why do I have this pain NOW after the surgery? will it ever go away? I am terrified it stays with me. When I wake up every day my body hurts so much. Itยดs curious because the wound does not hurt but my body hurts, my muscles. My back, my waistline….. Is this normal?

  39. i have suffered with mid and upper back pain since an emergency hysterectomy in june 2011. i think during the surgery, they had to move me quickly from one table to another. i woke up with a gash to the left of my spine in my mid back region. a few weeks later, that area was numb. the skin continues to be numb there. the pain is not severe, but constant. it started in my low back but is not primarily in the mid to upper back region. i do not know if it is a result of being moved quickly while under anesthesia or if my back is weakened from me favoring my abdomen for so many weeks/months after the hysterectomy. to complicate matters, i was pregnant with twins (delivered one week before my emergency) and they were born close to term weighing 7lb8 and 6lb13. it may just be that my back has suffered from carrying twins for such a long time. i am only 5’2″, so maybe my body just took a beating carrying all that extra weight. there are so many variables. i am frustrated, as i thought the back discomfort would go away – it has been eight months. but it continues. i have tried yoga and a chiropractor. maybe i just have to get strong again.

  40. Hi

    it maybe early days yet but i had a subtotal abdominal Hysterectomy in January 2012 even though i still lost my left ovary because it was stuck to my uterus. The consultant said that had she tried to peel it away from the womb there would have been alot of blood loss and this was a problem for me especially as i wanted to avoid a blood transfusion. Since being home after a week i notice that i am having lower left back pain and pain on the left side of my tummy 1 inch away from my stitches lower left side.
    could there be a link. I did used to get some lower back paing with my heavy periods and the fibroid on my left side 11cm diameter pushed my womb up so far that it started to put pressure on my left kidney this was the main reason why I finally decided to have the op.

  41. Thank you Annette for updating me your experiance.

    I am going to start Nhs physio starting from Monday. Hoping that should help me. If there is any more information or detail of exercises you can provide, please email it to Linda so she can email them to me.

    Thank you Linda

  42. I have had chronic back pain since having my hysterectomy five years ago. All was going well until three months after the op when my back gave out completely. I had to have six months off of work and tried various nhs and private treatments. I now have a permanant supply of medications which I am loath to take unless I have an acute episode but am almost always attached to my TENS machine. Unfortuneatly physio exercises tend to make the pain worse but pilates works well if pain is not intense. Acupuncture, Bowen and Aricular therapy are my favourite treatments but they do become costly. I am about to try Hypotherapy to see if that can help. Any other ideas welcomed

  43. Hi Everyone – I had my full hysterectomy 5 years ago after suffering severe endo for 20 years. I got to 40 and thought that was enough. I had bad back issues off and on before the op. A year after the op I started getting very severe bouts of back pain – which would take your breath away. Like most of you I visited all the health professionals with no success. I now do pilates and stretches at home which help considerably, but pain is still there. I don’t regret having my operation, and you just have to find ways to deal with your pain I think, but it is hard!!! Thanks for all your comments

  44. If Yvonne reads this, then perhaps she might be able to get in touch with me at the hysterectomy association and I’ll pass on the exercises to Varsha. My email is linda (at)

  45. Hi,
    Just had to comment as I had my TAH in May & suffered with terrible lower back pain after I started walking distances again 8 weeks later. 6 months approaching post op & I was fortunate enough to pay into a treatment convalescent centre for Police Officers. After NHS physio once a week, I was quite negative as to how it could be improved but success! Daily physio and PILATES! Everyday for two weeks! I also used the swimming pool for the same stretches and having to clench the old buttocks! It’s really strengthened my lower back. The assessment proved that from where my abdomen and pelvis were weak, I had begun to over utilise the small lower lumbar muscles instead of pelvic, abdomen & buttock clenching muscles! A lot of ongoing frustrating re educating and I have to say its working for me. The pelvic band (Velcro belts) really supported me throughout this & this was just a week ago so definitely going to ask Santa for one! The theraband exercise balls are great too for strengthening your lower back and pelvic area. ยฃ20 approx and contains a colour chart with stretches enclosed. If nothing else, it is a long process but generally feel much better for having my hysterectomy.

  46. RE: 10 Responses to Is there a link between hysterectomy and back pain?

    Thnak you for your email Linda. I just want to know if Yvonne is complely pain free and is it possilbe for her to email me list of exercises she does to avoid getting back pain again.
    As I had a full hyteractomy 1 year and 5 months ago, my back has gone very weak and
    keep getting lower back pain. It does get better and as I try to lead a normal life if goes again.
    I would apprecaite if you could help get more information for this reoccurring lower back pain.

    thank you Linda

    Best regards

  47. You are probably right there Yvonne and I guess it has a lot to with the numbers as well – not many women present with this symptom so it’s easier to ignore it after a hysterectomy

  48. Hi Jeanne, more information is definitely the order of the day and I would wholeheartedly agree with that ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. well i had my hysterectomy this year,i had everything taken away,i dont know if i feel any better for it or not ,i do still have a back ache ,it seems to come and go ,i have suffered with back trouble for years ., really the only thing that upsets me is i have put on awful lot of weight ,the Drs dont tell you this before you have the operation,! i know we dont make any more female hormones ,but surely Drs can give us treatment for it .

  50. I had my hysterectomy 2 years ago, and I have suffered chronic back pain ever since. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. I went to the Docotrs quite a few times and they just said it was unrelated to the op. They decided after 6mths to send me to a physio, who encouraged me to do various exercises, and after around 4 sessions took me of their books, as they said they had more urgent cases than mine, and as I seemed to be self-motivated gave me ‘stickmen’ instructions on what to do on an exercise ball and that was that!!! Fortunately, I have managed to devised some exercises of my own and have been sensible with getting back to the gym. Why on earth do the medical profession deny that backache and hysterectomy are very much related… They don’t know what to do or say really – but bet your bottom dollar if they had this pain they would soon sort out a remedy post haste!!


  51. Hi Sonia, it might be worth talking to a physiotherapist as they may be able to help you sort out the problems with the sciatic nerve, which I understand, are often related to being trapped in some way.

  52. I am due for a hysterectomy op at the end of October, but I have had sciatica pains on and off for about a year now, also sciatica-like pains in my left arm (called brachia neuralgia), my sciatica returned in my left left and buttock 2 weeks ago and I am hobbling about in agony at the moment, I am going to see my GP this week to sort out some more effective painkillers, I am wondering if I’ll be able to have painkillers on morning of op because if I don’t, I won’t be able to get to the hospital as unable to sit down, so having to constantly walk about. Has anyone else experienced this? I want to be in good health before my hysterectomy so any advice would be helpful, thanks!

  53. That would seem to suggest that there was a strong link between your symptoms and your back pain then. ๐Ÿ™‚ I too have back pain for many years and after my hysterectomy it pretty much vanished, it seems for it was associated with the endometriosis I had and where it was attached. I also couldn’t lie down flat on my back, which I now can ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. I really think that back pain and having a hysterectomy go hand in hand. I had back pain every day for 8 years. I changed the way I sleep, my bed and then after my hysterectomy in March. I have NO back pain since!!

  55. I think it’s one of the problems with the way we view health generally – we treat symptoms rather than looking holistically at the whole person. I’m glad you feel better now though ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. I had been at the GP for nearly 2 yrs with back pain and was considered as Chronic tryed Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, pain killers TEN’S machine and then went of a Reflexologist who discovered my Fibroids! I have since has a Hysterecomy and have no back pain!! at last! I wish GP’s would consider other thing’s rather than being overweight as a cause of back pain!!

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